Sumner High School 2


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Sumner High School 2

  1. 1. Sumner High School Sumner High School, one of the many past segregated African American only schools in 1940 is pictured in the photo. The dormant trees bordering the sidewalk give the impression of a grim and bleak future . Not even the very students of the school are seen . It is emptiness .
  2. 2. Two Water Fountains Two water fountains. One for whites one for blacks. The white water fountain is seen upright on a stand; the black one is simply posted on a wall. Segregated things for colored people were usually of lesser quality than for whites.
  3. 3. A group of blacks A picture first appearing to be only a bus of white people. A closer look reveals a group of blacks in the back. Only a group of blacks in the back… Blacks were forced to give up their seats for white passengers, and sit at the back of public buses on a regular basis; not doing so resulted in serious consequences.
  4. 4. Whites only A strong sense of discrimination is given by reading the whites only sign. The colored sign on the other hand does not send such a discriminatory message. It does not stress the word ‘only’ as does the whites only sign does.
  5. 5. Hotel Clark Hotel Clark, The best service for Colored Only. The photo sends a sense of discrimination just as the previous photo, but; in this case it is colored who use the word ONLY. They do just as bad as the whites.
  6. 6. A Colored Entrance A colored entrance to a movie theatre appearing to be at the back of a building. It appears to be dark and has a quiet look compared to what is imagined of the front entrance. It was very common for blacks to have to use separate entrances during the first six decades of the 1900’s.
  7. 7. Ratford’s Cafe Ratfords café, a segregated restaurant. The white entrance almost seems more ‚important‛ than that of the colored entrance , and; it also seems to show a white dominance by having white higher than colored. Segregated restaurants and cafes were very common in the early and mid 1900’s and usually catered more to white customers.
  8. 8. A black man being sprayed with a fire hose. A black man being treated with cruelty for protesting for his civil rights as a human being. A black man withstanding the pain of pressured water to show that he will not give up in his fight for civil freedom.
  9. 9. A Black Girl A black girl in newly desegregated classroom in 1954. A white girl across the way. The expression of the white girl appears to be one of a snide remark. The black girl says nothing and shows an expression of hurt. Courtesy of: New York Times
  10. 10. March for Jobs and Freedom A girl participating in the March For Jobs and Freedom during 1963. She wears a frown as she stands near a fence, a frown of emotional hurt. Her eyes show distress and a hint of lingering hope. Courtesy of: African -American History
  11. 11. Speaking Out Martin Luther King Jr. speaking out for himself and his fellow African American people. His emotion is clearly expressed by his clenched fist and facial expression. He fought for the civil rights of African Americans and to end racial segregation until his assassination on April 4, 1968. Courtesy of: Nobel
  12. 12. Hope A white and black boy are seen laughing together. Their faces show joy and have no hate toward one another. They represent a positive , hopeful future without hate or discrimination. They are hope.
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