Social networks as a tool for corporate social responsibility design


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Presentate al Master in Strategic Design, Design of the Value Offering, del Politecnico di Milano il 2010/2012, da Guglielmo Apolloni, le slide raccontano i social media come strumenti per comunicare la responsabilità d'impresa.

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Social networks as a tool for corporate social responsibility design

  1. 1. 1 Presentation1. Presentation
  2. 2. Wh ? 1.Presentation Who are we?
  3. 3. 2 Web 2 02. Web 2.0  ==  conversationconversation
  4. 4. 2. Web 2.0 = conversation Who of you is on Facebook?  Italian population on Facebook? 
  5. 5. 2. Web 2.0 = conversation Who of you is really using Twitter?Twitter?  http://www giulianoiacobelli com/social media/i quattro‐media/i‐quattro‐ stadi‐di‐accettazione‐di‐twitter [Giuliano Iacobelli]
  6. 6. 2. Web 2.0 = conversation Who of you has a  Linkedin profile?Linkedin profile?‐by‐the‐Numbers‐Infographic.aspx  [Hubspot Blog]
  7. 7. 2. Web 2.0 = conversation And FriendFeed?‐all‐the‐numbers‐that‐matter‐infographics/ [KawaKumi]
  8. 8. Management of useful link 2. Web 2.0 = conversation Management of useful link‐mia‐raccolta‐differenziata‐dei‐link‐utili.html [  [mini] marketing ]
  9. 9. 2. Web 2.0 = conversation Who from you is using a FeedReader? 
  10. 10. 2. Web 2.0 = conversation Who from you has a micro‐blog? 
  11. 11. 2. Web 2.0 = conversation How do you save interesting stuff in  web era? 
  12. 12. Which contents? 2. Web 2.0 = conversation Which contents?  ProducedProduced  contents Aggregated  contents
  13. 13. 2. Web 2.0 = conversation Why people are creating  contents? 
  14. 14. 2. Web 2.0 = conversation Why people are sharing  contents?
  15. 15. 2. Web 2.0 = conversation We are Prosumers a k aa.k.a. dProducers +  Consumers [‐on‐earth.html]
  16. 16. 3. You don’t have to  be on Social  Network, you have to  stay in Social  Network
  17. 17. Reputation? 3. You have to stay in Social Network Reputation?  What is this?What is this? Digital Reputationg ta eputat o Web identity y [funky professor]
  18. 18. 3. You have to stay in Social Network If you don’t speak about you,  somebody will do it before of you [Flickr| polloncate]
  19. 19. 3. You have to stay in Social Network If you’re not on Google,  you don’t exist! [google visit card]
  20. 20. 3. You have to stay in Social Network CS – 123people []
  21. 21. 3. You have to stay in Social Network If you’re not  ready to stay  in Socialin Social  Network, , do not open  th t dthat door You don’t have to be on Social Network, you have to stay in Social Network
  22. 22. 3. You have to stay in Social Network CS – Nestlé [‐change/kitkat/]
  23. 23. Netiquette 3. You have to stay in Social Network Netiquette [Flickr | MicroCosmi]
  24. 24. 3. You have to stay in Social Network 1° low:  “be transparent” [Flickr | Corrado ‘Fizban’ Ignoti]
  25. 25. 3. You have to stay in Social Network 2° low:  “respect  others’others   works” [Flickr | Diez Herrero]
  26. 26. 3. You have to stay in Social Network 3° low:  “humility” [Daniele Luttazzi]
  27. 27. 3. You have to stay in Social Network 4° low:  “share”
  28. 28. Content system 3. You have to stay in Social Network Content system  management navigationmanagement navigation spontaneous mapping to spo ta eous app g to navigate contentsg
  29. 29. 3. You have to stay in Social Network We need filters [Chris Anderson – The long tail]
  30. 30. 4. And Brand? What are they doing  on SN?
  31. 31. Some examples: 4. What are Brand doing on SN? Some examples: • Il mulino che vorrei • Banca che vorrei b k• Mystarbucks • La Toscana che voglioLa Toscana che voglio • Co create London
  32. 32. 4. What are Brand doing on SN? CS – Il mulino che vorreiche vorrei []
  33. 33. 4. What are Brand doing on SN? CS – Starbucks []
  34. 34. 4. What are Brand doing on SN? CS – Cocreatelondon []
  35. 35. Controindication: 4. What are Brand doing on SN? Controindication:  lack oflack of  transparencytransparency..  if you lie, f y it will come out
  36. 36. 5. How companies  should use Social  Network for CSR?
