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Fmp production log_08


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Fmp production log_08

  1. 1. Salford City College Eccles Sixth Form Centre BTec Level 3 Extended Diploma in Creative Media Production Games Design FMP - Production Log Name Jordan Howcroft Date: 03.02.14 Research For my Research I googled World of warcraft as for my FMP I am creating characters for there upcoming expansion pack there for I thought it would be a good idea to look at the different environments, armour, races art style etc… and found some good character examples I could use and expand on. I then saved them as JPEGS. Date: 10.02.14 Research This week I looked into medieval armour types e.g. leather, chain mail and plate armour and then how it differed for male and females of the time period. I Found that female armour seems to be very let say skimpy whereas the males are much more covered up. Date: 17.02.14 Market Research For my market research I went on survey monkey and made a survey asking people about my ideas for the characters I am going to design. I then posted the link to the survey on my Facebook page and also tweeted it to the world. Date: 24.02.14 Market Research I checked my survey and found ten people had completed it with good answers that have helped me decide on my final idea allot. I have decided I am going to
  2. 2. do a female and male character the male being a rogue type and the female is going to be a warrior. My rogue will be wearing leather cloths and my warrior will most likely be in plate armour of some sort. Date: 03.03.14 Pitch Today I pitched my project proposal to my teachers and I feel it went well they seemed to be happy with my idea and for me to go ahead and carry it out . Date: 10.03.14 I started drawing out my character outlines of the front, side and back views of my character ideas. I used a pencil to sketch them out then I went over them with a fine liner to give a clean line. Date: 17.03.14 I started to fill out my characters by adding hair and clothing to them using the research I did on world of Warcraft and medieval armour. Date: 24.03.14 I finished my character concepts with some shading and hair. Date: 31.03.14 Add as required