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SETE Tourism crowdhackathon Workshop opendata tech4all (skianis)


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cartodb presentation

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SETE Tourism crowdhackathon Workshop opendata tech4all (skianis)

  1. 1. CartoDB
  2. 2. There are trillions of new location data points that are currently not generating insights. PROBLEM
  3. 3. With CartoDB everybody can analyse, visualise and share insights on location data. We are democratising location intelligence. MISSION
  4. 4. Democratising Location Intelligence Cloud geo-analytics We enable self- service analysis on real time. Connected Location Data We connect data from multiple sources Powerful visualisations We provide custom visualisations, reports and triggers
  5. 5. What is CartoDB • The easiest Map Editor in the web. • A powerful geospatial platform that can be integrated anywhere. CartoDB is the easiest Map Editor in the web. And a powerful geospatial platform that can be integrated anywhere.
  6. 6. What is CartoDB • The easiest Map Editor in the web. • A powerful geospatial platform that can be integrated anywhere. CartoDB Platform is the next generation technology for geospatial data. Integrate with enterprise databases, connect LBSs and create custom geospatial solutions Platform On-premises or in the Cloud Data services Your data Editor
  7. 7. YOUR APPS Integrate maps in your applications using our APIs CARTODB EDITOR Create and share dashboards, reports and insights. CARTODB PLATFORM Engines Geocoding. Geospatial analysis. Geo-enrichment tools. Temporal maps. Real-time maps. FILES Any standard format supported DATABASES DATA SOURCES Connectors available. Social networks data, demographic data,… APIs Automatically sync from CartoDB. Visualization capabilities Choropleth maps. Heatmaps. Any base layer. CartoCSS map design. Works on mobile. Data Management Users and roles. Quota management. Privacy settings.
  8. 8. A community of more than 100K mappers.
  9. 9. Vertical use cases Architecture and engineering Banking and Finance Health Non-profits Earth observation and space Education and research Journalism and New Media Real Estate BI and Analytics Government Natural Resources Web and Mobile development
  10. 10. Twitter visualizes their data for PR purposes showing how their users react to events globally.
  11. 11. WSJ relies on CartoDB for real-time mapping and storytelling, allowing journalists to create beautiful maps and develop bigger projects like elections.
  12. 12. UN Agencies use the infrastructure to create data product websites making use of powerful geoprocessing analysis for interactive reports.
  13. 13. Jones Lang LaSalle produced hundreds of real estate reports distributed as PDFs. With CartoDB they now provide interactive maps to their clients for an extra fee.
  14. 14. 2nd largest bank in Spain makes use of CartoDB to analyse and visualize credit card transactions published and commercialise those on an interactive app.
  15. 15. World Resources Institute uses CartoDB as the mapping platform for their website on near real-time deforestation.
  16. 16. Some customers who trust in CartoDB
  17. 17. Improve your business, thanks to CartoDB. Ready for the Enterprise.
  18. 18. Improve your business, thanks to CartoDB. Ready for the Enterprise (I) Dedicated VIP Support We offer a dedicated VIP enterprise support. Security & Performance Our enterprise architecture setup ensures your data privacy and protection, while boosting the performance. SLA & TOS Specific SLA & TOS conditions can be offered upon request. CartoDB hosted on industry-leading cloud platforms and delivers over 99.9% uptime.
  19. 19. Connectors & Big data storage We can connect to standard enterprise databases and can create custom connections for your specific needs. Open and extensible Our platform allows layering of data on any basemap provider and multiple internal and external data sources. Improve your business, thanks to CartoDB. Ready for the Enterprise (II)
  20. 20. Add-ons We offer tailored add-ons to optimise your location analysis, like geocoding, social networks data, satellite imagery… Reporting Keep track of the number of visualisations and usage of your tables. Improve your business, thanks to CartoDB. Ready for the Enterprise (III)
  21. 21. Easily share data, visualisation and geospatial analysis with your colleagues Multi-user collaboration features
  22. 22. Mapping within groups is available now Multi-user features (I) Multi-user experience Capability to invite members of the same organisation to collaborate on the same map. Save time, generate new ideas and encourage innovation. Controlled access to resources Define storage allocation for each group member. Ensure optimum use of the available data quota. Roles & permissions Enable different privileges of access and usage depending on roles within the organisation.
  23. 23. Mapping within groups is available now Multi-user features (II) Consolidated billing Only one enterprise account needs to be purchased for each group. Invited users do not require an account of their own. Shared data for your organisation Control which data you are sharing with your colleagues and empower your group to use common information for their reports and analysis.
  24. 24. We aim to be the ultimate DIY mapping solution. We have a growing documentation repository and a strong dev community. You can access fully dedicated resources for your highly sensitive mapping solutions & alerts. We offer corporate training workshops and specific training programs to empower your team under request. Support, Training & Documentation
  25. 25. Professional services Our ecosystem of more than 60 certified partners can help you define and create cost-effective custom mapping solutions based on our platform You name your needs, it can be done!
  26. 26. Annex
  27. 27. A real geo-ecosystem. Data Services Social media, Satellite Imagery and other connectors. LBS Integrations Routing, geocoding, basemaps Partners Network Open in CartoDB Open, import and display open data MarketplaceCommunity Over 90K enthusiastic mappers Initial apps launched S1 2015 More than 80 Partners distributed worldwide
  28. 28. Connected location data ENTERPRISE Persistent connection to any DB. Big Data, many formats 3rd PARTY COMMERCIAL DATA Social data, POIs Reviews, Satellite Imagery, Curated Datasets, … OPEN DATA Census data, Open Data Portals. SaaS CONNECTORS Salesforce, MailChimp, Instagram, Stripe and more coming, … LBS AGNOSTIC Google, Nokia and Mapbox. Internal based on OSM. CARTODB COMMUNITY Shared data, curated and reviewed Gather information on usage and suggest options based on behaviours. Internal only. USAGE METADATA
  29. 29. Cloud geo-analytics PREDICTIVE ANALYSIS Simulation modelling. Geo-reports of future behaviour based on static and real-time data. GEOPROCESSING Expose conventional spatial analysis algorithms as service APIs in the Cloud. GEOFENCING Notifications. Smart, reliable interactions with context awareness. DATA AUGMENTATION Suggests and provide additional information to our users based on our existing info. Allow non-experts to understand the power of the geo-analytics. USE CASE DRIVEN SUGGESTIONS VERSIONING Allow users to fork and maintain different versions of the datasets on the cloud. EASY TO INTEGRATE Allow to use existing analytics languages: R, Python, JS.
  30. 30. Powerful visualisations OUT OF THE BOX Best mapping platform technology in the market. Fully customisable maps, graphs and storylines. REAL-TIME ENABLED High frequency updates support. All maps updated with data changes. PROVEN SCALABILITY Handling millions of views under continuous updates. ALERTS AND TRIGGERS On data changes, analysis gets re-done, triggers a notification for the user MOBILE READY Understanding the maps consuming paradigm in mobile. INTEGRABILITY 3rd parties: Qlik, embedly, Dashboards… Your own geospatial application BASED ON STANDARD LANGUAGES CartoCSS, SQL and JavaScript.
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  32. 32. Thank you