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A collection of work done done as a freelance designer and working for the Foundation for Community Colleges.

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Chris Rumble's Portfolio

  1. 1. Chris Rumble Portfolio 2008
  2. 2. Markham Project Panther Design
  3. 3. Markham Project Mural design and application.
  4. 4. Help support the students participating in the everglade exploration trip, and look good doing it! Markham Project Application of design to t-shirts for fundraising
  5. 5. NCCCF Stationery Project completed under the Creative Direction of Bryan Miller at the Logo update and stationery design. Foundation for California Community Colleges.
  6. 6. College Seen Postcard Project completed under the Creative Direction of Bryan Miller at the Graphic update and layout. Foundation for California Community Colleges.
  7. 7. Alumni Profile *Cover art by Kent Lacin *Cover layout by Bryan Miller Suwannagate WEST VALLEY COLLEGE Affinity Magazine: What were your What are the most frustrating Where do you see yourself ten childhood hobbies? distractions to your creative process? years from now? In 2001, fashion designer Koi Suwannagate debuted In 2007, the Council of Fashion Designers of America Koi Suwannagate: Climbing trees, Dealing with the business aspect of I would love to open flagship stores in her first collection of hand-crafted vintage cashmere (CFDA) and Vogue chose the designer as a finalist for fishing, and making clothes for my dolls. running a fashion corporation can be a major fashion capitals—Los Angeles, New pieces to great acclaim, and she has been a fixture on the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund award, the fashion distraction…you not only have to be a York, Paris, Tokyo… What kind of student were you? great designer, but you have to make sure the fashion scene ever since. The Los Angeles-based, industry’s top honor for emerging designers. Educated Thai-born Suwannagate is recognized for designs at Bangkok’s Silapakorn University and the Fashion I was never really strong academically, that the business is well taken care of. How are you incorporating the green that combine genteel, fairy tale-like femininity with Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, but I always did really well in the arts. movement into your work? I didn’t enjoy going to school until I What kind of an impact has being a I have been working with vintage sculptural precision. In addition to being featured in Suwannagate also attended West Valley College, studied decorative arts at the university finalist for the CFDA/Vogue Fashion cashmere since day one. In fact, it has the pages of such fashion mainstays as Vogue, W, Elle, where she says she “discovered her talent.” Fund Award had on your career? and Harper’s Bazaar, Suwannagate is worn by celebrity level in Bangkok. become my signature. For Summer The nomination has been extremely 2008, I worked with organic cotton for trendsetters including Gwyneth Paltrow, Reese What was your family’s attitude toward helpful for my career! It has offered Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, and Natalie Portman. the first time and designed a limited college when you were growing up? me the opportunity to meet so many selection of beautiful summer dresses My family pretty much let me do what inspiring people in the fashion industry. made of sustainable fabrics. I am I wanted to do as long as I was making It has truly encouraged me to take currently exploring natural dyes and some progress. my collection to the next level. With will incorporate additional sustainable the support of Bumble and Bumble fabrics such as organic silk into the Describe your experience at West and Shiseido, I staged my first runway next collection. Valley College (WVC). show during New York Fashion Week in Most of the people I met at WVC were If you hadn’t become a designer, what February, which was a dream come true. very committed and serious about would you be doing for a living? learning and doing the best job they could. How do you handle the pressure of I’d probably be a landscape architect or being in an industry where criticism is At what point did you decide to gardener. I love flowers! part of everyday life? become a fashion designer? With the recent press attention and To read more about Koi Suwannagate, I discovered my passion for designing increased brand recognition it’s just visit during a class called Draping and Couture natural that people talk more about my Embellishments at WVC. People loved collection now. There are always going my hand-sculpted t-shirt designs and to be people who dislike or criticize my encouraged me to start my own line. I work, but I can’t take it personally. Not discovered my talent during that class everyone is going to love what I do, but —it really jump-started my career as a you have to do what you love in order to fashion designer. stand out and create a unique brand. What inspires your designs? What career ccomplishment(s) are you Nature, art, and the contours of a most proud of? woman’s body. When I design, it’s very Launching my own clothing line; being spontaneous. I let my mind lead my hand recognized and nominated as a finalist by Volume 1 | Issue 1 to do what it wants to do. the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund; staging my first runway show; and ultimately, When and where are you most creative having been able to turn my