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A.I.M. to be Healthy form My Academy of Health Excellence


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Artificial Intelligence Mentor with Functional Medicine

Published in: Health & Medicine
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A.I.M. to be Healthy form My Academy of Health Excellence

  2. 2. Based on the concept of EpiBioGenetics, IQYOU is the only health assessment tool in the world that combines data from all three critical wellness components to provide you a blueprint to improve your health.
  3. 3. We ask a series of Health Questions to quickly understand your health history, family history, diet, lifestyle, and meds. Smart Questions ask for additional clarification, based on your previous answers.
  4. 4. Your Lab Test Results allow IQYOU to provide very specific and accurate health feedback and recommendations. We recommend lab panels for you based on your answers to health questions.
  5. 5. Inside the Genomic Report, IQYOU sorts and ranks your DNA SNPs by body function. Show all DNA SNPs or only those out of range. Click any SNP for more info and recommendations.
  6. 6. The detailed Health Score Report breaks down the underlying physiological causes and risk factors for your situation, with probabilities for each. Your Health Score is a dynamic measurement of total body wellness from 0 to 100, based on all the data you provide, like your demographics, current health conditions, family history, diet and lifestyle habits, lab results, and DNA. IQYOU uses scientific data to quantify all of the diverse elements that impact health, referenced against 40,000 medical studies.
  7. 7. Clicking any of the items in your Health Report brings up a window with additional detail, risk factors and associated clinical references.
  8. 8. The Dashboard also gives you additional details like a Metabolic Score and a Toxin Score. Track your nutrients. Topics to watch. Get prioritized recommendations on nutrients, foods toxins, and lifestyle modifications calculated to give you the most benefit based on your data. Set and track goals for yourself based on any of these.
  9. 9. This Systems Status view provides a deeper understanding of the contributing factors affecting your health. Each system is rated from 0 - 100. Each body system is given a score between 0 - 100. Higher scores indicate optimal functioning, while lower scores indicate that dysfunction is likely.
  10. 10. Filter recipes by meal type… IQYOU has over a thousand delicious recipes, organized and categorized according to nutrients, ingredients, allergens and diet type. We recommend recipes for you based on your unique EpiBioGenetics, designed to address your main health concerns and health risks, and target your nutrient deficiencies. Or by meal plan… Or even by specific allergens you wish to avoid.
  11. 11. Each recipe has a detailed nutrition profile. Save your favorites to your own personal My Recipes section.
  12. 12. Set your recipe preferences to be remembered by the system. Exclude specific allergens and recipes containing these ingredients will be hidden from view. Exclude specific keywords from any recipes you no longer wish to see. You can choose to only include recipes from certain meal plans based on your food preferences.