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Financial Solutions Bulk Auto Note Buyer

Looking to get cash for your Auto Portfolio? We get top dollar for BHPH Auto Note Portfolios. If you are looking to sell your Bulk Auto Paper we can help. Contact us

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Financial Solutions Bulk Auto Note Buyer

  1. 1. We Turn Auto Notes Into Cash!
  2. 2.  Why would a small business owner want to sell off his receivables?  A lot of business owners possibly don't bear in mind they can market them.  Waiting 24 to 36 months to receive all of their money can put a squeeze on a merchants cash flow.  They can sell a significant resource -their receivables.  How can they meet these crucial operating costs when they haven't been paid what they are owed and don't have sufficient finances to cover their expenses..  From obtaining more stock to meeting payroll, waiting that long can be a cash flow issue when more inventory is needed.
  3. 3.  Cash is king and we know cash flow is important for a successful operation.  Increase your purchasing power and do more business.  Sell your notes to increase cash flow and reduce risk.  Call Today 615-414-6708
  4. 4.  It does not create debt on your balance sheet.  It increases your purchasing power, enabling you to do more business.  Eliminates the need for bank loans or SBA Loans.  Improves your credit rating, and gives you cash to meet your obligations.  Eliminates using equipment, real estate or inventory for collateral. Saves on your in-house staff costs.  Presents a professional image to your clients.  Eliminates the need for venture capitalists or partners that share in decision making and profits.  Factor ALL of your receivables, or only the ones you choose.  Stop factoring any time you choose without termination penalties. Start again any time you need the service.
  5. 5.  This Secret will provide unlimited funds for your business while generating no debt to repay, like a loan would. Even better getting this cash can occur faster than any loan process. Getting this cash does not depend on your credit and you may qualify with even a short time in business. And more cash can be obtained easily anytime in the future.  Factoring Auto Receivables  The definition of factoring is the purchasing of accounts receivable at a discount. A factor is a person or business that pays immediate cash for business receivables.  Factoring is not a loan with interest due, it is the purchase of an asset (contract) for which a discount is paid.
  6. 6.  Cash from factored car notes allows the dealer to meet other regular business needs such as:  Meeting Payroll  Paying Taxes  Purchasing Supplies  Replacing Needed Inventory  Selling your car notes is a dependable means of providing capital for your business needs.  A simple way to determine how selling your car notes can improve your company’s cash flow is to answer this question: “If my dealership had all the cash on hand I needed, what would I do with that cash?”  You would probably answer some or all of the above, meet payroll, purchase inventory, pay bills, pay taxes and so on.  If you have car notes, factoring those notes may very well be the answer to raising Capital you’ve been looking for.
  7. 7. Selling accounts reduces your risk.
  8. 8. Call today and unlock the cash in your receivables 615-414-6708