Introduction to SEO off page optimization


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My presentation at BSU College of Information Technology.

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Introduction to SEO off page optimization

  1. 1. SEO (SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION) The process of improving and promoting a website in order to increase the number of visitors the site receives from search engines through “organic search” results. SEO is about making your site better for the people.
  2. 2. IMPORTANCE OF SEO - SEO works to provide your business with more visibility on the internet to attract more targeted traffic and grow your revenue. - SEO plays a crucial role in online business websites as well as other interactive sites. With regular update of content on website, SEO helps to get more traffic. There are other ways like link exchange and subscribe to RSS Feed that are more crucial parts under SEO work. - The ultimate goal for website owner and SEO is to get traffic and appears in first 5 pages of the search engine and maintain the position. THE ROLE OF KEYWORD IN SEO Keywords are the most important SEO element for every search engine, they are what search strings are matched against. It is a particular word or phrase that describes the contents of a Web page. Choosing the right keywords to optimize for is thus the first and most crucial step to a successful SEO campaign. If you fail on this very first step, the road ahead is very bumpy and most likely you will only waste your time and money
  3. 3. WHY DOES WEBSITE NEED AN SEO? • Helps you improve your presence in search engine. • To grow your business in terms of sales. • To promote your website/products on the internet. • SEO is your online marketing partner 2 PROCESS OF SEO • NATURAL/ORGANIC SEO- process of creating and improving your website in an ordinary way. It is also done using the manual submission that ensure long term results. • PAID SEO/PPC (Pay-per-click) method of buying links by Google Adwords and PPC Campaigns.
  5. 5. TYPES OF SEO White hat SEO - The legal and ethical way of building links - completely follows search engine rules and policies. - Used by those who tend to make a long term investment on their websites. Black Hat SEO - illegal and unethical way of building links. -the use of aggressive seo strategies, techniques and tactics that only focuses on search engines. -used by those who are looking for a quick financial return and rankings on their websites. Gray Hat Seo • Are those ways in which websites are optimized using tactics that don’t exactly follow the policies of search engines.
  6. 6. SEO FALLS INTO 2 MAIN CATEGORIES On Page Optimization - comprised of the factors you change on your actual Web site itself.
  7. 7. Off Page Optimization - Also called as ”link building” - It is t he process of generating a link to your Web site on another Web site. - It is done externally by doing the link building, increasing the link popularity and reputation. - The most important part in search engines because it gives back links to your sites and requires a lot of work on a daily basis. - It also helps maximize the website performance in search engine for targeted keywords.
  8. 8. HOW TO BUILD LINKS? We do link building through different SEO strategies like:
  9. 9. • Blog Commenting One way to interact with users. It play very important role to get the back link of your site. Tip: Find blog posts which is related to your niche and post comments using you website link in the proper place to get good back links. Use your real name in posting your comments Drop your links in comment box. • Social Bookmarking SB websites get crawled very frequently - every 2 or 3 hours. Social bookmarks not only help you raise your link strength, but also bring some amount of pure traffic from the bookmarking sites themselves. Depending on the popularity of the article posted on SB the traffic to your website could vary from few grains of sand to a pure avalanche . Ex: Reddit Diigo Delicious Slashdot Stumbleupon Google Bookmark
  10. 10. • Blogging Search engine loves blogs, and backlinks posted on authority blogs spaces will give you instant search engine “juice” with very little work involved. Example: Blogger Typepad Wordpress Weebly Tumblr Quora • Directory Submission Many people may say that directory submission is dead. As far as I'm concerned it is still alive. It is purely based on how effectively we are selecting those directories and how efficiently we are choosing the category for submission. Submit your websites topmost quality directories like: Yahoo Directory Google Places DMOZ Hotfrog Tip: If the website is new, we should start with directory submission as these is the easiest to obtain back links to your sirte.
  11. 11. • Article Submission- submitting your articles to article directories. These directories have an author bio at the end of the article where you can place your site URL with anchor text. Example of an author bio: Pierre Angela Cruz is a Blogger and Marketing Consultant for 7 Stones Boracay Suites Hotel, the best beach resort in Boracay. They also offer hotel deals and promos that will suits in your budget. They are one of the luxury hotels in Boracay which are located at Bulabog Beach. • Link Baiting making videos, infographics, crowdsourcing. Sample: • Guest Posting Accepting posts from other bloggers to publish for free on your blog, or writing posts for other bloggers to publish on their blogs for free. Guest blogging is a traffic building and networking tool to help grow a blog.
  12. 12. • Press Release A written material that announces a news type event. They have many advantages for both small and big business owners can profit from this. Tip: Submit your content on free press release sites. • Business Reviews/ Product Reviews Write reviews about others businesses or ask your friends/clients to write a review of your business in major business review sites review-. • Forum Posting sign up to popular forums which is related to your niche. Start discussion or share topics with your friends. You can post/reply to threads that allow links in your signature which can be crawled by search engine.
  13. 13. SEO TOOLS SEO Quake- extension on your browser that shows Page Rank, Alexa Rank, google index and many more. Moz Bar- extension on your browser that can access the SEO metrics like root domain, page authority. Link Parser- differentiate the types of links form do follow links and no follow links. Page Rank Status- shows Google Page Rank and Alexa Rank of the current web page like SEO quake. Open site explorer- a tool which you can analyze and see the backlinks of a website. Seo site checkup- help you analyze your website to improve . It identifies the important areas like meta tags, keywords, content, xml sitemap, robotx.txt, image alt tags and so on. Traffic Travis- a tool to know the current keyword rankings of your website.
  14. 14. SEO TERMINOLOGIES Backlinks- are the external links from different websites pointing to your website. This is one of the most important factors out of the total (almost 200) factors which search engines consider for ranking your site in SERP. “No follow” link- is a link that search engines discover on a page and visit, but do not count that link as a vote from the site it found the link on. In “Do follow” link - is a link that search engines will visit and count as a vote from the site it found the link on. Anchor Text- the clickable text in a hyperlink. It is one of the many signals search engines use to determine the topic of a web page, and can direct to an internal or external web page. Traffic- refers to the visitors who arrive at a website by clicking search results leading to particular website.