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  1. 1. EXT.FRANKLIN'S HOUSE. MID-DAY FRANKLIN is outside washing his car, then a low-riding car DRIFTS into to his drive way and SMASHES into his motor bike. Franklin steps back in shocked. FRANKLIN What the fuck?! Who are these fuckers?(he says to himself) Two guys dressed as gangsters get out of the car, while pointing fully automatic weapons at FRANKLIN. GANGSTER 1 Are you the motherfucker that had Stretch killed?! Answer me you son of a bitch! FRANKLINÂ It might of been me, it might not have, who the fucks asking?! FRANKLIN's car door was slightly open, he notices a gun that he left on driver's side seat. He grabs it swiftly. GANGSTER 1 None of your busy, ass! we came to re-pay the favor by killing... FRANKLIN starts shooting at the two GANGSTERS, and jumps into to his car. GANGSTER 1 OH FUCK, THAT FUCKER IS TRYING TO RUN! HEY MAN YOU OKAY?! GANGSTER 2 AGHHHH!! HE SHOT ME IN THE FUCKING LEG! FRANKLIN tries to drive away but GANGSTER 1 stops him by standing in front of FRANKLIN's car. FRANKLIN drive forward and runs him over. GANGSTER 1 AGGHHHH! FUCK! hey man get the car, we is going to get this bitch GANGSTER 2 Man, come and help me, I can't stand up GANGSTER 1 goes round to the other side of the car, picks GANGSTER 2 up and puts him in the passenger seat. Then GANGSTER 1 slides over the HOOD and jumps into the drivers seat, and drives fast after FRANKLIN.
  2. 2. FRANKLIN Oh fuck! I'm not going to lose these fools, I need to call micheal andtrevor! FRANKLIN takes his phone out of his pocket, doesnt notice a oncoming car until he looks up from his phone, and SWERVES to avoid crashing. Passing cars HORNS going off, as FRANKLIN is trying to get away. GANGSTER 1 hey man! are you still able to shoot? GANGSTER 2 yeah, I think I can man GANGSTER 1 well then, shoot him bitch ass! GANGSTER 2 manages to pull him self out of the window, to be able to shoot FRANKLIN, he begins SHOOTING, but he can't shoot straight because of the slightly dizziness from the lose of blood. Some bullets hit FRANKLIN'S car, one bullet shatters the back window of the car. FRANKLIN Oh shit! come on phone! work! FRANKLIN scrolls through his contracts, as he does this the phone beeps. FRANKLIN talks to himself. FRANKLIN where is micheals number? Micheal, micheal, micheal... ah here's his number. FRANKLIN clicks call, and lets it RING MICHEAL Heyyy! its my main man franklin, whats up man? FRANKLIN Can you come and help me, some guys are chasing me, they are trying to kill mw man MICHEAL oh fuck! where are you ? FRANKLIN look outside right now MICHEAL walks over to his window and sees two cars speed passed, one shooting at the other MICHEAL
  3. 3. oh shit! I'm coming now! MICHEAL runs outside to his car and jumps in, speeds after FRANKLIN.