passion into and productive? my career. In my studio, when it’s quiet and I can focus on designing. A nity A nity 06 07 Images courtesy of Koi Suwannagate Alumni Profile I just realized that I loved basketball so much, the only way I was going to get to play was if I went to class. It wasn’t that I couldn’t do the work, I just had to change my attitude. Romar CERRITOS COLLEGE Lorenzo Romar, a former NBA point guard now in his seventh season Marv Harshman, then head coach at Romar played with the Warriors from as head coach for the University of Washington’s men’s basketball the University of Washington, came to 1981–84; with the Milwaukee Bucks team, has been passionate about basketball since he first picked up a watch that player because Washington in 1984; and for a total of three weeks ball, chucked it at a hoop, and made a basket on his elementary school needed a point guard. He just happened with the Detroit Pistons in 1985. playground at age 10. Romar’s love for the game didn’t always translate to get there early and saw my game. Following his NBA career, Romar joined into success as a player, but his passion, drive, and determination have He liked what he saw, so he didn’t stay Athletes in Action (AIA) the athletic kept him in the game. for the next game.” On the following division of Campus Crusade for Christ, Monday, Romar had an invitation to and started in 224 of 233 games during visit Washington. Although he had his seven-year stint. In 1989, Romar improved enough to garner other took on coaching duties with AIA, and offers to play college ball, Romar by 1992, he was a top recruiter and Career Day tuition, his grades were marginal at knew the opportunity to play for Marv assistant coach at UCLA. Romar’s first best, and he wasn’t nearly a good Harshman was one he couldn’t pass up, head coaching job was at Pepperdine During sixth grade Career Day, Lorenzo enough basketball player to earn a thinking, “I have the chance to play for University, his second at Saint Louis Romar announced that he wanted to scholarship. At a loss for what to do a legend.” University. At both Pepperdine be a professional basketball player next, Romar tried walking on to a and Saint Louis, Romar was when he grew up. The class had a At Washington, Romar was a two-year few community college teams, but instrumental in reviving programs good laugh and Romar laughed too, starter. He was voted Most Inspirational as he puts it, “there was no interest.” that had been strug gling. knowing that despite how much he Player by his peers both years and Compton College said no, and a few Lorenzo Romar playing for loved the game, the odds of making it served as team captain his senior In 2002, Lorenzo Romar returned others passed before Romar was given the Golden State Warriors to the NBA were slim to none. Romar year. As the end of his Washington to the University of Washington as a chance at Cerritos College. in the 1980s. recalls his 1960s childhood in Compton, career approached, people asked what head coach and led the team to the Calif., with fondness, noting that once Grateful his passion had finally he’d be doing next. As Romar puts it, NCAA Tournament for four consecutive he started playing basketball, he translated into some game time, “They were sure I wouldn’t be playing years (2003– 07). Romar attributes “became addicted” and spent every Romar played his first semester at professional basketball, but I didn’t see his success as a coach waking moment playing, watching, Cerritos, and was feeling pretty good it any other way.” In 1980, the NBA Draft to “building and studying the game. Basketball about himself…until the second consisted of 10 rounds. Today there relationships even motivated Romar and his kid semester when his grades deemed are just two. Recalling the experience, and trust” and brother to keep out of trouble. “There him ineligible to play. At a crossroads, Romar said, “Thank goodness there believes in being was a fear in our household that if Romar knew that, despite the support were 10.” The Golden State Warriors firm but fair. Paul we were caught doing something we and encouragement from his parents picked Romar in the seventh round, Fortier, Romar’s had no business doing, we would pay and coaches, it was in his hands to 141st pick overall. assistant coach at dearly,” Romar remembers, “I loved make things happen. Romar recalls, Washington echoes sports so much I didn’t do anything “I just realized that I loved basketball so the sentiment, that would interfere.” much, the only way I was going to get A Dream Come True saying “Players give to play was if I went to class. It wasn’t him their all because So, Romar behaved, and he played on When asked what it was like to play in that I couldn’t do the work, I just had to they don’t want to let school teams until his sophomore year the NBA, Romar is emphatic, “It was change my attitude.” him down.” Romar’s life- in high school, when the competition a dream come true. I was living out long love of basketball intensified. In a matter of days, he a fantasy. In 8th grade, I remember was recognized in 2006 was cut twice—from the varsity team showing my teachers basketball cards Volume 1 | Issue 1 Right Place, Wrong Time when he was given the one day and junior varsity the next. of my favorite players—Nate Archibald John Wooden Keys to Life Undeterred, Romar practiced diligently Nearing the end of his career as a and Calvin Murphy—and here I am Award. When asked what and improved, so