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Resources for Library Friends Groups


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for presentation at Lexington County Public Library

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Resources for Library Friends Groups

  1. 1. RESOURCES FOR FRIENDS GROUPS Dr. Curtis R. Rogers, Communications Director
  2. 2. • intro and welcome • membership recruitment • active involvement • marketing/promoting events • social media • networking & fundraising TALKING POINTS
  3. 3. 1. Revitalizing your friends group – Why was the group initially established? – What have been the “golden” years of your organization when membership and activity was high? – Who are the potential members today? – How can the Friends be more responsive to the changing characteristics of potential members? MEMBERSHIP RECRUITMENT
  4. 4. COMPONENTS OF MEMBERSHIP CAMPAIGN • Brochure components – ask for help! – Programs – Book sale – Membership – Marketing and Promotion of Library – Library Volunteer – Etc. • develop a marketing and membership promotion campaign • update brochure • point to social media outlet(s) • run campaign in print and electronically via email marketing/social media
  5. 5. It never hurts to ask! Make sure your promotional items ask new and current members for help…
  6. 6. Advertise membership benefits
  7. 7. • When was the last time you raised the membership rate for new and current members? • The most effective way to get members on board is to promote, promote, promote. • Be sure you let your prospective members know what they will get for their membership. YOU CAN DO MORE WITH MORE $$$$$
  8. 8. • What unique discounts can you offer? • Do you need a new logo? • What do your promotional items look like? • Have you tried using
  9. 9. Take 3-4 minutes and answer these questions: 1. How do you currently publicize events? 2. What events do you publicize? 3. How should you publicize events?
  10. 10. HOW DO YOU USE SOCIAL MEDIA? What else do you need to be doing with social media???
  11. 11. NETWORKING & FUNDRAISING • Business cards for friends board members • Local author talks • Book sales • Poetry reading at a different venue • Partnering with other organizations
  12. 12. ADDITIONAL RESOURCES FOR FRIENDS GROUPS • United for Libraries – • Friends & Foundations Fact Sheets – friends/factsheets • Friends of SC Libraries –
  13. 13. THANK YOU! Please feel free to contact me: Dr. Curtis R. Rogers, Communications Director 803-734-8928