  37. 37. What is CSR? 5. How companies should use SN for CSR? What is CSR? []
  38. 38. 5. How companies should use SN for CSR? k h ldEvery stakeholder i it fis community manager of  herself/himself andherself/himself and of what she/he is doingof what she/he is doing‐o‐starci/
  39. 39. 5. How companies should use SN for CSR? d l d l5 guide lines to develop CSR  b tt th k t i l dibetter thanks to social media:  1 commit and lead1. commit and lead,  2. listen and learn,  3. innovation,  4 comunication4. comunication,  5. invest.  Ann Charles on Mashable
  40. 40. 5. How companies should use SN for CSR?
  41. 41. 5. How companies should use SN for CSR? For a companyFor a company Staying on Social Network  =  B iBeing transparent
  42. 42. k h k h ld 5. How companies should use SN for CSR? Speak with your stakeholder [Flickr |  Old Show Woman
  43. 43. 5. How companies should use SN for CSR? For a companyFor a company Staying on Social Network  =  M ki CSRMaking CSR
  44. 44. 6. Companies on SN: p my personal y p experiencep
  46. 46. 1‐ Introduction Social media and the „men at work“: „ sometimes it’s a unbridgeable distance “We come from a different culture. In industry, th i t t thi i t dthe important thing is to do,  not pretend to do or promote  others work.” [Cesare Azzali Director General of Industrial Union at “Parma 2 0”][Cesare Azzali, Director General of Industrial Union, at  Parma 2.0 ]
  47. 47. The communication system of ISCC was launchedThe communication system of ISCC was launched  on experimental bases, in a context  where the paper is preferred to the screen,  where the smart phone is used like a regular phonewhere the smart phone is used like a regular phone, where Facebook is something that distracts you from work.
  48. 48. Innovation is not anymore for lonely runners The conformation of the Italian economy,  largely made up of small and medium‐sized enterprises, and i ll h h i h kespecially the recent changes in the economy market, have created conditions for changing the view..have created conditions for changing the view..
  49. 49. strategic alliances and partners Are the premisesAre the premises.. maintain competitive ability in global markets, overcome their size limitations and reach a sufficient critical  mass, typical of medium‐large enterprises. They create a positive effect on the competitiveness of system.
  50. 50. Company networks “Doing business networks. From clusters to wide networks:  A new way to the competitiveness” Today, the challenge is to teach different actors how to design  innovative forms of trans‐regionalinnovative forms of trans regional  and trans‐sectorial networks.  Investments in intellectual and relational capital help networks to  maintain long term sustainability, and ability to make profitand ability to make profit.
  51. 51. 2‐ The system Italian Slovak Chamber of Commerce • It’s an international no profit organization • Its aim is to promote, support and safeguard the cooperation and trade as  well as industrial, financial and cultural relations between Italy and Slovak Republicbetween Italy and Slovak Republic  • It has been operating for eleven years in the historical centre of Bratislava,  it is devoted to the continuous innovation of the Italian entrepreneurshipit is devoted to the continuous innovation of the Italian entrepreneurship  and continuous development of the local economy
  52. 52. Italian Slovak  Chamber of Commerce Is an international network helping businesses, professionals and institutions with the processes  of internationalization and promotion. Is a cross‐network providing continuous support, clear advantages,providing continuous support, clear advantages, accurate information and activity of lobby.
