SwissCom App of the Year Contest


Published on, Crowd Factory is honored to be working with a European telecommunications customer - SwissCom. The company is hosting a contest where users can submit an app you developed and win the Swisscom App of the Year Award 2011. Apps for iPhone, Android Phone and Windows Phone 7 can be sent in until August 31st 2011. Great prizes are to be won! The submitted applications will be judged on the basis of their innovative characteristics and benefits to the customer.

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SwissCom App of the Year Contest

  1. 1. Media InformationSwisscom launches competition for "App of the Year"Swisscom is launching a competition for the "App of the Year 2011" on its Swisscom Labs online platform.Apps for the iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 7 smartphones can be submitted up to the end ofAugust. The best app for each operating system will feature in the Swisscom Shop magazine and eachdeveloper will be presented with a Tablet. The submitted applications will be judged on the basis of theirinnovative characteristics and benefits to the customer.Since the advent of smartphones, the number of apps has grown at breakneck speed. The App Storealready contains 300,000 apps, while Googles Android Market Place boasts 200,000. In 2010 a total of 11billion apps were downloaded worldwide and US market researchers expect this figure to increasesevenfold by 2014.For the competition, apps can be submitted for the iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 7 smartphones; aprerequisite is that the devices are already available on the market. The winning app for each of the threeoperating systems will be presented with an award on 3 October 2011. The prize-winning apps will featurein the Swisscom Shop magazine, which has a readership of around 1.5 million. In addition, each developerof a winning app will be presented with an iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab of their choice, including a prepaidcard with CHF 100 worth of credit.When it comes to selecting the winning apps, the key criteria will be the apps innovative characteristicsand benefits to the customer. In addition to the internal Swisscom jury, Swisscom Labs Community willalso cast a vote. The Swisscom Labs portal publishes information on Swisscoms latest innovations as wellas news from the fields of technology and telecoms. Swisscom Labs offers customers the opportunity totest products, services and applications in beta versions and to play an active role in product design. Thisway products can be tailored even more closely to the needs of modern-day customers. Users of thewebsite can also present their own (beta) applications and gather valuable feedback from the LabsCommunity.Further information on the competition and an online entry form can be found at, 26 January 2011 1/1