Charlie Mathews- Collaborating on the China Dream, CSWGlobal14


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Presented at Crowdsourcing Week Global 2014 by Charlie Mathews, Project Manager JUCCCE. Join us for CSW Global 2015! More Information: and

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Charlie Mathews- Collaborating on the China Dream, CSWGlobal14

  1. 1. Collaborating  on  the  China  Dream   Crowdsourcing  Week    April  2014
  2. 2. #airpocalypse  
  3. 3. BEFORE
  4. 4. China’s  consuming  class:  800m  by  2025
  5. 5. -­‐  Xie  Zhenhua,  China's  chief  climate  negotiator "If  we  allow  China's  per  capita   carbon  emissions  to  rise  to  US   levels,  it  will  be  a  disaster  for   the  world."  
  6. 6. We’ve  been  told  we  can’t   follow  the  American   Dream  because  it  is   unsustainable.   ! But  then  what  dream   should  we  follow?
  7. 7. Oct  2012  NY  Times  article  by   Thomas  Friedman  :   “China  Needs  Its  Own  Dream”   !
  8. 8. Nov  2012  Oriental  Outlook   cover  story  on  “China  Dream”   !
  9. 9. Xi  Jinping  mentions  “China  Dream”  Nov  15,  2012!  "Nowadays,  everyone  is  talking  about  the  China  Dream,"  he  said.  "In  my  view,  realizing   the  great  renewal  of  the  Chinese  nation  is  the  Chinese  nation's  greatest  dream  in   modern  history.”  
  10. 10. 
 China  Dream
 Reimagine  prosperity,  
 reframe  sustainability
 to  reshape  consumerism
  11. 11. Curator     of  KOLs Cultural  experts Storytellers Green  experts Co-­‐creating  the  Dream
 Broader  stakeholder  group  humanizes  sustainability
  12. 12. 安全的水、食物、空气质量 Safe  food,  air,  water
  13. 13. ! 更有活力的生活 Vibrant  living
  14. 14. 便捷和互助的社区 Liveable  communities
  15. 15. 继承传统并与时俱进 Opportunities  to  move  forward     by  building  upon  our  heritage  
  16. 16. Activating  the  Dream
 Leverage  other’s  reach  to  set  new  norms Convene  partnerships Brand   campaigns Government   policies Advocate   voices Local   communities Media Developers Practitioners Educational   Institutions
  17. 17. Target  demographics Relevant  aspirations  (Respect;     Fulfilling  relationships;     Shared  experiences) Humanize  through   people’s  stories Customer  loyalty   experience Dove  China  Brand  Story
 Capture  customer  loyalty  by  helping  them  achieve  the  China  Dream
  18. 18. ! David  Agus,   AETNA,  Ark   Design,  YK  Pao   school,  Eurest,   Augmentum,   Local  chefs,  WEF,   U  of  Minnesota,   Dr  Laura  Jana     Good  for  you Good  for  the  planet Culturally  attractive School  Curriculum School  Meals Webisodes A  New  Way  to  Eat Personal   Champions
  19. 19. #migration
  20. 20. !    Urban  population        million   ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! SOURCES:  UN  Population  Division;  McKinsey  Global  Institute  All  City  Model,  2009 ¼  of  global   urban  growth 991 2030  F2010  E 633 +358
  21. 21. China’s  city  sizes  2030 In millions Small:  <1.5 Mid-­‐size:  1.5-­‐5.0 Big:  5.0-­‐10.0 Mega:  ≥10.0 SOURCE:  McKinsey  Insights  China  –  Macroeconomic  model  update  (Apr.  2012)
  22. 22. Young  peoples’  thoughts  on  how  community  has   changed  in  China  
  23. 23. Government  training  at  CELAP  (China  Executive  Leadership  Academy  Pudong)  in  Shanghai
  24. 24. Heyue City Uses • Allows  citizens  to  voice  their  ideas  for   solutions  to  improve  their  neighborhood   or  environment   ! • Lets  professionals  and  organizations   publish  their  proposals,  demonstrate   their  progress  and  work  interactively   ! • Enables  local  governments  to  review  and   respond  to  top-­‐rated  solutions
  25. 25. Next  Steps…
  26. 26. Key  points  on  China  Dream  collaboration:   ! -­‐  Government  involvement   ! -­‐  Continuous  engagement  with  stakeholders  who  share   the  same  goals   ! -­‐  Small  changes  can  have  big  impacts,  and  can  be   achieved  quickly
  27. 27. For  more  information  :   ! @charlieminchina