Encouraging Words And i laugh ss


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there is reason to laugh in life when you know the meaning of life

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Encouraging Words And i laugh ss

  1. 1. And I laughIt is the correct response
  2. 2. Laughter can sometimes beDivisive and cynicalORJoyful and humorous
  3. 3. Both Sarah and AbrahamLaughed the laughter of scornand ridicule when they 1stheard the promise of God.
  4. 4. God kept his promiseAnd their scornful laughter turned tojoyful laughterThis is the laughter that weexperience as we receive by faith theGrace of God and Jesus Christ
  5. 5. All that hear will laugh with meGenesis 21:6 KJV6 And Sarah said, God hath made meto laugh, so that all that hear willlaugh with me.
  6. 6. Far above the power of nature& contrary to all its lawsThat Sarah old & dried upShould have a baby& become a mother to a son
  7. 7. It is also beyond all ordinary rulesThat I, a poor, helpless, undonesinnerShould find grace to bear about in mysoul the indwelling Spirit of the LordJesus
  8. 8. I once despaired& try as I mightWaswithout anyknowledgeof hope
  9. 9. For my nature was as dryWitheredBarrenAccursed as a howling wilderness
  10. 10. So it is beyondAll naturalrules &expectationthatEven I havebeen madeto bringforth fruituntoholiness.
  11. 11. Well may my mouthbe filledwithjoyouslaughter
  12. 12. Because of thisI have received, of theLord Jesus, singular &surprising grace
  13. 13. For I have found Jesus ChristHe is thepromised seedHe is mine forever
  14. 14. I’m like Sarah& I will laughbecause the Son isborn
  15. 15. This day & every dayI will lift up psalms of triumph unto the LordI will laugh, sing songs and rejoice
  16. 16. Yes The Lord has remembered meThe Lord has remembered mylow & lost estateGod the father in love has sent his son, the LordJesus, to die and rise again so that I, believing inhim, might receive forgiveness for my sins and bemade anew creature in Christ.
  17. 17. I laugh – I rejoiceFor my heart rejoices in the LordMy horn is exalted in the LordMy mouth is enlarged over mine enemiesBecause I rejoice in thy salvation
  18. 18. I tell you all that I will laughLaugh more than those great women of oldSarah – having a son when there was nonatural hopeMiriam – dancing & laughing at the end of herslaveryHannah – presenting the son of her dreams
  19. 19. ~Hannahs Song of Thanksgiving• [KJV] [1SA 2:1] And Hannah prayed, and said,My heart rejoiceth in the LORD, mine horn isexalted in the LORD: my mouth is enlargedover mine enemies; because I rejoice in thysalvation.
  20. 20. I want all those who hear ofMy great deliverance from hellMy most blessed encounter & visitationfrom on highTo laugh with me
  21. 21. I want them to laugh for joy with meI would surprise my family with my abundant peaceI would delight my friends with my ever-increasinghappinessI would edify the Church with my grateful confessionsI even intend to impress the world with thecheerfulness of my daily conversation
  22. 22. Bunyan tells usThat Christianna heardMercy laugh in her sleep,and no wonder when shedreamed of Jesus
  23. 23. My joy shall not be lessNor will myjoy & laughterstop short ofhersMy Beloved isthe theme ofmy dailythoughts
  24. 24. The Lord Jesus is a deep sea of joyMy soul dives into itsdepthsI am swallowed up in thedelights of his company
  25. 25. Sarah looked on her IsaacShe laughed with excess of rapture & joyAll her friends laughed with her
  26. 26. And You, my soul, look on our JesusCall – yes bid heavenand earth unite inyour joy unspeakableand full of glory
  27. 27. That you might be found• ….. Unto praise and honour and glory at theappearing of Jesus Christ: whom having notseen, ye love; in whom, though now ye seehim not, yet believing, ye rejoice with joyunspeakable and full of glory: receiving theend of your faith, even the salvation of yoursouls. 1Pe 1:7-9
  28. 28. Is it any wonder• That we who know the LordJesus should laugh?