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Presentacion sobre presente continuo


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Presentacion sobre presente continuo

  2. 2. Acciones que se hacen en el momento en que se habla He is running now Baby is speaking now Children are reading at this moment
  3. 3. Read this sentences I am writing now. You are learning english now. Peter is listening to music now. She is studying english at this moment. The rabbit is jumping now. We are looking at the computer now. You are playing football at this moment. Children are laughing now.
  4. 4. You need: Sujeto I,You,Peter,Mary, The cat,Children,......., Verbo tobe I am You are He is She is It is We are You are They are. Verbo acabado en “ ing” Reading Writing Singing ,dancing Playing Studying Listening speaking Now. Or At this moment
  5. 5. Sujeto Persona,animal o cosa que realiza la acción Verbo tobe:I am,you are,he,she,it/is, Ser o Estar en español:yo estoy, tu estas, el esta... Verbos con ing playing,listening,writing Complemento de tiempo Now or at this moment. Recuerda:
  6. 6. Mummy is playing with children now.
  7. 7. My friends and me are swimming now
  8. 8. The cat is drinking water at this moment