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Effective ways to promote projects and services


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ILEAD USC SC presentation

Published in: Education
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Effective ways to promote projects and services

  1. 1. Effective Ways to Promote Projects and Services Dr. Curtis R. Rogers, Communications Director
  2. 2. talking points ● QR Codes Kill Kittens ● Effective Library Signage ● Try to take a decent photo, please, I’m begging you! ● Group discussion
  3. 3. QR Codes Kill Kittens 1. they don’t work 2. nobody likes them 3. they are selfish 4. they take up valuable time better spent elsewhere What are your thoughts on QR codes?
  4. 4. Library Signage ● Have a policy, brand manual, & signage templates ● stay away from passive aggressive language ● keep it simple ● do a signage audit of your library
  5. 5. ● Why is good signage important? ● Public vs. Staff area signage. ● Have you ever seen passive - aggressive library signs? ● How can we solve this problem?
  6. 6. The road to better signage ● Visit retail locations ● Look and learn from their signs ● Branding? ● Negative or positive? ● Handwritten? Printed? B&W/Color?
  7. 7. Please, take a decent photo... ● EDIT, EDIT, EDIT ● ● instagram it! ● search YouTube for digital photography training sessions ● come to SCSL training events ● use
  8. 8. resources ● Flickr ● Pinterest ● PR Talk Listserv ● The Accidental Library Marketer ● The Customer-Focused Library: Re-Inventing the Public Library From the Outside-In
  9. 9. Open Discussion Comments? Questions? Thank you! feel free to contact me at or 803-734-8928