when his senior point guard at Cerritos, it was a happy playing against them. Wow! I can’t tell he considers his greatest year rolled around he was on back on accident that set the rest of his career you how many times that happened professional achievement, the team and eventually came off the in motion. Romar remembers, “We throughout my career…playing against Romar mentions the award, bench. With the end of high school were playing in a state tournament and my childhood heroes. I was playing but is quick to point out that approaching, Romar knew that going our game was at 6:30 pm on a Friday. against the best competition in the after all these years, he’s still A nity to a four-year college was out of the The game after ours featured the number world and getting paid to do it. “living the dream.” question—his parents couldn’t afford one point guard in the state. There wasn’t a downside.” To read more about Lorenzo Romar, visit 10 Images courtesy of Washington State University and the Golden State Warriors Affinity Magazine Project completed under the Creative Direction of Bryan Miller at the Graphic design Foundation for California Community Colleges.
  8. 8. *Cover art by Kent Lacin “It’s part of the professional responsibility of a faculty member to update the curriculum and to be alive to the possibilities of change.” *Cover layout by Bryan Miller Green Collar 101 Green collar jobs create opportunities. industry partnerships that provide a way for low-income individuals to earn a living wage alone. “Our industry is one of the few that needs construction professionals, and that They require less than a bachelor’s degree, while pursuing an education and supporting demand is actually growing,” said Mike provide a living wage, benefits, and a family. Hall, Borrego Solar’s president. opportunities for career advancement, Educating the Workforce and many include manual labor. Energy, With a little extra training, people like Sisk Community colleges have been among alternative fuels, green building, are the perfect candidates for emerging the first to embrace green collar job alternative transportation, and agriculture green collar jobs. Researchers estimate that training, and have been able to do so are the major green industries poised for green industries could create up to 3 million thanks to established industry-specific growth. New jobs in these industries look jobs nationwide over the next 10 years. Not apprenticeship programs and talented a lot like traditional jobs, but are updated only will jobs crop up in new industries, faculty. Community college instructors with new green technology, equipment, but traditional industries are going green are often active in professional and standards. and looking for new workers, especially as organizations and stay up to date with baby boomers approach retirement. industry innovation, making them able to In 2007, Congress passed the Green Jobs adjust curriculum so students learn what Community Colleges take the lead Act, which earmarked $125 million in federal funds to train 35,000 green collar Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E), California’s largest natural gas and electric utility, is employers need them to know. That has been the case at Los Rios Community intraining the first generation of workers each year. Of that, $25 million will one company seeing green. Van Ton- College District in Sacramento. green collar workers. train those from low-income communities and $80 million will help transition workers Quinlivan, PG&E’s director of workforce strategy and diversity, says that 42% of the “It’s part of the professional responsibility By Angeline Huang Evans into green industries. California has company’s 20,000-person workforce will of a faculty member to update the aimed even higher with its Global Warming be eligible for retirement in the next five to curriculum and to be alive to the Solutions Act, which aims to reduce ten years. The sheer volume of employee possibilities of change,” said Bill Karns, the Nearly 20 years in the military and 10 years in residential carbon emissions by 25% by 2020. turnover is prompting the company to district’s vice chancellor for Education and construction had taken a toll on Lyle Sisk’s body. Hoping to ramp up its training and recruitment Technology. “The green revolution has ease the burden of such back breaking work, Sisk took a To that end, California’s green companies efforts, and to adjust its current training provided many of our faculty a whole new job at a commercial construction firm. The relief was short are on the hunt for qualified employees, and practices to meet the needs of the area of exploration that has had a very lived. He was laid off after only one year. So, at age 56, Sisk many have turned to community colleges, changing industry. powerful impact on their thinking and on joined the 8.5 million unemployed individuals in the United the traditional educator of California’s their interest in recreating their curriculum States. As Sisk sat in his local Employment Development skilled workforce. Community colleges “Take mechanics,” said Ton-Quinlivan. or creating new curriculum.” Department office, he was intrigued by a poster advertising are responding with training programs and “Because we have one of the largest fleets a training program for energy auditors, hazardous materials in the nation of natural gas vehicles, New challenges have arisen with the we need mechanics that are trained in