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Federico Folcia - Put the Trust Back in Traveling


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Presented at Crowdsourcing Week Global 2014 by Federico Folcia, Founder, Roomorama. Join us for CSW Global 2015! More Information: and

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Federico Folcia - Put the Trust Back in Traveling

  1. 1. Put the Trust Back in Traveling
  2. 2. What is old is NEW again
  4. 4. To Share is to Care
  5. 5. Technology for all
  6. 6. How we gained Trust
  7. 7. Legit inventory Profiles Open communication To engage / be engaged Transact safely Leave a testament Educate collectivity
  8. 8. The future
  9. 9. More online access to credit 1. New Markets 1. New forms of payment 1. More currencies
  10. 10. Growth of mobile devices
  11. 11. E-mail me: