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Download City of Lost Souls onlineTo download now please click the link below. New York Ti...
save him. Sebastian has a diabolical plan and he really is some piece of evil workin this. I mean he seriously is demented...
ever in love and would die for someone and he replied "Two people...There arememories that time does not erase, Clarissa. ...
Cassie is one author who without fail completely hooks me emotional with herbooks every time I read them. For instance wit...
some violence and an attempted rape scene. Though these are written in a waythat depict a certain someone in the book, the...
Clary herself surprised me in the way I saw her. Ive never had a problem with herbefore, yet here I saw a couple of flaws ...
three. This, however, was brilliant and contained everything I loved about TheMortal Instruments in the first place! This ...
disapointing parnormal/urban fantasy books, so much so, that I had totallyforgotten what it was like to be obsessed with a...
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Download city of lost souls online


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Download city of lost souls online

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Download city of lost souls online

  1. 1. Download City of Lost Souls onlineTo download now please click the link below. New York Times bestselling Mortal Instruments continues—and so do the thrillsand danger for Jace, Clary, and Simon.What price is too high to pay, even for love? When Jace and Clary meet again,Clary is horrified to discover that the demon Lilith’s magic has bound her belovedJace together with her evil brother Sebastian, and that Jace has become a servantof evil. The Clave is out to destroy Sebastian, but there is no way to harm one boywithout destroying the other. As Alec, Magnus, Simon, and Isabelle wheedle andbargain with Seelies, demons, and the merciless Iron Sisters to try to save Jace,Clary plays a dangerous game of her own. The price of losing is not just her ownlife, but Jace’s soul. She’s willing to do anything for Jace, but can she still trusthim? Or is he truly lost?Love. Blood. Betrayal. Revenge. Darkness threatens to claim the Shadowhuntersin the harrowing fifth book of the Mortal Instruments series.ReviewsMy heart is pounding, adrenaline is pumping and my hands are shaking! Seriouslythis book is one hell of a ride that I loved being on and did not want it to end! Ican read this series forever I am so in love! So much happened I really dont knowwhere to begin but I will try and summarise it the best I can without giving tomuch away and revealing just a few insights or guesses I have.The story continues on from City of Fallen Angels, where Jace is left bound toSebastian and they have disappeared. Clary, Alec and Isabelle are worried out oftheir minds about Jace and are trying desperately to find a way to get to Jace and
  2. 2. save him. Sebastian has a diabolical plan and he really is some piece of evil workin this. I mean he seriously is demented and twisted and hes view on having Claryno matter what is quite disturbing considering they are siblings..Im telling you Icringed and was a little shocked when I read one particular scene but thank GodClary stood up for herself. In fact she really grew into a bad ass Shadowhunter inthis and her unwavering love and loyalty in finding and helping Jace is beautiful.She really proved herself and one time I was cursing her for what she did but Itotally understood why. She couldnt risk Jace being killed. She loved him toomuch.I really missed Jace in this. He wasnt hes witty, cocky, smart mouth and totallybad ass self in this. I guess being bound to Sebastian like a puppet would do that.And when he was himself for just a glimpse I was cheering for him to stay thatway. You instantly felt the change in the book and my pulse raced when Claryrealised it was him and the scene was oh so hot and steamy *fans self* and Ididnt want it to end but again they stopped before it went any further...damn itwhy cant it go any further LOL.While Clary is with Jace and Sebastian, Simon, Alec, Magnus, Isabelle, Maia andJordan are desperately finding ways to sever the bond between Jace andSebastian and by doing so they summon a demon and an angel. Desperate timescall for desperate measures. Simon really was the stand out in this. Hes love andloyalty to helping Clary no matter what earned him so much more respect fromme. He really would do anything for her and for Isabelle. She was just a littlestubborn not to admit how she really felt about him and I just wanted to shakeher. Although I found that one scene in particular between Simon and Isabelle wasvery HOT indeed! And speaking of being desperate, Alec sort of annoyed me alittle in this book. He was so insecure with Magnuss past and fearing that hecouldnt be with him forever, his actions caused made Magnus leave. What hefeared the most happened and he lost him because of it. My heart broke for himand I was saddened that this happened.Now I mentioned earlier that I have a hunch about something or someone in thisbook. A new character appeared and he is a Silent Brother who goes by the nameof Brother Zachariah. I have a feeling that he is either Will or Jem. He is verymuch invested in calling Jace a Herondale and speaks of them like he personallyknows them. He let it slip that he was once a Shadowhunter and that in aconversation he had with Clary in the Epilogue, Clary asked him whether he was
