What is Justice


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What is Justice

  1. 1.  Def’n: The quality of being fair and reasonable Synonyms: fairness - equity - right - righteousness– justness In any situation, be it in a courtroom, at theworkplace or in line at a bank, we want to betreated fairly. We shouldnt be judged more harshly because ofour skin color, we shouldnt be paid any lessbecause of our gender, and we shouldnt have towait longer at the bank, because of what werewearing. We feel we deserve equal and impartial treatment.
  2. 2.  Because we have this desire for equality andfairness, the assurance of justice is usually aprerequisite for a good society. For a leader to have legitimacy among his orher constituents, he or she must find ways toensure that the laws of the land are just andadministered justly. Of course, history is littered with examples ofgovernments that were unjust to somecitizens.
  3. 3. The question of whats to be done when aninjustice is committed is an important one.For the offender, justice means that crimesdont go unpunished, but also that thepunishment fits the crime.For a victim, justice may be seeing acriminal put behind bars, or it may bemonetary -- the goal is to make the victimfeel equal again.
  4. 4.  Justice remains a hard topic topin down because people oftendisagree over what they deserveand whether theyre receiving it. In such disagreements, we wantreasonable and impartialdecisions made, which is why theimages of justice personifiedoften include a blindfold. When people feel that they arentgetting their due, then societymay become unstable.
  5. 5. An hockey planner is suspended for 10games for using a banned substancebecause it was thought to give him anunfair advantage. The player insists that itcame from a product used to grow his hair.Is this scenario an example of justice orinjustice?
  6. 6.  For each of the following scenarios, decidewhether it is “Justice” or an “Injustice”, and explainwhy you think it is Justice or an Injustice. Your explanations should try to get to the heart ofwhat Justice is. Don’t just say, “because it was wrong”, OR“because it was right”, these answers areinsufficient. Explain in thoughtful detail. Your responses will be calculated and shown lateron and we will discuss the results in class.
  7. 7. A woman is required by her employer towear makeup (blush, powder, lipstick, andmascara) as part of the "appearanceguidelines" of the company. She is firedfor refusing to comply with the policy.Justice: 48%Injustice: 52%Other: 0%
  8. 8. During a time of war, men can beconscripted (forced) to go to battle (if thegovernment says they have to), butwomen cannot be forced.Justice: 45%Injustice: 55%Other: 0%
  9. 9. Mens football programs at most majoruniversities are given 10 times the amountof money given to womensbasketball, volleyball, and lacrosseprograms combined.Justice: 36%Injustice: 64%Other: 0%
  10. 10. Convicted sex offenders (child molesters)must register with local police. Theirnames are available on the Internet, andpolice go door to door and notifyimmediate neighbours.Justice: 82%Injustice: 15%Other: 3%
  11. 11. Aboriginal Canadians were removed fromtheir homeland by white settlers and put onreservations.Justice: 12%Injustice: 88%Other: 0%
  12. 12. All students, regardless of their religiousbeliefs, are required to stand during thenational anthem, which includes thephrase “God keep our land…”Justice: 76%Injustice: 24%Other: 0%
  13. 13. A worker who wears a low cut blouse, amini skirt, and lots of makeup gets hit onby her boss. He invites her to dinner andsays she’ll be “sure to get a satisfactoryrating.” She files a sexual harassmentcomplaint and the boss is fired.Justice: 70%Injustice: 30%Other: 0%
  14. 14. A woman is beaten by her husbandrepeatedly. She doesn’t leave him, shejust kills him. She is convicted of firstdegree murder and sent to prison for life.Justice: 79%Injustice: 21%Other: 0%
  15. 15. A student with dyslexia (A learning disordermarked by impairment of the ability torecognize and comprehend written words)is given an unlimited amount of time totake the SAT, whereas “regular” studentsare given only 3 hours.Justice: 76%Injustice: 24%Other: 0%
  16. 16. People in wheelchairs are given primeparking spots, reserved just for them,closest to the entrance of buildings.Justice: 100%Injustice: 0%Other: 0%
  17. 17. A father is jailed for killing the men whoraped his daughter.Justice: 79%Injustice: 18%Other: 3%
  18. 18. Gay couples are allowed to get married.Justice: 91%Injustice: 6%Other: 3%
  19. 19. People in Toronto aren’t allowed to smokein bars.Justice: 82%Injustice: 15%Other: 3%
  20. 20. Women are allowed to get abortions in thefirst trimester of their pregnancy.Justice: 42%Injustice: 55%Other: 3%
  21. 21. Convicted mass murderers in Texas areput to death.Justice: 61%Injustice: 33%Other: 0%
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