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How an Airbed Disrupted Hospitality & Travel in Cities

  1. Founding Story
  2. Airbnb began by solving a problem.
  3. Brian & Joe’s Apartment
  4. Airbnb today
  5. Airbnb growth 30 Millions guests At the start of 2014, was at 10Mn guests M 2008
  6. Whether an apartment for a night,
  7. Or a castle for a week,
  8. Or a villa for a month,
  9. Airbnb connects people to unique travel experiences
  10. and empowers hosts around the world.
  11. Listings Cities Countries 35k 190+1Mn+
  12. Impact on cities
  13. Guests stay longer and spend more. Airbnb guests visiting stay 5 nights on average, longer than the typical tourist’s 2.8 nights. E C O N O M I C I M P A C T O F H O M E S H A R I N G O N C I T I E S
  14. E C O N O M I C I M P A C T O F H O M E S H A R I N G O N C I T I E S Supplemental Income for Hosts Globally, 47% of hosts say that the income they earn on Airbnb helps them make ends meet.
  15. E C O N O M I C I M P A C T O F H O M E S H A R I N G O N C I T I E S Distributed Tourism Globally, 76% of Airbnb listings are located outside traditional hotel districts.
  16. E N V I R O N M E N T A L I M P A C T O F H O M E S H A R I N G O N C I T I E S Reduced environmental impact Europe study indicates Airbnb properties use 78% less energy, and 48% less water than hotels
  17. S O C I A L I M P A C T O F H O M E S H A R I N G O N C I T I E S Surge Capacity for Events 1 in 6 international visitors who visited Brazil for the World Cup stayed on Airbnb.
  18. 2016 Olympics S O C I A L I M P A C T O F H O M E S H A R I N G O N C I T I E S
  19. Amsterdam FEBRUARY 2014
  21. France MARCH 2014
  22. London FEBRUARY 2015
  23. What about Asia?

Editor's Notes

  1. Founded by Joe Gebbia, Brian Chesky and Nathan Blecharczyk, Airbnb began by solving the same problem that many of our users face. Brian and Joe needed money to pay the rent, so to make ends meet, they hosted three guests who were in town for a design conference.
  2. They blew up three mattresses and called it Airbed & Breakfast.
  3. Their guests were a wide-ranging: a 32-year-old grad student from India, a 38-year-old designer from Boston, and a 45-year-old father of five from Utah. For the 5 days the guests were in town, Brian and Joe showed them San Francisco from a local’s perspective. By the end, they had three new friends, and a great idea for a company to change the way people travel.
  4. Brian and Joe were both trained as designers at RISD, and when they realized they needed a programmer to turn their big idea into reality, they brought Nathan Blecharczyk on board to be their third co-founder.
  5. From 3 people on airbeds, Airbnb has now hosted over 30 million guests around the world
  6. Airbnb gives you access to some of the most unique properties around the world.
  7. A castle for a week...
  8. Or a villa for a month...
  9. Airbnb connects people to unique travel experiences.
  10. Airbnb enables and empowers hosts around the world to rent out their extra space. This is Haruko. She is 75 years old. She rents out a spare room in her home in Tokyo. She has over 50 reviews from guests around the world.
  11. Airbnb has hosts in 34,000 cities around the world
  12. In the beginning of 2012 there were 120,000 listings on Airbnb. There are now more than 1Mn We have 11,000 villas, 4,000 cabins, 500 castles, and 200 tree houses. We just added Cuba - enabling the existing casa particulares to enjoy the benefits of tourism We have castles available in 42 different countries. Over 100 people are staying in castles right now. We have 1,400 boats. That’s seven times the size of the Spanish Armada.
  13. $38 Mn to Brazilian hosts. On average $3,000 per host.
  14. We are the official alternative accommodation sponsor of the 2016 Olympics in Rio. Rio recognized that they will not have sufficient hotel space for visitors. This is a common problem for big events. Airbnb is a win-win solution as it helps create additional accommodation but also helps local residents benefit from the big event.
  15. — Now Amsterdam has its own website promoting short term rentals and explaining the laws, and this was due to all the work we did with them explaining how this all works.
  16. — France had a fairly confusing law until this year- not generally enforced against our hosts but not clear, either. Then in March, a new housing law made it clear that renting out a primary residence is allowed, and even second homes are often OK