  3. 3. ever in love and would die for someone and he replied "Two people...There arememories that time does not erase, Clarissa. Ask you friend Magnus Bane, if youdo not believe me. Forever does not make loss forgettable, only bearable." Nowtell me people, the two people he speaks of are Tessa and Jem, because I have asuspicion that it is Will, although it could be Jem. I cant wait to find out if Imright LOL.Anyway I really loved and enjoyed every page of this book and I cant believe itsover again. The ending was magnificent and I really held my breath for the last100 pages trying to get through it all. But my favourite thing of all was at the endwhen Jace and Clary were sitting side by side on the bed in the infirmary and theywerent touching (not telling you why you just have to read it) and Jace said toClary, "My heart is your heart...My hands are your hands." *sighs sighs sighs* myheart went a flutter at was a beautiful.Cassie Clare is an author who proves to me time and time again just how brilliantof a writer she is. She has this ability to make me fall in love with her complexcharacters, her richly detailed world building and the entire history that makes upher Shadowhunter world. For me, her books go beyond loving fictional charactersand wishing I could visit some of her fictional places that exist in the real world.Its the connection I feel to the series, to what some of the characters are dealingwith and what theyre going through. I emotionally wrap myself around everythingthats going on. With City of Lost Souls she completely hooked me and took me onone heck of emotional roller coaster, and I enjoyed every moment of being backinto this world I love so much.City of Lost Souls is definitely one of those books that throws everything at you.Theres some fabulous romance, betrayal, shocking moments, action, murder,heart break, sacrifices that are made, and that perfect balance of good vs evil. Intrue Cassie fashion she throws in humor when its so appropriate, which is one ofthe many things I LOVE about this series. The snarkiness that comes from manyof the characters, not just Jace, though Jace always delivers some of my favoritelines makes me, makes me laugh out and has me quoting a few of the lines tosome of my friends. Its the bickering, the jabs and the constant back and forththat goes on that creates moments where Im laughing out loud vs clutching mypillow and crying, or throwing the book and yelling "how could you" to a certaincharacter. Not that I would every throw my book... I love the comedic side of thisseries, as it balances with the darker things that happen.
  4. 4. Cassie is one author who without fail completely hooks me emotional with herbooks every time I read them. For instance with COLS, one moment Im fistingbumping the air and egging Clary on to go follow her heart and find Jace. The nextmoment Im sighing over Izzy and Simon, laughing out loud at Simons one linersand the wit Ive come to love about him. Then I start wondering whats going tohappen with Jace, to wanting to thump Alec on the head and tell him to stopwasting time on things he cant change (though I totally understood why he feltthe way he did), to understanding Jocelyn and snickering at Izzy and herbluntness with Clarys mom, because shes right on with what she said. Thentheres that part of me for a good portion of the book that thought maybeSebastian isnt so bad after all.... Than wham! Everything changes and no he didnot just do that!Cassie has this way of creating moments that give you a false sense of hope, andmakes you think that maybe things will be okay. She has a knack for literallyblurring the lines between whats right and whats wrong, and it leaves youtittering on the edge of which team youre on at that moment, and then all hell(literally) breaks lose and you realize that everything you thought about acharacter was so far fetched, you hope a certain someone gets their moment withthem in the next book so that they can give him what he deserves. Yes, Im goingto keep it spoiler free, but you can read about the scene Im referring to inCassies post here. I totally got why Cassie wrote this scene, and let me just say itbroke me, it made me realize a few things and it had me wishing I was there withClary, but dang this girl is incredibly strong, and I mean that in every sense of theword.Oh the romance. Maia and Jordan, Izzy and Simon and my favorite, Jace andClary. Yes TMI fans, there are plenty of swoon worthy moments between the twoof them and oh how I loved the way Cassie toyed with her fans in a scene. Ifyouve read it, youll know what I mean. Im still laughing at how well she wrotethat. Aside from some of the sweet Jace and Clary moments, I really loved theway this story wraps up. There is heartbreak, plenty of swoon worthy momentsand in the midst of whats to come in the next installment, Cassie gives fans achance to take a deep breath and smile with the way this book ends. I HIGHLYrecommend picking this one up!I do want to say there are some tougher scenes in this book, and Cassie did sucha great job with how she tackled some of her more sensitive scenes. There is
