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Crowdpolicy corporate presentation 2018


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Crowdpolicy corporate presentation 2018

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Crowdpolicy corporate presentation 2018

  1. 1. Crowdpolicy Civictech | Fintech | Open Innovation 1.18
  2. 2. We bridge the gap between organizations and the crowd Mission statement
  3. 3. We bring together the crowd and organizations for 5 years. Our important moments:
  4. 4. Our story so far 2009 Growth foundation Lean organization of 15 high employees Development of a cohesive Business ecosystem Self financed operations Cloud-based Infrastructure Delivered >50 Projects 2012 Crowdpolicy establishment 2013 CrowdApps Launch Launching the CrowdApps Cloud based applications for citizen engagement. So far 15 platforms are available for public entities and municipalities. 2016 Crowdfunding donation platform Crowdpolicy implemented the CrowdFunding Act4Greece platform of the National Bank of Greece . 2017 Bot as a service botakis is the bot SaaS platform of Crowdpolicy George Karamanolis CTO / CIO Michael Psalidas Managing Director
  5. 5. Participate, engage, innovate
  6. 6. Civictech | Fintech | Open Innovation
  7. 7. Civictech solutions Deliberation Digital Deliberation Platform Gov Bot Chat bot for information and communication with the citizens Web portal Information portal for city, region, municipality Public Deliberation on the projects and actions of the City, the Municipality or the Region, together with evaluation and prioritization. Structured collection of proposals, ideas and problems from citizens, businesses and institutional bodies. It is addressed to the members of the Municipality but also to the citizens. Chatbot can resemble conversation with people. They are already "installed" on the user's mobile as they run over facebook messenger. They can remember data, options and preferences and they may in the future carry out monetary transactions. Main goal: Inform citizens and visitors about all issues that are of interest to the city and the municipality or the region. Implemented with a popular Open Source Content Management System to allow scalability and independence from vendors.
  8. 8. Civictech solutions Opendata Portal Open data distribution platform Citylab Participatory workshop for presentation, use and system training Post-it Post-it concept logging platform The open data aims to increase transparency and to co-create a single European library and information repository directly related to the administrative sector. Also, aims to create new services for citizens and to efficiently and correctly organize public sector administrations. Citylab is a modern structure to enhance local development. It is composed of digital and natural substance. Citylab aims to promote local development, improve social cohesion and to network cities by promoting creative and innovative solutions. Direct and easy gathering of ideas and suggestions that the Municipality or local communities want to collect in a unique way that is familiar to all ages. It actively supports the logic of chatting and engaging citizens with "everyday tasks" notes in postit. At the same time, the platform incorporates mechanisms to evaluate and promote the best idea.
  9. 9. Civictech solutions The aim of the Points of Interest platform and actions is to inform citizens, residents, visitors and businesses about the points of interest selected and the actions that can be taken in the area. The application supports user roles, different types of points of interest, geographic reference, calendar, alerts, social media sharing, annotation and rating. Social Wi-Fi is addressed to Municipalities and Local Communities. The development of the "Social WiFi" network in a municipality can contribute to the enhancement of local entrepreneurship, since young entrepreneurs can exploit and extend the "Social WiFi" technology locally and to create new enterprises of innovation and technology. The aim of the service is to repay the debts to the Municipality in an electronic way and via the Internet in order to avoid the hassle and delay of the funds and to increase the collectability. All of the transactions should be imprinted in the Real Estate Financial Services Information System in real time and available through APIs to City Payments. City Plus Presentation of actions and initiatives by groups and civil society Social WiFi Participatory social wireless network CrowdPayments Electronic payments
  10. 10. Civictech solutions City Agenda Recording problems and suggestions with geographic reference Projects on map Geographic information system for the effective management of projects Social Crowdfunding Crowdfunding platforms A digital platform through which citizens can report in real time from their computer or mobile any problems they find in their area or somewhere else in the Municipality or to make proposals for the common public space. The platform supports the provision of information and requests via Chatbot as it exploits the Crowdpolicy botakis network. Projects on map is a modern geographic information system for the effective management and depiction of the Municipality's projects and actions. On the digital platform, technical works can be captured with geographic information; the actions (social, economic, educational, tourism, business, etc.) of the Municipality, along with their progress. Crowdfunding platform offers the opportunity to monitor the actions undertaken by the Municipality and, respectively, the possibility of offering donations or offers in kind to the Municipality for the support and financing of its activities. Also, promotes participatory from individuals and other stakeholders through the public display of the donations, promotions and sponsorships they will make.
  11. 11. The Open Budget Platform also meets the following principles: - Access to information - Active involvement of actors and citizens in decision-making - Public Accountability - Use of Technology and Innovation for Openness and Accountability Citizens can choose and vote on the projects and actions of organizations and be able to monitor and evaluate them when they start to materialize. The platform aims to involve citizens in shaping the budget of an Agency and selecting actions funded through specific thematic calls for expressions of interest. Civictech solutions Openbudget Access to the economic data and results of a Region or a Municipality Crowdbudget Participatory budget