  53. 53. Italian Slovak Chamber of CommerceChamber of Commerce 300 associated members  SME95% are SMEs Important presence of strong brand exposure of the community to the public in Slovak  Republic  Heterogeneous company profiles both in size and in market sectorsboth in size and in market sectors
  54. 54. community = network of companies Community ‐> Italian‐Slovak Network of companies ‐> associated with CCIS
  55. 55. Th bj ti f th tThe objectives of the system Promote Italian way and Italian Slovak communityPromote Italian way and Italian ‐ Slovak community  Themes?Themes?  •CSR,  •Italian‐Slovak community activities,  •conversations with business community,  •research, innovation
  56. 56. what network needs •reinforce the identity of community •qualify internationalization i f b•inform about CSR of the Italian community in Slovakia •promote competitiveness of the community •qualify th t it•qualify the territory
  57. 57. 3 – THE ECOSYSTEM OF ISCC COMMUNICATION it l ki it l bl it i f CCIS kl E t t B2C WEB BLOG NEWSLETTER JOURNAL EVENT camitslovakia Corporate  communication blog  in Italian infoCCIS weekly articles of the week infoCCIS monthy Est the institutional  reviw event B2C event blog in Slovak infoCCIS monthy Insights monthly event B2B O li d ff li l bi bili i l diffOn line and off line tools combine ability to involve different  sensitivities and target groups. They allow economic sustainability.
  59. 59. a‐ HOW TO BE ECONOMICALLY SUSTAINABLE? We look for partnerships to support the network allowinge oo o pa t e s ps o suppo e e o a o g each member possibility to gain visibility that only few could afford In addition to communications package offered to partner members,In addition to communications package offered to partner members, available communication channels allow selling conventional advertising  space. Thanks to these areas, the ecosystem of communication CCIS creates value by producing profitability Active participation in the conversation online offers our partners possibility  to develop unique projects. (Examples PwC, Unicredit, Elips ,...)
  60. 60. WEB: Chamber of Commerce’s showcase Banner Partner Web number:  (last 6 month) Users: Editorial 8.457  Visits  33.715 Pageviews  3,99  Page/Visit  02 57 i A i02:57 min Avarage time  on site Publications: 52 news Slovakia 26 collaborations offerts 26 tender Banner 210x87 px 20 news CCIS 10 activity partners 
  61. 61. BLOG: web 2.0 in italian languageg g Banner Partner Banner Sponsor Geolocatization  numbers:  Galleria fotografica Users: 15.747 Pageviews (last 6  month) Video interviews   9.242 View video 7.916 Visit (last 6 month) 5.198 Absolute unique  visitors (last 6 month) Events Storytelling ( ) 2.017 Flickr profile visits 00:02:21 Avarage time on  site (last  6 month) PR Live streaming from Publication: 189 Video productions 235 Articles published events 669 Photos published  Strillo – link in home  page to PR articles
  62. 62. blog in Slovak languageg g g In Slovak web there is a lack of blog and 2.0 portals
  63. 63. Case studies: UNICREDIT CORNER
  64. 64. Case studiesCase studies: Tax&Legal Allert  PRICEWATERHOUSECOOPERS
  65. 65. NEWSLETTER the remainder of the week Notice from web and  blog infoCCIS weekly  bnumbers:  2.891 Contact: 33 newsletter sentBanner partner 100 cc news slovakia 200 cc blog entries  posted p
  66. 66. Info CCIS: monthly magazine printabley g p Banner partner Insights infoCCIS monthly  numbers:  (from october 2009) 2.891 mail contact 3986 total views  7 newsletter sent 86 total pages
  67. 67. Info CCIS: monthly magazine printabley g p 1/9 2/92/9 3/9 Advertisement 1/9 ‐ 70x55 mm Advertisement 2/9 ‐ 70x115 mm Advertisement 3/9 ‐ 70x188 mm Advertisement A4 ‐ 297x210 mm Advertisement A5 ‐ 110x188 mm pr 1 page‐ 2200 types /
  68. 68. MAGAZINE: communication qualityq y Est numbers:  2.000 Printed copies 500 copies sent 5407 total views 4 numer per year 48 b48 pages per number Inserzione A4 copertina dietro 297x210 mm Inserzione A4 seconda 297x210 mm Publiredazionale 1 pagina 2000 battute Inserzione A4 copertina pag2‐3 297x210 mm Inserzione A5 seconda 123x210 mm
