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The Spanish Inquisition


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A brief introduction to the Spanish Inquisition and Torture

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The Spanish Inquisition

  1. 1. The SpanishInquisitionTorquemada “The BlackLegend”
  2. 2. What was the Inquisition? Occurred mostly in the 15th-16th Centuries  Finally stopped in 19th Century “inquisition”refers to the Catholic Church or its Monarchs finding and punishing heretics Heretics were baptized members of the church who had different ideas than the church or those who had converted to save themselves but did not belive
  3. 3. Background Itwas founded by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella in 1478 Freedom of religion did not exist in Spain or its territories The Catholics wanted to maintain Catholic traditions despite the Reformation They wanted to ensure that Catholic converts followed Catholic Law
  4. 4. Death estimates are in the range of 35,000 to 50,000
  5. 5. Early Days At first the Catholics gave non-Catholics a choice: convert or sell your land and move out of the country Non-Catholics who did not convert or leave the country were tortured If they did not convert they were then killed The Church was also after adulterers, “witches”, and non-traditional Catholics
  6. 6. Procedures1. Accusation (Edict of Grace) An Inquisitor would read a list of heresies and encourage citizens to confess to heresies they committed If you admitted to a crime you would only be given a minor punishment You needed to give names of other heresies so the church could find them!
  7. 7. Procedures2. Detention The one accused would be isolated in prison while priests and officials looked at their case Sometimes the person in jail would be there for months without knowing why they were placed there
  8. 8. Procedures3. Trial and Sentencing In a usual trial the accused would be tortured until they admitted the crime The accused would either be sentenced to death, freedom (very rare) or if they admitted their crimes they would go through the Auto de fe The Auto de fe was a public ritual where the accused publically declared their sins
  9. 9. Forms of Torture toca: water torture, forced down throat potro: tied onto rack by tight cords that could be tightened garrucha: hung by wrists on pulley, weight on feet, pain and dislocation
  10. 10. Other Forms of Torture
  11. 11. Torquemada Nicknamed “The Black Legend” Very close to Isabella Pope named him one of the Grand Inquisitors Vented his hatred of Jews and heretics forcing up to 300,000 out of Spain
  12. 12. Story of Torquemada Watch the video clip Take notes on what makes Torquemada evil
  13. 13. Torquemada By the #’s Towns would have about 50 executions and 200+ prisoners  Fined 1/5th of property  Would flagellate themselves on 6 successive Fridays 5,000 people were captured in first year, 50 a day were burned