new training needs. Although many technicians, solar panel installers, and environmental natural gas technology. That mechanic companies see green as a major part of auditors. Thanks to that poster, less than six months after won’t stop being a traditional mechanic, the future, potential students are generally being laid off, Sisk became certified for jobs in the solar but will have additional skills that meet unaware of the opportunities that going and environmental industries. Lyle Sisk has gone green. the demand.” green brings. WhoDoUWant2B? is a new initiative sponsored by the California Green building is also expanding quickly. Community Colleges System Office Since 2000, maximizing energy efficiency that is bringing those opportunities to Volume 1 | Issue 1 and using sustainable materials in building the foreground. Aimed at high school has increased in popularity, sparking students who are undecided about their the need for a more specifically trained futures, the initiative offers information on workforce. But it’s not just builders community college career and technical that need a green-trained construction education programs, including green workforce. Borrego Solar, a solar electric construction and automotive technology. contractor based in San Diego, prefers The System Office is also establishing A nity A nity candidates with construction experience. faculty development programs to prepare The company increased its workforce instructors for the new material. by over 10% in the first half of this year 18 19 “All of the community colleges are interested and committed to providing training and A GREEN VIEW RENEWING CALIFORNIA’S ELECTRICITY INFRASTRUCTURE Much of the impact that humans have on their surrounding environment As Southern California continues to grow education programs related to comes from the built environment. Buildings account for 39% of the at a strong pace, it relies on an electric green technology.” United States’ carbon emissions. Developing ways to make buildings utility that grows with it. Southern Califor- greener will go a long way in cutting environmental impact. Energy- efficient building practices are growing in popularity, especially in nia Edison (SCE) is proud to be that part- education. California’s Community Colleges, which cover over 60 million ner. SCE currently operates more than Progress Report square feet of buildings and facilities, have made national headlines with 110,000 miles of cable and circuitry, While green collar jobs are relatively new, their campus greening efforts. Here are three examples of community community colleges are already expanding delivering electricity to 4.8 million homes colleges that are reducing their impact on the environment. and adding . This month, the first Green and businesses. Keeping pace with California Community College Summit business and residential growth and brings together education, government, ensuring future service reliability, SCE has and industry decision makers to focus undertaken a major infrastructure devel- on the green economy. Because green Community college training programs are their graduates have gone on to local opment project–investing more than $15 collar jobs are similar to existing jobs, as diverse as the communities in which union apprenticeships, solar installation Butte College, Oroville billion in the coming years. Carefully training can be done by tweaking the they are located. While some colleges positions, or prevailing-wage jobs. current curriculum. American River College have focused on solar, others have stepped Tucked away in California’s Central Valley, Butte College planned development of the region’s has emerged as a national leader in environmental in Sacramento, for example, is adding a it up in thermal energy, alternative fuel, or Next Class essential distribution and transmission friendliness, this year winning the National Wildlife sustainable design course to its interior green construction. Community colleges face new challenges Federation’s Chill Out: Campus Solutions to Global grids is making the power grid greener design program. in training the upcoming green collar Warming competition. Over the past five years, Butte and smarter for more than 13 million “All of the community colleges are workforce, but progress continues to be College has decreased its electricity and natural gas Southern Californians. The enhancements For PG&E’s Power Pathway program, interested and committed to providing seen. Recalling a recent visit to Merritt usage by 33% by installing one of the largest solar arrays in the nation and implementing an extensive underway will increase delivery capacity offered at four San Francisco Bay Area training and education programs related to College, Borrego Solar’s Mike Hall sees transportation system that keeps 1,000 cars off the and system reliability while helping to tap community colleges, there is no shortage green technology,” said José Millan, high potential in community colleges. road each day. The college expects to be completely of qualified faculty. Matt Hansen, a PG&E vice chancellor for Economic Development new renewable energy resources. carbon neutral by 2015. supervisor, teaches the program’s applied and Workforce Preparation at the System “They were doing some really good technology and math courses at College Office. “Some are more advanced than technical training on how to analyze A prime example is the historic Tehachapi of San Mateo. He has