  5. 5. some violence and an attempted rape scene. Though these are written in a waythat depict a certain someone in the book, these scenes may be hard for somefans to read.I have to admit, I felt a tad bit ridiculous putting the series and author up there[on the blog]. Because I mean by now, who doesnt know this series? Even if youhavent read it, even if you hate it, who doesnt recognise these titles if you readYA? Who doesnt know who Cassandra Clare is? Magical author, creator of amagical world, inspirational, evil, torturer...*takes deep breath* Lets face it, soonit really will be everyone who knows her name with the upcoming movie. City ofLost Souls also holds a special place because I get to start this year on a 5 starreview, the same way as I got to end last year on one. Of course I (half) plannedit that way, but still.Jace is now bound to Sebastian; if one is hurt, so is the other. If one is killed, theother dies too. No-one has any idea where they are and after two weeks ofhopeless searching, the Clave de-prioritises it in favour of other problems. Only asmall team of people - can you guess who? - are willing to save him, and theyknow they must do it in secret: should the Clave get hold of Jace, they will killhim, believing there to be no way to sever the bond and it the easiest way to killSebastian. All of this, however, is done without Clary, whos doing something elseon her own. Now the stakes are even higher, and this could easily be the end ofboth Clary and Jace.CoLS somehow managed to manipulate my emotions so that they were theopposite of what they were before, at least to an extent. Take Alec, for instance. Ilike his character, I really do. Yet for some reason he was acting ridiculously here.A little trust and common sense would not have been amiss. Isabelle, on the hand,only grew in my eyes. The way she stood up for Clary and the way we see more ofher vulnerability strengthened my respect for her. I dont think Ive everparticularly liked Jocelyn, Clarys mum, but I think here that dislike intensified.Also, I dont know if its just me, but Magnus seemed more serious in this one. Notin a bad way - I thought it reflected the gravity of their lives at the momentperfectly; I suppose you know its really bad when even Magnus is so obviouslyaffected. At the end of the book I felt really sorry for him. Its clear he has his ownworries and his own life apart from the Shadowhunters, yet no-one seems tonotice.
  6. 6. Clary herself surprised me in the way I saw her. Ive never had a problem with herbefore, yet here I saw a couple of flaws which bothered me. Has she always beenlike this, or is it something that just happened with this book? I really cant say. Iwanted her to be more questioning and take a few more risks despite the dangerof her situation. However, when it was needed, boy did this girl kick butt.Suddenly she was strong and fighting and taking control. A true Shadowhunter.And Jace...(yes, I hear the collective sigh.) He breaks my heart sometimes; somuch happens to him, and all I can think is, Why? Why does it have to be thisbroken, scarred, delicious, fierce, amazing person who has to suffer even more? Iloved seeing the contrast between Bound Jace and Jace Jace. I swear, each book Ithink its impossible to love him more and then the next one goes and disprovesthat. As for Sebastian, well, Im not sure what I feel about him. He is evil and Ihate him as such, but did my heart betray me? Did I start to feel an inkling ofsympathy? Possibly. Clary certainly seemed to be affected at times. He himselfacted surprisingly on occasion.Of course Clare doesnt just outdo herself with her characters, but also her plots.The storyline in CoLS was suitably complex and compelling, astonishing me withall the ideas there were. I have to wonder if there were too many, given that therewere a couple of things that conveniently disappeared until they were ready to bedealt with again. Overall, though, its safe to say that I am in complete awe of thisauthors imagination. I loved the surprises she brought us, and all the newcomplications. Again this is told from multiple POVs. Usually I have no problemwith this, but I felt that sometimes the switch between characters was made