Digital And Social Media Linked In


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Digital and Social Media Presentation to Philadelphia-Area Bank Marketing Association

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Digital And Social Media Linked In

  1. 1. Tweets, Texts, and Writing on the Wall: The Changing World of Communications
  2. 2. “As Americans buy products, seek information, plan their social lives, and make personal and business decisions, the lines between media channels in the 21st century have become increasingly blurred.” -Third Annual U.S. Media Myths and Realities Survey
  3. 3. Let’s Be Clear Marketers are still navigating these waters and learning what works and what doesn’t Digital Marketing: Internet and mobile devices to communicate Social Media: “Anything that uses the Internet to facilitate conversations”* - It’s about conversation and contributing to it *Solis, Putting the Public Back in Public Relations
  4. 4. Why you? Why now? • Cost effective • Build your brand; deliver the promise • Listen to customers; start a conversation • Relationships through communication • Keep abreast of relevant news and trends • An eye on the competition • Thought leadership channels But…
  5. 5. Not for Everyone • At least not every channel • Which is right for you? What platforms are your customers using or do they have access to? Where are your customers and prospects? • Formal vs Informal • Lack some control, but that’s ok • Trust is with peers • Listen and respond “The conversation about you is happening online, appropriately whether or not you are participating.” -Wendy Piersall, blogger, new media strategist
  6. 6. Digital Marketing • PR 2.0 • Reliance on traditional media lessened • Paid and earned media • User Generated Media • Control the message
  7. 7. Online Video • Create your own content • Be your own media outlet or “channel” • Production relatively inexpensive • Easy to merchandise • Industry Web sites, YouTube • “Go viral”
  8. 8. Email Marketing • Permission required / respect privacy • Timing, reach and frequency • Give them what they need and point in the right direction • Design for all media • Grab in the subject line • Test, track and measure • Dedicated 800 # • Specific offer/promotion code
  9. 9. Don’t Forget… • Blogs still thrive • Audio and Video podcasts • Short Message Service (texts) • Online advertising • under $1500/month • Geo targeting • RSS (Really Simple Syndication) • Streaming audio • Jets, Jets, Jets • SEO • Social press release
  10. 10. Social Media "I think when the Internet came out, everyone thought it was going to change marketing…and really what happened is a lot of the things that were going on before moved online. So you used to do a TV ad, you did a banner ad—but it was still that one-way communication of one to many. Our ads are really two-way and really social. That's, I think, the real difference.“ - Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO, speaking to BusinessWeek.
  11. 11. Since 2006… 26% of consumers use a social media site – up from 17% Blog usage has doubled 43% of influential consumers* read blogs by non journalists 47% rely on WOM advice from family and friends *10-15 percent who initiate change in communities Source: MM&R survey
  12. 12. Twitter…why? • 7 million + unique users in Feb. 2009 (Mashable) • Marketing with 140 characters • Brand awareness • Relationships • Industry trends • Follow (literally) others in your space • Provide insight and information • Third party resources • Who does this well? • Best Buy, Comcast Southwest, Zappos
  13. 13. Twitter • @miox Matt Damon is helping to bring impoverished nations access to clean water. So can you. minutes ago from web • @elmwoodparkzoo - Come watch our wolves enjoy this 6ft+ paper mache deer to kickoff Wolf Awareness Week today @ 10:30am! • What do you have to say? • Promotions and offers • Customer service • Events
  14. 14. Facebook • 300 million active users ( • Brands are creating fan pages with casual, fun tones • Text messages, audio, video, images, discussion boards, games, status updates, contests • Encourages people to join together and build a community • Reach and engage your audience • Two-way advertising • Need to establish a follower base • Brands having success -Chick-fil-A registered 25,000 for a free sandwich in 5 days -Aflac duck -Starbucks
  15. 15. LinkedIn • Network of relationships • Connect with individuals who share your skills, needs and interests • Share information – PPT slides, blog posts • Event marketing • Sales leads • It’s who you know
  16. 16. Crisis Communications & Reputation Management • Digital and social media are key to rapid response e.g. “dark” websites • Domino’s Pizza - YouTube response • and FTD • Mommy Blogger vs Transportation Security Administration (TSA) • Bank crisis? “There can’t be a crisis next week. My schedule is already full.” -Henry Kissinger
  17. 17. Things to Remember • Game plan • Integration • Quality not quantity • Provide valuable content • People put trust in peers • They won’t come just because you build it • It takes time and you must commit
  18. 18. Tried and True • Community Sponsorships • Media Relations • Events • Contests and Promotions • Trade Partnerships
  19. 19. Will Never Change • Establish goals and objectives – What you want to accomplish • Have a sound strategy – How you are going to get there • Craft clear messages for the right audiences • Execute tactics that will deliver those messages through the right channels at the right times
  20. 20. Thank You Chris Murray 610.864.9123 C 8 E. Germantown Pike Suite 100 Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462