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Weight Watchers

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  1. 1. Full Digital Strategy By: Durant Crum
  2. 2. Goals• 10% increase in revenue• Stretch goal of 20% increase in revenue• Increase in engagement on social media sites• Gain feedback from customers on testimonials and experiences
  3. 3. Target AudienceThe target audience for this marketing strategy are peoplefrom ages 25-65 both male and female who are interestedin:• Weight loss• Weight maintenance• Healthy living• Healthy eating• Exercise
  4. 4. Key Performance Indicators• Return on Investment• Google Ad clicks to conversion• Google Analytics• Social Media interaction• Promotional sign up
  5. 5. Jessica Simpson“Weight Watchers isn’t a diet or a quick fix.It’s a lifestyle that lets me eat what I want athome, at restaurants, wherever. Withoutfeeling deprived. Every week I’m losingweight, every week I’m feeling better andbetter. And that keeps me motivated.I don’t want to change who I am; I just wantto be happy and healthy. A better version ofme! With Weight Watchers I’m on my way.I’m doing it! And anyone can do it. Joinme, and you’ll see.”
  6. 6. Internet/ Social Media• Website—• Facebook• Blog Articles• Instagram• Twitter
  7. 7. Print Media• Magazines • The Weight Watchers magazine subscription• Billboards
  8. 8. Promotions• Free 3-month Trial Membership• Pinterest Context
  9. 9. Google Adwords• Example of advertisment: • Headline: Lose and maintain weight • Content: Information on how to lose weight • Tag: URL directly to the Weight Watchers homepage • Keywords: healthy living, healthy eating, healthy weight, how to lose weight, loss weight, maintain weight
  10. 10. Budget Selling and Adminstrative Expense (3.3 million) Promotions (1.8 million) Social media (1.2 million) Print media (1.7 million)