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Foods To Avoid With GERD


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For more acid reflux diet menu ideas and to discover other foods to avoid with GERD, check out

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Foods To Avoid With GERD

  1. 1. Foods To Avoid With GERD It is indeed a nuisance to suffer from a Gastroesphageal Regurgitation Disease. Thiskind of disease can cause heartburn especially when you eat foods that should be avoided.There is definitely certain foods to avoid with GERD which you need to take note of in order toavoid any attacks or worsening of the symptoms. First thing to do is prevent eating large meals a day. It is best to eat small but frequently.This will give your stomach all the time it needs to digest the food properly without producing toomuch acid. This lessens the workload it carries. In your meal plan, always include foods thathave high carbohydrate content such as rice, pasta, multi-grain or white bread, bran, crackers,pretzels and many more. These rich in carbohydrate foods bind acid in the stomach and arelighter to work on. It is also necessary to remain in an upright position after eating. Duringsleep, it is also proper to elevate the head of the bed approximately six to eight inches whenassuming a lying position. Second thing to remember is to avoid meals that have high fat content. Examples of thisare foods that are fried and oily. These should be avoided because foods that are fat containingare hard to digest, therefore the stomach would need more acid to digest them. It is alsonecessary to limit intake of beverages such as alcohol and sodas. They double up acidsecretions in the stomach making you more susceptible to acid reflux disease. And above all donot eat too much, because this will trigger your stomach to secrete more acid to compensate onthe digestion process. Among the many foods and beverages to avoid and should only be consumed, there arealso some beliefs that are wrong or proven null by research. One of these is the thought that aglass of milk before sleep can actually lessen GERD symptoms. The truth is milk can cause a
  2. 2. rebound effect that can encourage secretion of more acid, therefore causing acid reflux. Thekey is to eat less during dinner and take a small snack like biscuits before retiring at night. Another belief that had been practiced for years is that, spicy, citrus and caffeinecontaining beverages should be avoided in order to decrease acid reflux symptoms. Accordingto the research made by Internal Medicine doctors of Stanford University, there are only twomeans of reducing symptoms, and these are elevating head of bed while asleep and eatingsmall and frequent meal. If you are suffering from this chronic condition, you have to update on your special foodsto avoid with GERD list. Despite the fact that there are common foods, you also need to takenote of the foods and beverages that can aggravate the symptoms. It is good to have a fooddiary in order to keep track of the dos and don’ts. It will develop discipline and assurance thatacid is produced in minimum at your stomach.