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Resume & Cover letter- T-3 Program

  1. 1. Perfect Your Playbook: Resume/Cover Letter Review
  2. 2. 10 seconds is all the time anemployer is going to give yourresume in deciding to keep it or pass it on! Make sure to convince the employer you deserve that interview!
  3. 3. What should be in your resume?• Your identity (name, address, e-mail, contact number)• Objective• Education• Work/internship experience• Honors/Awards• Athletic experience **• Activities• Volunteer experience• Special skills (Languages, Computer)• Certificates/Certifications• Significant achievements• Ongoing projects and relevant courses
  4. 4. A successful resume is:• Easy to read and understand• Not an autobiography• Concise and straight to the point• One page• Uses action verbs to describe your job-related experiences• Free of errors- SPELLING AND GRAMMAR• Is presented in chronological order
  5. 5. NEVER include this on your resume:• Personal, family or health information• Pictures• False information- fictitious work experience and inaccurate dates• Unprofessional e-mail address ( or• Irrelevant/outdated information• Pronouns- “I, Me, My, Our, etc.”• Abbreviations and Acronyms• “Fancy” fonts, colors, format• GPA if it’s LOWER than a 3.0
  6. 6. Chronological Resume Format• Section 1- Contact Information• Section 2- Objective• Section 3- Education• Section 4- Honors & Awards• Section 5- Athletic Experience• Section 6- Work Experience• Section 8- Activities & Volunteer Work• Section 9- Skills
  7. 7. Utilize action verbs whendescribing experiences:
  8. 8. SampleResume
  9. 9. Cover Letter
  10. 10. What to include?• Always try to address the letter to a specific person• Indicate why you are interested in the company• Give enough information to interest the reader not overwhelm them• If the ad asks for specific information and skills, explain what you have to offer• Avoid long flowing sentences & fragments- keep sentences short but still understandable
  11. 11. Athletic Skills that can be transferred to the Work PlaceThrough participating in college athletics, student-athletes have developed countless attributes fromserving as a team leader to participating in volunteerwork. These skills are highly attractive to employersespecially if a student-athlete can transfer them intotheir role as employee.Here is a list of examples that you can mention in acover letter, resume or even interview.
  12. 12. Transferable Athletic Skills• Able to handle multiple tasks • Understand value of teamwork simultaneously • Willing to learn• Understand accountability • Result-oriented• Can make decisions under pressure • Focused• Seek and love a challenge • Competitive nature• Understand importance of time • Aggressive management • Handles pressure well• Always prepared • High energy level• Constructive criticism viewed as a • Goal oriented growth opportunity• Has overcome adversity • Disciplined• Strong work ethic • Strong character• Can execute a game plan • Self-motivated• Always striving to improve • Confident
  13. 13. Cover Letter Format• Paragraph 1: – What you want? – How you know about the organization – Mention enclosure of your resume• Paragraph 2: – Detailed overview of your strongest qualifications and skills that will help you perform the job• Paragraph 3: – State confidence in your ability – Specify why you’re specifically fit for the company• Paragraph 4: – Express appreciation – Give information on how you can be contacted• Closing, signature, and typed name
  14. 14. Q&AFeel free to take this time to ask any appropriate questions! If you have any additional questions, visit or contact the Career Development Center at: Room 2311, 2nd Floor 718-489-5360 Hours- 9:00 am- 5:00 pm Monday- Friday *Walk-ins Every Thursday!*
  15. 15. Perfect Your Playbook: Resume/Cover Letter Review