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Making Charts in Excel


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Intro to Excel 2007. Create simple charts. Modify default Microsoft chart.

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Making Charts in Excel

  1. 1. Excel Tutorial Focus on Making Charts Prepared by Professor Pat March 30, 2008 For Women and Computers Class at SCSU
  2. 2. The Excel Window Click in any cell to enter words or numbers The Quick Access Toolbar Click here to create a new sheet Intro – Name of this Worksheet Click here to go to the Sheet about Charts
  3. 3. To Make a Chart <ul><li>Highlight/Select all the cells you want to use – be sure to include headings you will need. Here, click in Family Income cell, hold down mouse button & drag until entire area is outlined. </li></ul><ul><li>Click the Insert tab to display the ribbon with Chart Options </li></ul>Click Insert to select Chart type Click on the kind of Chart you want – bars, pie, line, etc.
  4. 4. To Make Simple Bar Chart 1. Click on Column 2. Choose simple 2-D Bars After these 2 clicks, your Chart will magically appear – see next slide .
  5. 5. Chart automatically created by Excel – not the prettiest, so we might want to make some changes
  6. 6. Legend Plot Area Horizontal Axis If you don’t see this Ribbon, click on Chart Tools Note the 4 headed arrow. Use this to click and drag chart to a different place.
  7. 7. Click Arrow by Quick Layout to Get Choices Choose this one to make space for Title
  8. 8. The Finished Chart – Title Added and Colors Changed To change Bar Colors Right click on left most bar (originally blue), choose Format Data Series, then Fill, then Solid Fill, then pick color. Repeat for 2 nd bar from left & choose different color. To color Chart Area Click in upper right corner. Click on Format in Menu bar & Chart Tools. At left end of ribbon, click on Format Selection under Chart Area. Under Fill, click Gradient Fill, then Arrow by Preset Colors to pick color. Click on Border Color & select color. Click on Border Style, increase Border Width to 3 pt. Click on Rounded Corners at bottom. To make text in Legend and on Axis bold , right click on the text, choose Font, then Bold.
  9. 9. We could have chosen a Line Chart - an appropriate alternative with this data.
  10. 10. Source of Data used in Chart <ul><li>Trotter, Andrew, &quot;Getting Up to Speed: U.S. schools have come a long way since connecting to the Internet was their chief technology challenge,&quot;  Education Week , 3/29/07. Citing National Center for Education Statistics, 2006 as source of data in chart. Online at </li></ul><ul><li>Article includes a much more sophisticated and beautiful chart for this data than any displayed here. </li></ul>