  12. 12. Our experience in civictech Open Dashboard for Sterea Perfecture City Agenda for Haidari Open Data Portal for Sterea Perfecture More for civictech solutions: CrowdApps Cloud Network:
  13. 13. Fintech solutions CrowdAPI, a suite of apis and management solution to seamlessly connect core banking and existing systems and services in order to implement regulation and new business solution. CrowdAPI to support community and prototyping prior to productive environment. Marketing, social media engagement, call for actions, content curations, challenges. A 2 day innovation marathon. A six month program to develop fintech startups and “entrepreneurship” activities. AI intelligent bots, supporting automated operations intranet / extranet. Crowhackathon fintech Fintech accelerator program Bank bots OpenAPI portal productive OpenAPI portal sandbox Community management & Activation
  14. 14. Equity - lend crowdfunding platform to support IPOs or small enterprises. A 360 Content management system - intranet / extranet. Authentication api management service based on oauth2. Donation crowdfunding platform to support CSR activities and match funding process. Collaboration platform to engage customers and co create new products and services. Fintech solutions Crowd investing Bank CMS Open F-innovation platform KYC as a service Social crowdfunding
  15. 15. Our experience in fintech act4Greece donation crowdfunding i-fund investment crowdfunding Open Banking API More for fintech solutions: Open Banking Innovation:
  16. 16. Crowdpolicy organizes the innovation competitions Crowdhackathon that result in the creation of prototype applications and business models. Bootcamps are workshops during which the participants (e.g. executives of a company, candidate teams for an accelerator) are invited to solve a problem in a structured way with the use of modern development methodologies such as lean, design thinking, agile etc. Open Innovation services Crowdhackathons Innovation Marathons bootcamps Innovation Labs
  17. 17. The Hub of Innovation is an initiative that promotes innovation and sustainable development. It consists of a place where actions as well as a comprehensive program of actions take place so as to support those involved. Business Accelerators aim to support groups (within an organization or not) so that they can develop their MVP and to prepare them so that they can transform into sustainable businesses. Open Innovation services Hubs of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Business Accelerators
  18. 18. Our experience in open innovation Crowdhackathon be finnovative fintech business accelerator Innovathens Accelerator More for open innovation solutions: More for crowdhackathons:
  19. 19. Crowdhackathons 14 1800 Participants 200+ MVPs
  20. 20. Crowdhackathon for smartcities in Greece
  21. 21. Sector solutions We are experts in crowdsourcing methodologies. We design, develop, implement and commercialise crowdsourcing solutions (procedures, information systems and platforms/tools). Our technology is world-class and transforms how organisations communicate, collaborate, innovate and generate value internally and externally (with their stakeholders or with the crowd). Our solutions are applied in the following sectors. 01 | Governments, prefectures, municipalities 02 | Banks and financial institutions 03 | Insurance companies 04 | NGO and social innovation initiatives 05 | Telecom
  22. 22. Metrics Impressive metrics, platforms, transactions, installations and users across all our platforms. CrowdApps Platforms 15 For city engagement and participation Installations 50 Total systems running Users 50K Total users
  23. 23. Private Sector We are proud for having co-operated with the following Companies & Organizations.
  24. 24. Public Sector We are proud for having co-operated with the following public Companies & Organizations.
  25. 25. Awards 0 1 act4Greece Act4Greece crowdfunding platform was awarded by the Corporate Social Responsibility Award at the 18th Conference InfoCom World 2016, the largest conference Telecommunications, Informatics & Media TO SE Europe! 0 2 Synathina Distinction platform SynAthina in the competition Bloomberg Mayors Challenge, 1.000.000 euros. 0 3 Social Wi-Fi Moschato - Tavros municipality was awarded for the deployment of social wi-fi free access to internet. More awards:
  26. 26. Managing Director Michael Psalidas Michael (@psalidas) has a strong presence in the business world, serving for more than 15 years in high and C-Level positions both in the private and public sector. He is currently the co-founder and Managing Director of Crowdpolicy (, which specializes in the design, development and implementation of CrowdSourcing and CrowdFunding initiatives and platforms, bridging the gap between organizations and the crowd and the co-founder and Managing Director of SocialBank, which specializes in the Financial Technologies Industry for Social and Development Banking. His main interests include the development of entrepreneurial mindset, the way ICT disrupts traditional value chain creation, the CrowdX dynamics in a global context and the fintech. LinkedIn:
  27. 27. CTO / CIO, Co-Founder Georgios Karamanolis George has a strong presence in the ICT & Project Management ecosystem, serving for more than 10 years in high and C-level positions both in the private and public sector. He is currently the co-founder and CTO/CIO of Crowdpolicy, which specializes in the design, development and implementation of CrowdSourcing and CrowdFunding initiatives and platforms, bridging the gap between organizations and the crowd. His main interests include #fintech, #civictech, smart cities, OpenData, Open Government, #blockchain - DLT projects and CrowdX initiatives in a global context. LinkedIn:
  28. 28. ● ● ● ● Contact us Grammou 82, 18345 Athens T: +30 2169002600
  29. 29. Civictech solutions