  69. 69. Targeted and public EVENTSg p Event numbers inEvent numbers  in  2009: 18 social events 7 Istitutional activities  13 Promotional activities 1 festival
  70. 70. Dolcevitaj: the festivalj Dolce Vitaj 2010 numbers: 30 events 4 main sponsor 8 media partner 4 local partners Poprad 2 local partners Košice 50 billboard posted for 2 monthsmonths 10.000 visitors expected
  71. 71. Dolcevitaj: the moment of italian‐slovak j community
  72. 72. Social media
  73. 73. 66194 66194 1.851 57 126 57 250 126 125 250 Case study:Case study: Intrasystem communication
  74. 74. Case studies: Opinion leader spontaneous comment on ISCC
  75. 75. Partner and sponsorPartner and sponsor
  76. 76. b‐ HOW TO ORGANIZE DAILY TO DO? Project manager: consulency, research, guides and teach the  internal staff Account and community manager: internal reference that  maintains contact with partners and manages platforms Designer: graphics, video editing, live video, research, infographicsg g p , g, , , g p
  77. 77. C ‐ WHAT ARE THE RESULTS? Online reputationOnline reputation for companies and managers Communication system of ISCC providesprovides quality positioning on the web for its network of q y p g associated members
  78. 78. Daily communication with our stakeholdersDaily communication with our stakeholders (1 set‐31 ago) 181 news on web (1 set 31 ago) 181 news on web 320 Blog articles with 262 video and 754 photos 54 weekly newsletter 12 monthly newsletter12 monthly newsletter   3 numbers of EST 18 events
  79. 79. web focus: qualityweb focus: quality (1 set‐31 ago) 139 500139 500 Total click (sept 2009 ‐ aug 2010)Total click  (sept 2009  aug 2010) Camitslovakia Italoblog Italosk Youtube Facebook IssuuCamitslovakia Italoblog Italosk Youtube Facebook Issuu 83576 visualizzazione di pagina  29 050 visualizzazione di pagina  649 visualizzazione di pagina  13085 Total video views  1722 visualizzazione di pagina  11418 readers sum  21504 Visite 15 185 visite 415 visite 13021 10 887 21313021 visitatori unici assoluti 10 887 visitatori unici assoluti 213 visitatori unici assoluti
  80. 80. In Slovakia there areIn Slovakia there are  900.000  2,3 milioni  Facebook users users on line In Italy there are  5,6 milion 23 milion5,6 milion  Facebook users 23 milion  User on line Members of ISCC have understood that is commonMembers of ISCC have understood that is common   to search the references of its partners, clients and  customers on googlecustomers on google
  81. 81. Looking for associated companies? Looking for Alberto Russo Elips..Alberto Russo Elips.. Because, if they wont find  l d 'you on Google you don't exist
  82. 82. If you search our member companies on  will find them with uswill find them with us Placement of names and keywords on : Italoblog Camitslovakia ItaloVideoPlacement of names and keywords on : Italoblog Camitslovakia ItaloVideo aziende italiane in slovacchia 2,3 5 reti di imprese in slovacchia 1,2,3,4,8 VVMZ 4.5 6 fotovoltaico slovacchia 2 pvs in bloom 3 Air Dolomiti slovacchia 3 16Air Dolomiti slovacchia 3 16 Austria Trend Slovacchia 14 12.13 Green Tree slovacchia 2.3 4.5 HLG STAV slovacchia 3,4,8 1.2 Turismo Bergamo 1.2 Unicredit Slovacchia 5.6 MEDEA Slovacchia 8 dolce vitaj 2 3 4 5dolce vitaj 2.3 4.5 VUB slovacchia 1.2 11 innovazione slovacchia 1.2 vito bovoli slovacchia 1.2 8 fondi strutturali slovacchia 4.11 19 Alberto Russo Elips 1,2 6
  83. 83. From quantity to qualityFrom quantity to quality ThanksThanks professional  social media communication  d kwe made known  our network and activities of the member companies  as no other chamber of commerce  ever did.
  84. 84. 5‐ CONCLUSIONS Today the members of the CCIS know the potential of the Web 2 0Today the members of the CCIS know the potential of the Web 2.0  as a strategic information tool. M t h li d it t ti l t hMost have realized its potential to enhance: •efficiency •flexibility •creativity
  85. 85. More than elsewhere, in B2B networks, trust and transparency help to  promote stability of the relations and achieve success.p y In Web 2.0 trust and transparency are the result of a constant conversation. The CCIS is supporting conversations of its partners and is monitoring achieved results  in order to build more robust networksin order to build more robust networks.
