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2018 Nutrition Smackdown 4.0

  1. CrossFit Amoskeag Nutrition Dan Baram, PTA, CSCS, CF-L1 Dave Bryson, M.S PA-C, CF-L1 Shannon Arel, CF-L1
  2. Overview  Current and Past Nutritional Trends  What this Challenge is  Basics of How to Eat for your goals  Next level thinking  Scoring  Prizes
  3. Current and Past Dietary Trends  Zone  Paleo  Macro Counting  Fasting  Keto
  4. Zone  Positives  Counts quantity  Restricts caloric intake  Reasonable macro split 40/30/30  Pitfalls  Doesn’t focus on quality  May be too low carb  Hard to gain mass
  5. Paleo  Positives  Focused completely on quality of food  Eliminates inflammatory foods  Eliminates processed foods  Pitfalls  Very restrictive in food options  No focus on quantity  Very low carb
  6. Macros  Positives  Quantity is measured  Personalized Macro Split  Carb focused  Pitfalls  No Focus on food quality  Often not enough fat  Can create poor relationship with food
  7. Fasting  Positives  Caloric restriction is good for fat loss  Scientifically proven to regulate insulin  Gut health  Pitfalls  Backloading food to allow for nighttime eating  Poor performance  Easy to under eat
  8. Keto  Positives  Fast fat loss  Proven to help with disease processes  Pitfalls  No carbs = no energy  Hard to gain mass  Food restriction
  9. 3 Nutritional Silos  Quality  Quantity  Timing
  10. The Holy Grail The Perfect Combo of Quality, Quantity and Timing
  11. What’s Most Important  The Key to Success  CONSISTENCY is more important than anything  The best program will fall flat if you are inconsistent  A lesser program with more consistency breeds greater success
  12. What the Challenge is  Quality First  Eat Real food  Mostly Plants  Not To much
  13. Inflammatory Foods  This is not an elimination diet unless you want it to be  Dairy, rice, peanuts, beans are allowed  Its up to you to decide how this affects you  Paleo treats and Gluten Free options are not allowed  They count as cheats  Sugar is sugar  crap is still crap even if its paleo or gluten free
  14. First and Foremost  The challenge is a starting point  The challenge is not just and 8 week program  The challenge should be the beginning of a lifestyle change  We are trying to figure out something sustainable for life
  15. Nutrition Basics  Eliminate ALL processed foods  Eat food the way it came from earth  If it comes in a package odds are its not ok  If it comes in a package read the ingredients  If you cant pronounce an ingredient or when you say it out loud it does not sound like food DON’T EAT IT no exceptions  3 meals a day + 1 pre/post wod snack  Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and fuel/recovery for WOD
  16. The 3 Macronutrients  Protein .8 – 1.0 gram per pound of bodyweight  Fat 20-30%  Carb 40-60%
  17. Protein  Protein .8 to 1.0 grams per pound of bodyweight  Comes from animals  Should be included in every meal  Essential for building muscle
  18. Fat  Fat 20-30%  Nuts, seeds, oil, butter  Supports body and brain function  Often the nutrient we don’t get enough of
  19. Carbs  Carb 40-60%  Comes from the ground  Vital for Energy (gas for your car)  Currently the villain in the obesity epedemic
