Encouraging words water baptism 4


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Encouraging words water baptism 4

  1. 1. Encouraging WordsWATER BAPTISM 4
  2. 2. WATER BAPTISM 4Encouraging Words
  3. 3. The Symbol of Baptismis Death & Resurrection
  4. 4. Baptised into His Death•Buried with Him•Raised to life withHim
  5. 5. ROM 6:2-4
  6. 6. •[KJV] [Romans 6:2]God forbid. Howshall we, that aredead to sin, live anylonger therein?
  7. 7. •3 Know ye not, thatso many of us aswere baptized intoJesus Christ werebaptized into hisdeath?
  8. 8. • 4 Therefore we areburied with him bybaptism into death: thatlike as Christ was raisedup from the dead by theglory of the Father, evenso we also should walk innewness of life.
  9. 9. Raised with Him• that we might live new life• [KJV] [Romans 6:6]
  10. 10. •6 Knowing this, thatour old man iscrucified with him, thatthe body of sin mightbe destroyed, thathenceforth we shouldnot serve sin.
  11. 11. Our old self crucified with Jesus•that the body of Sin bedone away•No longer slaves to sin
  12. 12. Water is a watery grave•Our body – old life –the corpse•Death to old life•Now yield to God in•New Life – New Power
  13. 13. Old Gone – New Come•Your old live getsburied with Christ•Your funeral serviceis seen in waterbaptism
  14. 14. Your starta brand new life in Christ
  15. 15. You rise up out• of the water of baptism just like Christrose up form the grave
  16. 16. You are free to liveROM 6:13-14
  17. 17. • [KJV] [Romans 6:13]Neither yield ye yourmembers as instruments ofunrighteousness unto sin:but yield yourselves untoGod, as those that are alivefrom the dead, and yourmembers as instruments ofrighteousness unto God.
  18. 18. •14 For sin shallnot have dominionover you: for yeare not under thelaw, but undergrace.
  19. 19. The Symbol of Baptism•Washing / New Life•Washed –Sanctified –Justified by Spirit
  20. 20. Rise up cleaninto a new life with anew boss
  21. 21. Way to go•Separated from yourold live•United with your newlife•Washed & cleansed
  22. 22. 1CO 6:9-11• [KJV] [1 Corinthians 6:9] Knowye not that the unrighteousshall not inherit the kingdom ofGod? Be not deceived: neitherfornicators, nor idolaters, noradulterers, nor effeminate, norabusers of themselves withmankind,
  23. 23. •10 Nor thieves, norcovetous, nordrunkards, norrevilers, norextortioners, shallinherit the kingdom ofGod.
  24. 24. •11 And such weresome of you: but yeare washed, but ye aresanctified, but ye arejustified in the name ofthe Lord Jesus, and bythe Spirit of our God.
  25. 25. Symbolic of Drawing Near• [KJV] [Hebrews 10:22] Letus draw near with a trueheart in full assurance offaith, having our heartssprinkled from an evilconscience, and our bodieswashed with pure water.
  26. 26. Water Baptism means• Sincere Heart –• Cleansed to have PureConscience• Bodies Washed with PureWater
  27. 27. Washing of• Rebirth & Renewal of HolySpirit• Reborn Clean• Renewed by the Holy Spirit
  28. 28. TIT 3:4-7•[KJV] [Titus 3:4] Butafter that the kindnessand love of God ourSaviour toward manappeared,
  29. 29. • 5 Not by works ofrighteousness which wehave done, but accordingto his mercy he saved us,by the washing ofregeneration, andrenewing of the HolyGhost;
  30. 30. •6 Which he shedon us abundantlythrough JesusChrist our Saviour;
  31. 31. •7 That being justifiedby his grace, weshould be made heirsaccording to the hopeof eternal life.
  32. 32. Baptism is• Taking up the Challenge• To Live a Godly Life• Separated & removedform the old way we lived
  33. 33. Totally new way of living•Sharing the power &ability to live like Jesus•A resurrected life inpower & propose
  34. 34. Are you ready?