nearly 25 years others, some are more specialized than the impact of shading on a solar array,” Renewable Transmission Project, the of experience as a journeyman electric others. The hallmark of our system is its Hall said. “I’d never seen that done in a nation’s largest transmission system lineman and two years of experience as diversity—the fact that you have some classroom outside our company before. Ohlone College, Fremont designed speci cally to facilitate new a community college instructor. When level of experience and expertise at every That was really eye-opening for me and the program was first piloted in early made me see that the community colleges renewable energy sources. When com- one of the 110 colleges.” In the green-technology hotbed of the San Francisco 2008, more than 4,700 applications were really are getting it and starting to train Bay Area, Ohlone College has designed and built an pleted in 2009, the system will be capable received for 100 spots. While PG&E Southern California Edison sees more people in some of the specific on-the-job entire green campus to Leadership in Energy and of delivering enough power to serve still requires graduates to go through the potential in community colleges than just technical knowledge they would need to Environmental Design (LEED) Platinum standards, the almost three million households. highest LEED rating. The Newark campus opened company’s rigorous exam and selection training entry-level workers. Its Powerline be successful in our industry.” in January 2008. The 135,000-square-foot facility process, the program’s curriculum and skills programs at Rio Hondo and El Camino boasts 1,500 photovoltaic panels on its roof, which are In addition to developing transmission are just as relevant in similar industries. community colleges include introductory Sisk, who graduated from the program expected to provide over 40% of the facility’s energy capacity, SCE is enhancing community courses for those breaking into the at Merritt College in June, agrees that needs. Other measures, such as a geothermal heating In June, Los Angeles Trade-Technical industry, as well as courses for current community colleges should be the ones and enthalpy wheels, will reduce dependence on fossil distribution systems. Long a leader in College became the eighth California employees to continue building their skills. to step up to the plate. Less than a month fuels and save energy and water. Landscaping is limited to drought-resistant emerging technologies that promise Community College to receive certification after graduation, nearly a third of the native plants and building insulation contains mainly recycled blue jeans. greater reliability, SCE is currently install- from the North American Board of Other colleges have taken on more program’s graduates are already employed ing pioneering technology to enable Certified Energy Practitioners for their of a facilitator role. Merritt College’s as solar panel installers or environmental enhanced, automated monitoring of grid entry-level solar installation program. partnership with the Regional Technical engineering technicians, making anywhere conditions and minimize power failures. Volume 1 | Issue 1 William Elarton, chair of the school’s Training Center (RTTC) trains and from $18–$26 an hour. Sisk, just two Construction, Design, and Manufacturing certifies environmental engineering months after graduation, is now installing Los Angeles Community College District, Los Angeles department, says that their electrician technicians. Merritt College developed photovoltaic panels for SunPower The Los Angeles Community College District, with over SCE is committed to the growth and program has been teaching solar electric the classroom curriculum, and RTTC Corporation and couldn’t be happier. 100,000 students on nine campuses, is the nation’s prosperity of Southern California and is a energy for years, but could not afford takes care of the hands-on training, job largest community college district. The district is in proud partner in the creation of a reliable the process of installing solar panel systems at each of training equipment for a dedicated solar placement assistance, and follow up. “I’ve always been interested in solar panels its campuses. The solar arrays will initially be capable and responsible energy future. program. A recent district bond measure Nearby, Contra Costa College developed and now I know how the whole system of generating at least one megawatt of electricity per A nity changed that, providing funds for a roof- curriculum for the City of Richmond’s works and the interface components,” he campus; each megawatt can power 1,000 homes. The top solar panel on one of the campus’s Richmond Builds program, a 10-week said. “If every house had them, we wouldn’t district is also adopting energy efficient practices across parking structures that will double as a solar installation and construction have an energy problem.” the board, from light bulbs to water pumps. training lab for students. According to training program for adults with little To read more about the California Community Elarton, the program fills a great need. or no work experience. Over 90% of Colleges going green, visit 20 Photos courtesy of Butte College, Ohlone College, and Mario Villegas of East Los Angeles College Affinity Magazine Project completed under the Creative Direction of Bryan Miller at the Graphic design Foundation for California Community Colleges.