  20. What Should You Eat  Oats  Eggs  Fruit  Veg  Nuts and Seeds  Rice and Potatoes  Meat of any kind  Dairy?
  21. What Not to Eat  Everything Else  Almost all foods not on this list are cheats  Don’t Worry you get 2 cheat meals a week
  22. What to Eat: Pre- and Post-WOD  30-60 minutes pre workout: carbs  Eat a BANANA!!  Immediately post: protein shake  Aim for 25g  Disclaimer  If the rest of your food isn’t good then your post wod shake is doing nothing
  23. Protein Powder Explained  Different qualities  Low quality is cheap but has more additives and more lactose  High quality is easier to digest, causes less GI issues  Whey vs Beef vs Vegan
  24. You Need To Sleep  Proper sleep is required for recovery  Hormonal blance  Less cortisol  8 hours a night  Same bedtime same awake time (give or take :30)  Hormonal imbalance due to lack of sleep is similar to that of a TBI
  25. Where do I start  High Quality foods are very filling  Pizza vs chicken and rice  The idea is to load up on low calorie foods like vegetables and fruit  “mostly plants”  If you’re doing it right, you’ll actually be eating a lot of food  Get creative  This called a challenge for a reason
  26. Cheats  2 Cheat meals per week  Plan ahead so you know when they are coming  Indulge and reward yourself but don’t go crazy  You can do a lot of damage in 24 hours
  27. Key Takeaways  Eat real food  Quality is step 1  Exercise consistently  Sleep enough  When it comes to cheat foods  If it’s not hell yeah its hell no  When in doubt ask the commish
  28. What are My Goals  Lose Fat  Decrease body fat by losing fat  Start with quality and not eating too much  Gain  Decreased body fat by adding muscle  Keep quality high and eat more  Performance  Not worried about body comp, focusing on athletic performance  Quality is already high adding in macro counting and then timing
  29. How to Track your Food  My Fitness Pal  Eat as many vegetables as you want  Put them in so we see you are eating them  Guesstimate serving size  Remember quality usually takes care of quantity  Give yourself credit for a serving of fruit, but don’t go crazy measuring  i.e. track 1 cup of strawberries but eat however many you want  Don’t track what you had for a cheat meal
  30. Body Fat Percentage  Impossible to determine based on looks alone  Business suit = business man  How you wear it depends on your muscle mass  Try not to focus on what the number is, but that it goes down
  31. The Rules.  Eat Real Food  If you are unsure if your food is “real” ask yourself some questions  Will it spoil  Is this a food that is causing the obesity epidemic  If you are unsure ask  1 point per day you eat following the rules  Up to 6 points per week
  32. Cheats  Everyone gets one cheat day  Alternative: 2 cheat meals, get ½ point for healthy eating for other meals/snacks on those days  Each cheat on a non-cheat day is MINUS 1  Cheats include anything processed  Sweets of any kind (including “paleo sweets”)  Read your ingredients on things like ketchup, bbq sauce, and anything else that has a label. Don’t get caught eating something with high fructose corn syrup (like ketchup) or extra sugar without knowing.  Even if you are not a mathematician it is easy to realize that one cheat cancels out a whole day of eating healthy, so be wary of your cheats…they are costly  “MY WHOLE WEEK IS SHOT….”  Suck up the loss of your point and get back on the wagon for the next meal.
  33. Rules Cont.  Sleep 7.5 hours or more  1 point for each night you sleep enough  7 points per week available
  34. Rules Cont.  Each day you exercise is +1 point up to 6 points a week. We do not want you training 7 days a week its just too much and not maintainable  CrossFit Wod is not the only way to gain a point  Intense exercise of any kind for 30 min or more counts  If you don’t need a shower it wasn’t hard enough  If you choose to not take a shower that’s up to you  The maximum points you can accumulate per day is 1  2 workouts in one day does not earn extra points  Again we are not encouraging over training
  35. WODs on the Smackdown  Open gym:  Make up a missed WOD  Chippers  Running, rowing, assault bike  Keep it aerobic – 80%  Don’t shy away from weight lifting and/or sprint WODs because they don’t give the big calorie reward  These pay off in the long run
  36. The Benchmark WOD  18 min Amrap 30/22 cal bike 12 pullups 8 front squats 65%/50% bw (Rx+ 75%/65%) 1 point for every rep PR on retest Repeat wod with same front squat weight and pullup scale or scale up at the end of the challenge. Bonus points if you go from scaled to RX!
  37. Scoring  Points accumulated (food, workouts, sleep)  Change in body fat x 10  Lean Mass Gained x 10 for mass builders  Wod 1 point per every rep increase  Change in WOD score  Spreadsheet for points tracking  We can check up on your scores but you’re on the honor system.
  38. How to Score yourself  Spread Sheet  The honor system
  39. Level 2  Seminar in 4 weeks  Macro Counting  Intermittent Fasting  Anyone can come  We reserve the right to tell you that you are not ready for the next step
  40. 2018 CFA Nutrition Challenge  Cost: $75  3 In Body measurments  2 personalized emails reviewing food log  1 in first half and 1 in second  Support as needed/requested  Prizes!
  41. In Body  State of the art, very accurate measurement machine
  42. Facebook Group  Community support  Shared experiences  Public questions
  43. PRIZES!  First place: 1 month membership and Shoes of your choice  Second place: Supplement of your choice and CFA t-shirt  Third Place: CFA T-shirt  Podium for each gender  Announced at Make a wish
  44. Remember…  Even though this is a 2 month competition it doesn’t end at the holiday  This should be the beginning of a new lifestyle  The competition is simply a way to motivate you to learn how to make good choices  You will also learn how to make difficult decisions and make the best out of a bad situation  Being healthy fit and looking good requires consistent work  At the End everyone is a winner
  45. Contact Us  Dan:  CrossFitAmoskeag on MFP  Join facebook group and post often

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