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Web Journal and Jeremiah’s Brand Monitoring, Social Analytics, Social Insights


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http://pop.to/20t, When we think about Social Media onitoring – mostly it’s about a brand monitoring itself or a person monitoring their reputation – but it’s also, increasingly, the Government monitoring you and me – monitoring all of us – The Devil Is In The Details: DHS monitoring Web & “Wrong” Words – and the truth is the Government – and in fact, many Governments are already monitoring citizens and have been for some time. What do you think the CIA’s investment in Visible Technologies was for? Some legitimate reasons to monitor are terrorism – but it probably doesn’t stop there – the IRS and state governments are monitoring too based on what I have read in the recent past.

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Web Journal and Jeremiah’s Brand Monitoring, Social Analytics, Social Insights

  1. 1. Enter Keywords...   Home Appearances Writings Marshall Sponder Bio Submit a Case StudyWeb Journal and Jeremiah’s Brand Monitoring, SocialAnalytics, Social InsightsPosted by Marshall Sponder on June 26, 2010 | Link It Pre-order / Facebook Like my bookThis was a long week and the insights keep piling up – in this case,Jeremiah Owyang’s latest matrix on Brand Monitoring, Social Analytics,Social Insights was posted today and had some pretty perceptivecomments in what it said and what left out.I suspect Altimeter Group does a bit more than create matrix diagrams likethe one on Brand Monitoring, as I find matrices  both satisfying yet limiting, especially if that’s all we ever get to see publicly (as an unpaidclient).   A presentation by Christina Stahler of the Consumer Insights group at Sony Electronics, a Altimeter client how I heard at the CorporateSocial Media Summit last week suggests the matrix diagrams we see arevery basic compared to what Sony actually gets from Altimeter. Like 685 WebMetricsGuruI suspect Altimeter had a lot to do with the strategy of the CustomerInsights case study presented last week – but that is just my guess.Anyway, the Matrix diagram suggests that Brand Monitoring as anapplication by itself doesn’t cut it anymore and is a commodity – andvendors need to move up the food chain to Social CRM to survive withinthe next 12-18 months – that’s what the matrix says to me.I disagree with some of the examples – Alterian bought Techrigy last yearbut hasn’t added any noticeably new features to the platform while theircompetitors are constantly improving their offerings every few months.   Buying a platform like Techrigy and fitting it into a larger Alterian Schemadoes not necessarily lead to any better results for Alterian clients unlessAlterian provides hooks from Techrigy into it’s other platforms, and itdoesn’t.   Still, I like Techrigy as a platform – I just happen to notice everyso often they haven’t really added anything new, just fixed bugs in theoriginal platform they bought last year.Plus the matrix below is more interesting for companies it left out likeRadian6 and Sysomos – companies that are among those rapidlyreinventing themselves.  Is Jeremiah implying both companies are among the Brand Monitoring Solutions that are becoming so commonplace as tobe a commodity?  I don’t think so – I think this is a limitation of how thematrix was created and a lot was left out that should have been included. DescriptionCategory Current State What no one tells you and Example The smart brand
  2. 2. monitoring Aware. Simple companies have aggregation and already started their reporting – Commodity integration plans. without any real technology.  I  They don’t want to intelligence. started a list in end up being These 2006, yet now trilobites and have technologies there are over 145Brand become part of a A leader in the web analytics and scrape and indexed by E&YMonitoring larger system: digital media recruitment aggregate employees.  These   Recent acquisitions  marketplace, IQ Workforce provides what’s being technologies do not include access to some of the most sought- discussed by a provide intelligence, Scoutlabs+Lithium after full-time and contract talent in topic, channel, or predictive (community), the corporate world. If you need help or group and behavior modeling. Filtrbox+Jive finding serious web analytics talent derive alerts (Community), or want to take your career to the and workflows. Techrigy+Alterian next level, call IQ Workforce! (WCM) and others. Intelligent. type="text/javascript"> Derive meaning Click here to check out what social The NY Data Stories: Digital Insights & data means. This space is still Analytics!  These  evolving, and expect companies that the business provide Emerging features intelligence software intelligence and are coming around. vendors like IBM answer “Why  These tools help  Cognos, SAS, Qlikview,Social are 500 people true data analysts Oracle, and beyond toAnalytics a week derive meaning from start acquiring data tweeting about patterns, and how streams in the social goat milk?”  it influences large space and coupling Companies who scale commerce. with their engines derive within the next 12-18 intelligence from months. Even analyst social data like Esteban Kolsky agrees Crowd Factory, Crimson Hexagon. Predictive. These companies can predict what consumers will do based upon Look for companies who social data. have data across a Not here, yet.  I’ve seen early value network.  What’s  Right now,  examples from that?  Data in multiple  systems are just community companies from aggregating platform Lithium manufactured, supplier, content to make who’s able to retailer, to consumer.Social meaning out of it, predict within Expect companies likeInsights yet there’s no clear 45 minutes if a Bazaarvoice to be able set of companies community will to yield insights as they that are able to be successful collect data from truly provide based on multiple manufactures predictive comparing to like HP, Dell and are recommendations. historical data, used on retailer sites but for the most like BestBuy part, that’s limited to community data –not the whole social web.Getting onto the web journal – I think it’s ironic that Apple’s  iOS 4 And iPhone 4 One-Up The iPad considering how much the iPad has beenhyped.   I wonder if the iPad is all hype anyway (even though I want one) – my friend Sebastian Wenzel says he can’t do anything useful on his andis thinking of selling it.  On the other hand I hear people swearing by the iPad – I guess it’s all in how your expect to use it.And – consider Google & Twitter Fight for Your Right to Break the News
