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Crowdpolicy co creating the future v2


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Crowdpolicy corporate presentation

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Crowdpolicy co creating the future v2

  1. 1. Co-creating the Future
  2. 2. Please mind the gap Ideas Feedback Advice Information Knowledge Product/service evaluation Issues identification Problem solving R&D / Innovation designing, developing, utilizing and commercializing advanced methodologies, technologies, information systems and platforms to enhance collaboration Bridging the Gap between Organisations and the Crowd in order to Co-Create the Future
  3. 3. between organisations public private Local municipalities Central government Public sector companies Banks Hospitals Hotels Retail Transportation Schools NGOs
  4. 4. and the crowd through all available touch points Websites Social media In-store E-mail Telephone Sales team Order desk Trade shows
  5. 5. Welcome on board
  6. 6. Our story so far Active participation in >30 Public Sector Projects. Indicatively: • Opengov (consultations, recruitment) • Clarity -Diavgeia (post decisions of public sector) • Agora (post contracts) • e-government law • Open innovation for Public Administration (openlabs & openpad) • Open Data - Geodata • Strategy for ICT - Digital Greece 2020 Business idea formation Crowdpolicy establishment Building Growth foundation • Lean organization of 15 high caliber employees • Development of a cohesive Business ecosystem • Self financed operations • Cloud-based Infrastructure • Delivered >50 Projects George Karamanolis CTO Michael Psalidas Managing Partner 2009 - 2012 2012 2012 - 2014
  7. 7. Products & Services Open Innovation – Crowdsourcing Consulting Digital Innovation @Enterprise Crowd Apps SAAS Crowdhackathons Ecosystems Products
  8. 8. Open Innovation – Crowdsourcing Consulting Open Innovation – Crowdsourcing Consulting • Funding Capacity building for public and private sector - Support at national and European funded projects and Grants • Project management • Open Innovation Consulting • Set up Crowdhackathons to design, improve and engage • Business Analysis & Strategic Management • e-gov consulting
  9. 9. Digital Innovation @Enterprise Digital Innovation @Enterprise • Multichannel Interactive web platforms websites and tailor-made application for Large Organisations, SMEs and public sector. • Digital platforms and web design. Communication of the organisational impact through visualisations • Feedback collection - customers’ satisfaction measurement and engagement • Collaboration platforms - social intranet • Advanced Crowdsourcing information systems | loyalty and engagement management • Open-data, OpenApis and Data analysis platforms
  10. 10. Crowd Apps SAAS Crowd Apps SAAS • Online Deliberation • Crowdfunding • Post it platform • Projects @map - Accountable Public Project Management • City agenda • Human Grid • Social WiFi
  11. 11. Crowdhackathons Crowdhackathons Crowdhackathon can be applied for the public and the private sector!
  12. 12. Ecosystems Ecosystems • Innovation & Entrepreneurship Hubs for Public and Private Sector • Citylabs : A community project to help Greek cities and develop the local human capital.
  13. 13. Products Products • Q-engine - Evaluate processes and services • O engine
  14. 14. Our experience in action crowd-sourcing Private initiative (Pub. Gov.) Municipality of Athens Media Initiative for elections
  15. 15. Our experience in action consulting services Innovathens Management consulting Develop Athens
  16. 16. Our experience in action digital applications Specialized social network: Website: www. systems- (under construction) Portal: Mini site: calc.antikatastasikoufoma Indicative digital applications projects
  17. 17. Let the facts speak for themselves 11M transactions events and workshops with totally over 10K participants developed communities with over 22K members Crowdpolicy Concept for the Municipality of Athens is amongst the 5 winners in Bloomberg’s global contest platforms with over 10 M unique visits hosting over 20K comments 13K social reactions
  18. 18. Why crowdpolicy? - have delivered numerous large scale projects with tangible results - provide integrated solutions - have a flexible organization - rely on our robust expertise and specialized knowhow - adapt a win-win approach - enhance your business by enabling - have one contact point - enjoy immediate support and exceptional customer service - maximize the return on your investment (ROI) - focus on your core business - generate value by enhancing your communication with your key stakeholders we you
  19. 19. Thank you Crowdpolicy Protogenous 5, 10554 Athens, Attica T +30 212 213 4475 F +30 212 213 4476 W E