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Crt legal roundtable 11 22-11


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Draft Powerpoint for Gary and John Review 11-18-11

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Crt legal roundtable 11 22-11

  1. 1. CRT Legal Roundtable November 22, 2011
  2. 2. The Cumberland Region of Middle Tennessee
  3. 3. Cumberland Region Tomorrow is a private, non-profit, citizen based regionalorganization working with Greater Nashville Regional Council and others inthe public and private sectors, dedicated to planning for the future livabilityand economic vitality of our ten-county region.In our work, we support and encourage growth planning, with emphasis onland use, transportation, and preservation of the rural landscape andcharacter of the region’s communities.
  4. 4. Cumberland Region Tomorrow brings people and organizations together toaddress regional challenges and opportunities we face with the future growthand development of Middle Tennessee.Our mission is to foster communication, collaboration and action as we planfor the long-term livability, economic vitality and sustainability of this placewe call home.
  5. 5. STEP 1 - Collaborative Leadership
  6. 6. Collaborative Leadership Model
  7. 7. •Nashville Chamber Partnership 2020 •ULI •AIA Middle Tennessee •TN Farm Bureau •ACEC •ASLA •TAPA •Middle TN Mayors Caucus •Nashville/Clarksville MPO •GNRC•Cumberland Region Tomorrow •MTA/RTA•Leadership Middle Tennessee •Local Governments &•Transit Alliance of Middle Tennessee Planning Commissions•Land Trust for Tennessee •State Government Departments•Nashville Civic Design Center •Universities
  8. 8. Job Creation/Economic OpportunityQuality Communities/Quality of LifeWise Use of Fiscal Resources
  9. 9. Local and Regional Level
  10. 10. Cumberland Region Tomorrow Regional Visioning Project Base Case Growth Scenario
  11. 11. Cumberland Region Tomorrow Regional Visioning Project Alternative Case Growth Scenario
  12. 12. Cumberland Region Tomorrow Regional Visioning Project
  14. 14. Prologue: Defining Quality Growth in the Cumberland RegionChapter 1: Reinvesting in Towns, City Centers, and CommunitiesChapter 2: Creating a Variety of Housing ChoiceChapter 3: Conserving our Region’s Land, Water, Natural, and Cultural ResourcesChapter 4: Transportation/Land Use Planning for Quality GrowthChapter 5: Guiding Infrastructure Investments for Sustainable GrowthConclusion: Ensuring our Economic Vitality through Quality Growth
  15. 15. Regional Pilots…
  16. 16. Toolbox Lead Partners
  17. 17. Regional Collaboration for Six Regional Issues… Regional Transit/Transportation Land Use and Quality Growth Other Regional Infrastructure Air and Water Quality and Quantity Open Space Conservation Economic Development and VitalityEnd Game….Keep and Enhance our Regional Economic Vitality, Livability and Sustainability…..Great Quality of Life
  18. 18. Partners and Sponsors
  19. 19. The Governor’s Jobs4TN plan contains four key strategies for makingTennessee No. 1 in the SE for high-quality jobs Strategy #2 Strategy #3 Reducing Business Regulation Investing in Innovation Strategy #4 Strategy #1 Establishing Regional Prioritizing Key Clusters “Jobs Base Camps” Ultimate Goal Tennessee Becomes No. 1 in the Southeast for High- Quality Jobs 21
  20. 20. State Level
  21. 21. Tennessee Regions’ Sustainable Communities RoundtableFocus: Connecting and Strengthening Sustainable Communities Principles andPractices at the Local Regional and State Level
  22. 22. National Level
  23. 23. ••••
  24. 24. Q&A Dr. Bridget Jones Executive Director O 615-986-2699 bridget@cumberlandregiontomorrow.orgAlso visit us at for program information andsign up for our e-newsletter to stay abreast of quality growth issues in the region!
  25. 25.