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Fire Emblem: Awakening (cut scene 6: Two Falchions)


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Fire Emblem: Awakening (cut scene 6: Two Falchions)

  1. 1. Salford City College Eccles Sixth Form Centre BTEC Extended Diploma in GAMES DESIGN Unit 73: Sound For Computer Games Game Title Fire Emblem: Awakening (cut scene 6: Two Falchions) Provide detailed descriptions from chosen examples that establish… Setting Mood Game genre Narrative Clearly state what production technique(s) you think have been used to create specific soundtrack elements The beginning of the cut scene, the music is bold and gives a sense of shock, as the character is shock. Then as they fight, the sound is like the start of a battle in roman battle arena or coliseum. This gives the cut scene a sense of mystery and danger, which fades more into an orchestral sound (0:12 in the video) that lasts till the end of the video clip; also this gives the cut scene a more intense feeling. At the beginning of the cut scene, the mood shock as the deep mysterious sound comes through, then the sounds becomes more powerful giving a sense of danger and violence. The sound of trumpets and swords clanging together suggests the game is either a fantasy or an adventure game. When the trumpets sound it gives the effect of action happening, and then the sound of clanging swords (from 0:15 to 0:36) confirms that a fight is in progress. In the cut scene the man seemed shocked and surprised after he sees the sword his opponent pulls out. During the battle the man seem shocked again on who taught his opponent to fight, so when he asked the reply he received was their father and this made him wonder even more, who their father is. I think they done this by doing a live recording of the medieval battle scene. I think they made this possible by recording a live orchestra I think they produce the sound of clang swords by doing field recording, recording the ambient sound of a sword fight. I think they have live recorded the voices for the two characters then used a VST effect to add a lot of reverb to make it sound more realistic for what is happening, so it actually sounds like they are fighting in a battle arena.