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Crowdpolicy CrowdInnovation Toolkit


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A complete and fully customizable set of crowdsourced platforms, products and services, suitable for public/private sector organizations and NGOs, engaging all stakeholders (internally and externally), leading to innovation

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Crowdpolicy CrowdInnovation Toolkit

  1. 1. CrowdInnovation Toolkit
  2. 2. Mind the Gap between Organizations & the Crowd “Companies often focus on speaking about our needs and our business, trying to persuade people about the soundness of our activities. We would be more effective if we understood stakeholder dialogue as an exercise to listen and understand.” —Helge Lund, CEO of Statoil “I have an aversion against missionaries. I don’t like to go out as a missionary and preach, and then be accused of preaching for my own parish. This is a negotiation, and it can be a very tough one.” —Daniel Vasella, Former chairman of Novartis “Co-creation is here to stay. For companies that figure out how to do it well, the rewards can be far greater than a more effective and efficient R&D organization. More important, it is a core capability for unleashing the vast ingenuity of outsiders on an organization’s biggest challenges.” —McKinsey
  3. 3. What is the CrowdInnovation Toolkit? Organizations (Private/Public/NGOs) 360 Crowdsourced Platform (Consulation Services and Products) Stakeholders (Internal & External) Innovation
  4. 4. What is the CrowdInnovation Toolkit? ● A complete and fully customizable set of crowdsourced platforms, products and services ● suitable for public/private sector organizations and NGOs ● engaging all stakeholders (internally and externally) ● leading to innovation
  5. 5. Why use the CrowdInnovation Toolkit? ● Utilize the “bottom-up approach” dynamics ● Harness the spread knowledge and knowhow ● Generate, evaluate and develop business ideas ● Prevent organization from “unexpected situations” and obsolescence ● Develop active and engaged stakeholders ● Co-create the future
  6. 6. Horizontal Effect of CrowdInnovation Toolkit (indicative functions) ● Marketing ○ Marketing Research / Customer Service ● Sales ○ New Revenue Streams ● R&D ○ Product Development ● Operations ○ BPR (cost saving / efficiency models) ● HR ○ Discover and nurture talent / Change Management ● CSR ○ Target on high value efforts / Crowdfunding for CSR
  7. 7. CrowdInnovation Toolkit Proposed Innovation Roadmap Each step in the Innovation Roadmap can and should be crowdsourced, utilizing CrowdInnovation Toolkit’s Modules
  8. 8. Which are the CrowdInnovation Toolkit components ● 360 Consultation Services ○ In all innovation roadmap steps ● Open Innovation Platform ○ For Idea generation & feedback ● CrowdApps to suit the innovation goals ○ E.g. Post-it, Q-engine (quality), O-engine (open data), crowdfunding ● Crowdhackathons ○ Internal / External ○ Bonding, Brainstorming & Prototyping
  9. 9. ● Clear innovation orientation ● Top Management Commitment ● Tangible motivation to participants ○ Monetary and ethical ● Easiness of platforms ○ Operation-wise: Integration into existing processes ○ Technical-wise: Installation, Development ● 24x7 support Key Success Factors
  10. 10. Indicative Platforms Post-it 4 MyCompany myIdeaBankmyLogo
  11. 11. Indicative Platforms CrowdInnovation Toolkit Key Functionalities Users (internal or external) ● Submit, share, comment and evaluate ideas and innovative proposals ● View current status of proposed ideas Administrators ● Create ideas/proposals campaigns/challenges ● Collect data/statistics on the ideas/proposal submitted ● Showcase total ideas collected (idea management system). ● Set the status of the ideas/proposals submitted ● Create e-reports per pillar of interest
  12. 12. Need more info? Contact us!
  13. 13. Let’s Co-create the Future