  3. 3. First so our problems might go well beyond the tablet and back to thecontent we have to work with.Consider buying behavior on the web – did you realize Woman buy most ofthe brand related stuff online – see 85% of All Brand Purchases are Madeby Women – Says Unicast Report?And then there’s a post and video by SeoMOZ that says buying paid linkswork – but it’s possible that if things go wrong it might be better off notgoing down that path as Google is policing and it could get informationfrom a number of different avenues.  I personally think SEOMoz and much of the rest of the brood is afraid of angering Google – so they say PaidLinks work, then go back and praise Google for catching those whotransgress.  In this sense, Google acts as the KGB or Gestapo  – puttingoffenders in the Gulag and tossing out the key so once having offended asite can sit in Google prison for an eternity.And my friends at Clickable are now working  to consolidate paid search campaigns SearchManager Consolidates Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, &Facebook Ad Campaigns.When we think about Social Media Monitoring – mostly it’s about a brandmonitoring itself or a person monitoring their reputation – but it’s also,increasingly, the Government monitoring you and me – monitoring all of us– The Devil Is In The Details: DHS Monitoring Web & “Wrong” Words – andthe truth is the Government – and in fact, many Governments are alreadymonitoring citizens and have been for some time.   What do you think the CIA’s investment in Visible Technologies was for?   Some legitimate reasons to monitor are terrorism  – but it probably doesn’t stop there – theIRS and state governments are monitoring too based on what I have readin the recent past.Are we all in segmented lists governments are keeping on us?  Probably.  Let’s hope the systems they’re using to identify threats  are much  better than what we’re seeing commercially now – else we’re all screwed.But on a more positive note – those who survive the DHS spying on usonline (which you have to admit is pretty easy for the Government  to do) – if you want to build a Facebook app then KickApps make it much easierto do – see  KickApps Launches Facebook App Development Suite White label social networking startup KickApps has launched a new development suite that aims to simplify the Facebook app development for marketers, brand managers and developers. The KickApps App Studio now allows anyone, including non-programmers, to create rich media Facebook applications.The suite’s ease of use is obtained through drag and drop functionality, allowing users to create and deploy custom video players, social widgets and rich media ad units. Applications can serve as a Facebook fan page or as a tab on a Facebook page.That’s all for now – there might have been more to put into this post –had to draw the line somewhere though.Related articles by Zemanta l Listening Tools (proactivereport.com) Like One person likes this.Filed in Web Analytics, web journal Post a Response4 ResponsesThese are the current comments for "Web Journal and Jeremiah’s BrandMonitoring, Social Analytics, Social Insights" Connie Bensen Hi Marshall, 06/26/10 @ 3:45 pm I wanted to respond to your comment that: “Alterian bought Techrigy last year but hasn’t
  4. 4. added any noticeably new features to the platform”  Alterian has invested heavily in SM2 in regard to resources. Many improvements have been made under the hood. Imagine the infrastructure that it takes to support data being collected at an exponential rate. We have more than 9 billion entries at present (since 2007) and are adding 35 million more a day (about 13 billion per year). SM2 is also continually being updated to ensure that searches are running quickly. We are responding to what our market requests. We recently launched a dashboard. And SM2 can do sentiment analysis in 17 languages. In addition, Alterian has integrated SM2 into it’s suite of marketing products. We offer a Social Media Engagement solution that adds the social channel to traditional marketing. Let me know if you have questions, Connie Bensen Director of Community Strategy, Alterian @Cbensen Sebastian I like your comment about SEOMOZ. After this 06/26/10 @ 4:59 pm post SEOMOZ lost all it’s credibility and it shows that 99% of the people in this industry…have no idea what they are doing. Jeremiah Owyang Thanks Marshall, I appreciate the mention. 06/27/10 @ 4:37 am 40deuce Thanks for pointing out that we weren’t 07/02/10 @ 2:54 pm mentioned in that matrix Marshall. I noticed it too and thought it was strange. Hopefully we were left out for good reasons and not bad ones =) Cheers, Sheldon, community manager for SysomosPost a ResponseName (required)Email (required, not published)
  5. 5. Website (optional) Note: The following tags are approved for comments on this blog: <a href=""> <abbr title=""> <acronym title=""> <b> <blockquote cite=""> <code> <em> <i> <del> <strong> Wordpress Hashcash needs javascript to work, but your browser has javascript disabled. Your comment will be queued in Akismet! Submit Your Comment Reset the Form « Previous: My New Logo - - Next: Appearing on Beer Diplomancy Program Monday night June 28th – 9PM EST »Categories Archives SubscriptionsSelect Category 6 Select Month 6 RSS Subscribe View updates in your favorite reader. Email Subscribe Get email updates as soon as I post. WebMetricsGuru © Marshall Sponder 2006-2008. All Rights Reserved. | Theme by AGn Designs - acidgloss.net | Powered by Wordpress