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How to add callouts, create outline boxes, crop images, etc. in PowerPoint 2007.

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  • I have just left plain white background, since put together in a hurry to demonstrate specific techniques.
  • Used the Title only slide LayoutLogo from – Previously copied to hard drive as a PNG file and then put on this slide using Insert > PictureCame in Centered – between top & bottom half of slide – which I didn’t like so I Moved it closer to bottomUsed Shapes from main Home ribbon to draw circle.Then clicked Picture Tools at very top of PowerPoint Window in order to select “No Fill” for the shape (to make it transparent) and clicked on Outline Color to make outline of circle Red.To make Call-out, I clicked on double-down arrow in Shapes section of Home ribbon, and then clicked on this pretty call out.To add text, I had to insert a Textbox. (In Word, call-outs allow you to type text automatically – not so in PowerPoint where much add a Textbox over top of Callout.I changed the Fill Color of the Callout and the color of the Text in the TextboxFinally, I added another textbox at bottom with info about Notes Section of PowerPoint.
  • Source of graphic – Microsoft Clipart – I searched for classroomVery small, so I clicked Size in Picture tools and specified 150% - seems to look OK (you can increase too much so gets blurry or blocky)I added an outline around the pic – again with the Picture Tools ribbon by clicking on Picture Border & choosing the Blue color.I then inserted another copy of the Microsoft Clip Art and cropped it to show just the teacher
  • I used the call-out to make the clouds, the rectangle shape for house, door, windows, and the triangle shape for roof.
  • Graphics In Power Point2007

    1. 1. Graphics in PowerPoint 2007<br />Key Point: When using Call-outs, you must insert a Textbox over the Call-out in order to type your words (unlike Word where can type directly into a Callout).<br />Prepared by Prof Pat<br />For WS445 – Feb. 24, 2010<br />Read the Notes section below each slide for detailed how – to’s<br />(Don’t run as slide show – leave like you are creating slides to see Notes)<br />You may need to download to your hard drive to display the Notes Section<br />
    2. 2. Add Callout and Graphic<br />Is this really a FEMINIST symbol?<br />Does it objectify women and promote body image problems?<br />Note: You can explain what you did, sources of graphics and quotes , etc. using the Notes section below the slide.<br />
    3. 3. In Class Demo – Insert Clipart, then Crop<br />Does this look like a typical inner city classroom to you?<br />Does this look like a typical teacher?<br />Cropped to show just the teacher<br />Original Clip Art increased to 150%<br />
    4. 4. Draw Your Own Graphics<br />Use the different Shapes – rectangles, circles, triangles, etc. <br />to create original drawings<br />