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Goodget crowdfunding campagne

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Goodget presentation

  1. 1. GOODGET Goodget wants to create an innovative distribution channel in developing countries for low-cost,sustainable and innovative products: not gadgets, but goodgets!
  2. 2. Goodget - BackgroundIn Africa, I started up multi-media projects and E-Inclusion ventures with Dutch volunteers and local people.It was hard work, and we learned a lot from each other.But we had some major problems to deal with...
  3. 3. Goodget - BackgroundProblems:3. Frequent power cuts2. Not everybody is a born entrepreneur
  4. 4. Goodget - BackgroundBecause we could not finda sustainable alternativelike solar panels or smallwind mills in local Africanshops...The first problem wassolved by buying anexpensive and pollutinggenerator...
  5. 5. Goodget - IdeaFrom this frustration the idea for Goodget was born:Goodget wants to make cost-effective, sustainable andinnovative products widely available to the people who canbest use them: poor people in developing countries, or theBottom of the Pyramid (BoP)...
  6. 6. Goodget - Vision QuickTime™ and a decompressor are needed to see this picture.... These products - not gadgets, but goodgets - can help people solve their daily problems and improve living conditions and the environment...
  7. 7. Goodget - VisionGoodget has an excellentvalue proposition for producers of clean-tech products aimed at the BoP:With Goodget, they can reachhuge new markets without mucheffort.Note that producers can be bigor small, local enterprises ormultinationals.Bottom line: Goodget can help producers scale up!
  8. 8. Goodget - VisionLocal entrepreneurs are very important to Goodget:They are key in reaching the huge growth market forgoodgets in developing countries.Also, Goodget wants to reduce poverty by addinglocal market value to goodgets.
  9. 9. Goodget - Business ModelTo add local market value, wants tohelp local people set up a business in goodgets.And again, we stumble upon the second problem: Not everybody is a born entrepreneur.So we looked for a way to tackle this problem...
  10. 10. Goodget - Business ModelMicrofranchising is THE solution:• Proven, innovative business model aimed at the BoP• Reduces risk• Educates and supports local entrepreneurs
  11. 11. Goodget - StrategyTo establish an effective microfranchise formula forgoodgets, Goodget will set up a pilot in Ghana.We will work with local entrepreneurs and localpartner organizations (a.o. SIFE Ghana).In Ghana, the market for microfranchises sellingproducts aimed at the BoP (= 21 million Ghanese)was estimated at 38 billion dollar in 2005.
  12. 12. Goodget - StrategyDuring the pilot in Ghana, the microfranchise formulawill be established and tested.When the microfranchise formula is in place,Goodget can scale up fast.After a successful pilot in Ghana, Goodget will expandin Ghana in the second year, and to 2 more countries inWest Africa in the third year.
  13. 13. Goodget - CompetitionThe competition consists of donations by NGO’s andgovernment agencies, and of producers of goodgets whofocus on a single product or product line. For,, Visionspring.comThere is no wholesaler or central distributor in developingcountries for goodgets.
  14. 14. Goodget - Proof of ConceptExamples of successful microfranchises:• Grameen Village PayPhones (Mobile phone services in Bangladesh)• FanMilk (Diary products in Ghana)• Solar Sister (Solar consumer products in Uganda, Rwanda and South Sudan)• Digicel EasyFLEX (Prepaid mobile phone service in Haiti)
  15. 15. Goodget - Numbers 2012 2013 2014 (pilot) (3 countries)€ Sales 116.800 751.00 2.021.900€ Net profit -58.641 -11.361 48.901after taxNumber of 7 12 21Employees• Breakeven is reached in the third year• Microfranchisees can make a profit in the first month
  16. 16. Goodget - Financing PlanCrowdfund the pilot of Goodget onCrowdfunding needed to start up: € 25.000 (= $ 32.670)Specifications:Your loan (10% interest in 4 years) is used for the training of local entrepreneurs, purchase of stock, marketing, production of microfranchise manual & financial templates, set up local office.Are you living in The Netherlands? Please visit and invest in Goodget.Not living in The Netherlands? Due to legal restrictions we cannot offer you the crowdfunding proposition yet, but on our website we offer the possibility to donate.
  17. 17. Goodget - Financing PlanTo start up the pilot in Ghana with our partners (a.o. TU Delft, Enviu,SIFE Ghana), we need € 69.000 in the first year.Grants:€ 11.500 granted by AgentschapNL (Ministry of Economic Affairs) € 17.500 granted by Impulsis (Icco, Edukans & KerkInActie)Grant applications with several international funding agencies are underconsideration.The first crowdfunding campaign aims to raise € 25.000 to start up thepilot. A second (international) crowdfunding campaign is also a possibilityto raise the remaining € 15.000 (needed after 6 months)Contact information:Elvira de Rooij, MA+31(0)