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Cooperative castle building


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A great activity for cooperative learning and problem solving.

Published in: Education
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Cooperative castle building

  1. 1. Cooperative Creation of a Castle from the Middle Ages Cooperative Creation of a Castle from the Middle Ages A joint project by multiple divisions at Georges Vanier Elementary. Students problem solved issues of structural stability and respected previous classes designs whilst adding their own features. Anna Crosland TL
  2. 2. Their initial design was twice as high but the students decided right away that the walls would just fall over.
  3. 3. Used the seating cubes to add stability. Tried adding a cross brace.
  4. 4. Added vertical and horizontal bars and left a door space.
  5. 5. Decided added stability would allow for additional height.
  6. 6. Added crenellations so it would look ‘more like a castle’
  7. 7. Added the drawbridge.
  8. 8. A drawbridge needs a moat
  9. 9. Next group increased the width of the moat as it ‘was too easy to swim across’
  10. 10. Decided to add height - 4 towers to the tops of the seating cubes
  11. 11. One division researched and designed pennants, the next coloured them and added to the towers.
  12. 12. A feudal village was added outside the castle walls.
  13. 13. Fourteen divisions contributed. It was a great activity for problem solving and cooperative learning.