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Craig Rispin at Step Change Breakfast


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Craig Rispin at Step Change Breakfast

Published in: Business
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Craig Rispin at Step Change Breakfast

  1. 1. CraigRispinCSP
  2. 2. “Craig we’ve seen more change in the last 3 years than in the past 30.”
  3. 3. Today I’m Here to Serve You...
  4. 4. Do You Have an Open Mind?
  5. 5. A.T. Kearney Studied Why Strategic Plans Tend to Fail...
  6. 6. Strategy Formulation What Goes Wrong? 88%LackofUnderstandingofFutureTrends
  7. 7. Did You Know - That in 2028? Video & Discussion
  8. 8. Discuss with a Partner: What Did You Find Most Interesting in the Video?
  9. 9. “If change is happening on the outside faster than on the inside - the end is in sight.” -Jack Welch
  10. 10. 168 Startups are Valued at More Than $1 Billion
  11. 11. Uber - World’s Largest Transport Company, Owns No Vehicles
  12. 12. Airbnb - World’s Largest Accommodation Provider, Owns No Real Estate
  13. 13. Billions of Customers are Having Incredible Experiences...
  14. 14. 'Landing at Kennedy Airport from Hong Kong was, as I've argued before, like going from the Jetsons to the Flintstones.' - Thomas L Friedman
  15. 15. - 20% of Total Music Revenues Delivering First Positive Growth in Years
  16. 16. - 30% of Total USA Home Entertainment Revenues
  17. 17. “Craig - business is booming, we’ve had our best year yet!”
  18. 18. Would You Like to Steal Some Good Startup Ideas?
  19. 19. We are Entering the Fourth Industrial Revolution
  20. 20. Is Your Organisation Part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution Yet?
  21. 21. Machine Learning aka: Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Computer Cognition
  22. 22. Final Jeopardy?
  23. 23. “AI can cut the time invested in searching for comparative images by 80% to 90%.”Eliot Siegel, MD, professor and vice chair of research information systems for the University of Maryland Department of Diagnostic Radiology and Nuclear Medicine.