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CrowdHackathon is an open innovation event by Crowdpolicy, an interactive way to connect your organization with creative and dynamic communities, citizens and key stakeholders

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  1. 1. CrowdHackathon Innovating with OpenData
  2. 2. CrowdHackathon A quick definition An open innovation event, an interactive way to connect with creative and dynamic communities, citizens and key stakeholders
  3. 3. ● Foster creative problem-solving ● Mobilize dynamic local communities ● Create an interactive link between organizations and young people ● Enhance entrepreneurship ● Promote innovation through the utilization of new technologies and open data ● Contribute to the country’s national economy ● Support the goals of the Lead Partner CrowdHackathon Goals
  4. 4. Indicative CrowdHackathon Themes The CrowdHackathon Theme, initiated by Crowdpolicy or in co-operation with the Lead Partner, could address ● Financial Technology (FinTech) ● Social Solidarity ● Creative industries and culture ● Health and fitness ● Wearables and Internet of Things ● Blue economy ● Agriculture ● e-Government and transparency ● Tourism ● Big data / Open Data ● ...any topic you can think of!
  5. 5. Participants ● Computer programmers, graphic designers, interface designers, analysts, consultants, project managers, marketing & communication experts, specialized professionals and in general anyone interested to actively contribute in the development of added value products or services Open Data Providers ● Both public and private sector organizations are invited to participate by providing their open data related to the topic CrowdHackathon Who participates?
  6. 6. CrowdHackathon Structure ● Participation submission ○ Up to 5 days before the event ● Onboarding ● Kick-off Presentation ● Developing/Coding (Main Session) ○ Duration: 10 - 48 hours ● Mentors Session ○ Fine tuning to teams’ concepts ○ Mentors have both technical and business background ● Pitching ○ Teams present their MVP ● Evaluation Process by the Committee ● Awards Ceremony
  7. 7. CrowdHackathon Structure Kick-off Coding / Developing Mentoring Pitching
  8. 8. CrowdHackathon Why Participate? ● Do something you are passionate about ● Cultivate your soft skills such as teamwork and public speaking ● Win an award (monetary or not) ● Learn new things ● Network with others ● Get noticed by recruiters ● Begin your entrepreneurial journey ● ...but above all Have fun
  9. 9. ● Collaborate with dynamic people in a fun and managed environment ● Build an ecosystem of potential collaborators ● Exploit organization’s open data ● Utilize the results of the event, as everything produced in the event is openly and freely available ● Find innovative solutions on specific issues ● Cultivate an open innovation culture ● Recruit talented people CrowdHackathon Why host (Lead partner)?
  10. 10. 360 Approach ● Finalize Crowdhackathon’s Theme and Technical Specifications (in co-operation with the Lead Partner) ● Technical support and provision of Open platforms ● Event Organisation ○ Sponsors, materials, PR, digital marketing, invitations, ticket sales, fundraising, mentors, evaluation committee, training, participants onboarding etc ● Stakeholders Management and Communication Strategy ○ Pre and post event CrowdHackathon How can Crowdpolicy assist you?
  11. 11. CrowdHackathon #apodeiksi ● Date: 13-14 June 2015 | Location: Greece, InnovAthens | Theme: Tax Evasion ● CrowdHackathon Site: ● Facebook event: ● Facebook photos: ● Report: και
  12. 12. CrowdHackathon #transport ● Date: 18-19 July 2015 | Location: Greece, InnovAthens | Theme: Transport | Lead Partner: OASA ● CrowdHackathon Site: ● Facebook event: ● Facebook photos: ● Report:
  13. 13. CrowdHackathon #tourism ● Date: 17-18 October 2015 | Location: Greece, InnovAthens | Theme: Tourism | Lead Partner: SETE ● CrowdHackathon Site: ● Workshop OpenData tech4all: ● Facebook album: και ● Facebook videos: ● Github: ● Blog Post:
  14. 14. Let’s Co-create the Future