Get the culture right and the tweets will look after themselves


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Get the culture right and the tweets will look after themselves

  1. 1. Get your culture right & thetweets will look after themselvesMartin Thomas @crowdsurfing
  2. 2. “Digital communications is adestabilizing force in a bureaucraticenvironment. And I am sitting rightin the middle of a bureaucraticenvironment.’”Senior corporate communications director“We’re not set up for this shit”UK CEO
  3. 3. Social media dramatises cultural& operational weaknesses Connected Disconnected meets Consumer Corporation
  4. 4. New behaviours & heightenedexpectations “Amplifying the volume of moaning” “The trouble with McDonald’s is it’s too bloody slow” Instant access, instant response, instant gratification “living life through shortcuts” MTV Real time problem solving  Real time expectations
  5. 5. Why many institutions struggle o Not configured to work in real time, in terms of speed or resources 60 minutes 10 minutes* Critical response time for responding to negative comments
  6. 6. Organisations & people thatstruggle with this new world Slow Hierarchical Bureaucratic Process oriented Distrustful
  7. 7. No surprise that public sector findsthings difficult
  8. 8. Alternative perspective Social media as a positive force for cultural & organisational change Good social = Good business Good business = Good social
  9. 9. Operational & cultural traits ofsuccessful organisationsTrustingOpenAgileInformalCollaborative
  10. 10. 1. Trusting o Bedrock of strong internal culture o Allows shared responsibility & real time decision making  The best company rulebook ever written?
  11. 11. Trust the people “How many of your 90,000 tweets have been pre-approved by senior management?” “None of them”
  12. 12. Trust the people in uniform"It comes down to culture of an organisation & degree oftrust you have in your frontline officers. You have to allowthem to make mistakes and deal with them as a mistake,rather than coming down heavily on them.”"The message has to be: We trust you with a batonand with the right to take away someones liberty,I think we can trust you with a Twitter account.”Gordon Scobbie, police national lead on social media
  13. 13. 2. Open o Transparency & honesty non negotiable o Capable of transforming reputations & address trust deficit faced by all institutions o Thicker skins essential
  14. 14. From litigation to ‘civil dialogue’“the one thing we’ve changed in recent years is we havebeen a lot more open about engaging in dialogue withpeople so long as they aim to be constructive”(Steve Easterbrook, UK CEO, McDonalds)
  15. 15. 3. Agile o Ability to improvise & operate in close to real time rather than institutional time  Crisis management at hyper-speed
  16. 16. Speed of responseo Photo hoax went viral on Twittero Quickly countered by social-media team with Twitter statemento Stock price rose 5% the following day
  17. 17. Agile creativity 
  18. 18. 4. Informalo Being willing to show a human face & a personality
  19. 19. Think human … not corporate
  20. 20. A human response to human error
  21. 21. Authenticity & timeliness moreimportant than production values
  22. 22. 5. Collaborative o Tapping into spirit of collective self expression o Leveraging people’s willingness to shape service & product offers  70% of companies regularly create value through use of web- based communities (McKinsey)
  23. 23. The Power of CommunitiesMutualisation: Collaborating with readers and communities to betterunderstand, explore or reflect situations, topics, perspectives or experiences
  24. 24. The Power of Communities 10,000 people have paid to become part of an online community that debates & votes on key decisions involved in running a farm
  25. 25. The Power of Communities • Over £200k saved • Over 250 photography ambassadors • 50 million views
  26. 26. Social customer service• Community-powered customer service “Using customer communities to solve customer problems costs 10% of traditional call centres”  HP claim saving of $50m in support costs “Each view of a YouTube customer support video equates to an £80 saving” Laura Price, social media manager
  27. 27. If you want to succeed as a socialbusinessTrustingOpenAgileInformalCollaborative
  28. 28. Get your culture right … & the social media will look after itself@crowdsurfing