tooquickly. This did start to improve over the course of the book.Maybe now youre wandering why Ive given this five stars even though this bookclearly isnt perfect. Well, the flaws are only small. They dont become overlytedious and really, Clare knows how to keep you entertained. Her writing isfantastic and any problems there were were immediately dispensed with once wereached the climax, the battle between the two forces - good and evil,Shadowhunter and Sebastian - at its most intense. Not to mention all the brilliantJace humour. Despite not having true control over himself, he is still his witty,sarcastic self. That really is all we can ask for. So now my only problem is that wehave to wait for 2014. One day theyll ask for too much and I really will die of theagony that comes from waiting for so long.My love for this series has been rekindled! While I did enjoy City of Fallen Angels, Istill thought it was taking it too far and had hoped the series would end at book
  7. 7. three. This, however, was brilliant and contained everything I loved about TheMortal Instruments in the first place! This one was an absolute rollercoaster ofemotions and Im sure any fans of the series will not be disappointed with thelatest installment. I tried to read it as slowly as possible because I couldnt handleit being over for another while. Thankfully, there is over 500 pages so we do get alot of action.City of Lost Souls has a very different feel to the rest of the books and itssomething that I wasnt sure I would like. Jace in particular really takes a backseat during the book and I was devastated about this at first! Jace has alwaysbeen my absolute favourite character and in this book, he is possessed basicallyand well, a real jerk. I didnt like him at all when he was this other Jace and Imissed his sarcasm and snarky remarks! Fear not though, because we do getsome of the real Jace just not as much as in previous books. But honestly, Iended up not caring a whole lot in the end because everything else made up for it.Dont get me wrong, I still adore him but his absence wasnt as awful as I thoughtit would be.With Jace gone for a lot of it, we get to know the other characters better.Characters I was never even that fond of before this one. Simon always annoyedme and I used to hate when the book would focus in on him but I loved him inthis. I loved getting to know him and seeing a Simon who wasnt just pining afterClary the whole time. I was excited to see Simon and Isabella getting closer andwas definitely rooting for them. And Alec and Magnus? Loved. We get a lot ofexciting scenes with them together and I wanted even more! They were so fun towatch together but its not all plain sailing either.Cassandra Clares writing continues to grab me and I find it a pleasure to read. Ialways find her books impossible to set down and this was no exception. The plotin City of Lost Souls is so intense and at times even terrifying. There is so muchgoing on and it can be a bit overwhelming, too. By the end, I just didnt knowwhat to think. I was so happy about some things and devastated about otherthings. This was another winner and I am so excited about the sixth book. Its justsort of sickening that it wont be out until 2014! Im going to have to put theseries out of my mind because other wise Ill go crazy during the wait.I had clearly forgotten how much love the Mortal Instruments series! During theperiod between reading City of FAllen Angels and this one, Ive read countless
  8. 8. disapointing parnormal/urban fantasy books, so much so, that I had totallyforgotten what it was like to be obsessed with a book; THANK GOD Cassadra Clarereminded me! Ill admit that I dont love the add on trilogy (CoFA/CoLS) as muchas the original series; but I still enjoy themThe first thing Ill mention is that I loved the fact that Clare is developing morestorylines in her books using multiple narators. This book is narrated by at leastfive or six people. This is good for those readers who find themselves irratated bythe Clary and Jace storyline. The expansion of the story also meant that Magnusfeatured much more, which is always a plus for me. However I did find the storywith Jordan and Maia a little annoying, too lovey dovey for my taste; and thats isa shame because I really liked them in the previous book.I also adored the little references to the Infernal Devices that Clare threw in everynow and then, they made it so much fun to read. I believe that she is building alink between the two series, which makes me infinately happy and I can only hopeshe follows it through.I have to say though out of all the TMI books Ive read this has been my leastfavourite.But still, I am left longing for City of Heavenly Fire, obssessing over the charactersand thankful that I have goodreads, so I dont have to wait for my friends to catchup with me to discuss it; because I would surely be driven out of my mind!To download now please click the link below.