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Serraxaus torrecreu jujol_


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Presentation about diferentserra xaus house, torre de la creu, torre jujol, Jujol, tour guide sant joan despí

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Serraxaus torrecreu jujol_

  1. 1. Josep Maria Jujol Buildings in Sant Joan Despí
  2. 2. Serra Xaus Serra Xaus house is in 29 th Jacint Verdaguer Street. It was designed by Josep Maria Jujol in 1921, and it was built in 1927. It was made of cement, pottery and iron for the fence.
  3. 3. There is a big garden, and over twenty windows and a big balcony. It has got three floors. The second floor has got a cubic shape. There are squares, rectangles, and a cylinder shapes in it. The main door is oval. We like the borders, especially the biggest one with two red and blue ducks. The other borders have got leaves, flowers and vegetal shapes. This house seems to be magical and mysterious.
  4. 6. Torre de la Creu BUILDING : Torre de la Creu. ARCHITECT : Josep Mª Jujol i Gibert. BUILDING YEAR : 1913-1916 LOCATION : Passeig de Canalies, 14. SANT JOAN DESPÍ . Josep Mª Jujol i Gibert made “ The tower of the Cross” , also called “ The Egg’s House” , between 1913 and 1916.
  5. 7. The house has got lots of colours. It’s yellow, white, blue, purple, dark blue, brown and green. The house is very beautiful and big. The roof is like and egg and it has got a cross. The house has got lots of windows, two doors and a very big balcony. The house has got a garden with plants, trees and flowers. The name of the house is “The Tower of the Cross” because it has got a tall tower with a cross.
  6. 9. Torre Jujol ARCHITECT: Josep Mª Jujol i Gibert. BUILDING YEAR: 1932. LOCATION: Carrer Jacint Verdaguer, 31. ST. JOAN DESPÍ.    The building is a double house projected by the architect Josep Mª Jujol i Gibert in 1932. The house is white. It has got two floors: a long rectangular ground floor and at the second floor there is a studio for each of the two houses. Every house has got a garden.
  7. 10. Under the roof we can see small round pediments. There is a chimney. All the frames of the opening (doors and windows) are blue colour as the roller blinds. The studios have got angled windows to better sunny the rooms. Finally the enclosures are in white diagonal wood.             CEIP. PAU CASALS ( 4th grade).
  8. 13. Search of information CEIP Pascual Canyís CEIP Espai 3 CEIP Pau Casals Drawings and photographies CEIP Pascual Canyís CEIP Espai 3 CEIP Pau Casals Students of 4th grade
  9. 14. Voices and Power Point Anna Aparicio Carla Bertomeu Cristina Cruz Irene Miras Jan Pujol Sarah Long Students of 3rd ESO at IES Jaume Salvador i Pedrol
  10. 15. Music “ Lo Pom de les flors”-Anselm Clavé “ Cançó de taverna”-Apel·les Mestres “ Pessebres”-Frederic Mompou “ Santa Espina”-Enric Morera Sant Joan Despí, April 2010