  86. 86. 7. Design in  Social Network
  87. 87. 7. Design in Social Network fDesigning for prosumers,  tnot users [Flickr | oskay]
  88. 88. 7. Design in Social Network CS – GAP The lesson here is that any  brand can benefit from  engaging their communityengaging their community  to convert consumers into  stakeholders, allowing them  to take part in the evolution  f h hi i hof the company. This is how  we earn relevance in the  social Web as  the touchpoints to reachthe touchpoints to reach  consumers also in turn,  reach us‐5th‐c‐of‐community‐social‐commerce/ [Brian Solis]
  89. 89. k 7. Design in Social Network Creatives vs. Marketer “10 reason why creatives are not healthy for marketing” [mini] marketing 2. The Creative knows everything better than customers and clients, always 3 The creative hates simple solutions3. The creative hates simple solutions 4. The creative thinks that re‐using something good or getting it better is not enough, it’s better make it from the begining 5 When the creative passes too much time on social media he disappears5. When the creative passes too much time on social media he disappears,  because he understand that every good idea he has has already been made and in a better way 6 Th ti k hi h i th b t i H t di d it th6. The creative knows which is the best user experience. He studied it on the  books and he doesn’t have to ask it to users 10. The creative thinks that it’s not usefull make the life simpler, but make it more creative‐motivi‐per‐cui‐i‐creativi‐non‐fanno‐bene‐al‐marketing‐al‐festival‐della‐creativita.html
  90. 90. ? 7. Design in Social Network Are you creatives?
  91. 91. l 7. Design in Social Network Design is not only creativity It’ t t tIt’s strategy too
  92. 92. h 7. Design in Social Network strategic approach * i*view [monitoring][monitoring] Know yourKnow your Value Constellation
  93. 93. 7. Design in Social Network What my stakeholders are speaking about?Di cosa parlano 
  94. 94. 7. Design in Social Network Which kind of comunication do my stakeholders have?
  95. 95. h 7. Design in Social Network strategic approach * i*view Know yourKnow your PositionPosition
  96. 96. 7. Design in Social Network
  97. 97. h 7. Design in Social Network strategic approach ** i**preview Designing scenariosDesigning scenarios
  98. 98. ISCC in web panorama Sett Ott ‐ Mar Apr ‐ LugSett Ott ‐ Mar Apr ‐ Lug Stampa2500  Linkedin Eventi Mailinglist partner contatti  CCIS Youtube Embed Link blog2blog FriendFeed Twitter & Facebbok Newsletter Google acebbo
  99. 99. 5. Design in Social Network hstrategic approach ** i**preview Re‐designingRe‐designing scenariosscenarios
  100. 100. Looking for associated companies? Looking for Alberto Russo Elips..Alberto Russo Elips.. Because, if they wont find  l d 'you on Google you don't exist
  101. 101. h 7. Design in Social Network strategic approach *** ki i***making view Building easy learningBuilding easy learning  architecture forarchitecture for  conversation
  102. 102. df d d b dCrowdfunding, inspired by crowdsourcing, describes the collective cooperation attention and trust by people whodescribes the collective cooperation, attention and trust by people who  network and pool their money together, usually via the Internet, in order  to support efforts initiated by other people or organizations.  Crowdfunding occurs for any variety of purposes from disaster relief toCrowdfunding occurs for any variety of purposes, from disaster relief to  citizen journalism to artists seeking support from fans, to political  campaigns.
  103. 103. 8. Markets are  conversation
  104. 104. 7. Markets are conversation ”A powerful global conversation has begun
 A powerful global conversation has begun.  Through the Internet, people are discovering and inventing new  ways to share relevant knowledge with blinding speed.  As a direct result, markets are getting smarter, and getting  smarter faster than most companies. These markets are  ticonversations.  Their members communicate in language that is natural, open,  honest, direct, funny and often shocking. Whether explaining orhonest, direct, funny and often shocking. Whether explaining or  complaining, joking or serious, the human voice is unmistakably  genuine. It can't be faked.” [Cluetrain Manifesto]
  105. 105. 8. Special thanks8. Spec a t a s @micheledalena@ @letizia m@ _
  106. 106. 9. Let’s converse
  107. 107. Contacts Guglielmo Apolloni Contacts g p Tel: +39 340 0756674 | skype: blapojr i h l d’ lMichele d’Alena i h l d l Tel: +39 3495351731 | skype: micheledalena www linkedin com/in/