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Digitalization of the Fundraising Process: The Investment Banker Point of View


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By Lasse Makela, INVESDOR. Presented at Crowdsourcing Week Europe 2014. Join us at the next event:

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Digitalization of the Fundraising Process: The Investment Banker Point of View

  1. 1. DIGITALIZATION OF THE FUNDRAISING PROCESS The Investment Banker Point of View Lasse Mäkelä, Co-Founder and CEO, Invesdor Ltd -@Lassemac
  2. 2. Who am I? • 16 years of experience in corporate finance, 8 of which in investment banking • IPOs and capital raising, M&A • Merrill Lynch, Icecapital Securities, KONE, Consti Group, Corbel Holding • Now co-founder and CEO of equity crowdfunding platform Invesdor • Digitizing fundraising and corporate finance
  3. 3. Inves dor
  4. 4. Building a leading equity crowdfunding market place in Europe • Easy online marketplace for unlisted growth companies and for investors around the world • Successfully launched in May 2012 • Founding member of Nordic Crowdfunding Alliance with four other Nordic platforms • Impressive list of local partners (Business Angel networks and Wealth Management Companies)
  5. 5. Invesdor so far company pitches received campaign s accepted 21successful rounds 37 0 7 2 2.7 9 M.€ raised 2,30 0+Investme nts 14,8 00Reg. users
  6. 6. 60% market share in equity crowdfunding in Finland 2013 Invesdo r 60% Others 40% Report: 13th March 2014 by Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Employment and the Economy of Finland
  7. 7. Senior board with international financial and legal expertise Lasse Mäkelä 16 years in finance, banking, capital raising, M&A and business development Merrill Lynch, Icecapital Timo Lappi 15 years of legal work with growth companies, business angels and private equity Fondia, Castren & Tero Weckroth 11 years in investment banking, 5 years in biotech industry Alfred Berg/ABN AMRO, Dresdner Petteri Poutiainen 16 years of international sales and marketing in IT industry Inspirational sales leader and Senior Sales Director at Mikko Bergman 17 years in banking & corporate finance, entrepreneur Alfred Berg/ABN AMRO, Managing
  8. 8. Digitalisat ion of the process
  9. 9. Two philosophies of financing Public, open financing • Open to the public • Transparent • Natural exit: IPO Seed & Startup Financing Cabinet financing • Closed to the public • Venture capital, private equity • Natural exit: acquisition
  10. 10. Banking process
  11. 11. Invesdor provides Open, transparent and scalable market place • Buying unlisted shares made easy • Open, safe and transparent service model • Revenue model: Upfront listing fee & commission
  12. 12. The evolution of equity crowdfunding value chain CF Angels VCs CF Angels VCs Public funds Angels VCs 2012: A new tool to raise funds 2013: This thing works 2014: Full integration in the system
  13. 13. Current legal framework for Invesdor • Invesdor has operated 2 ½ years in Finland with process accepted by the Financial Authority • Financial Authority reinterpreted the existing law in June 2014 -> investment firm license needed to operate in Finland • Invesdor applies for the license • We are exited about the new possibilities what the license will bring us!
  14. 14. Thank you! Lasse Mäkelä @lassemac