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If you are serius about the CRM:
One of the best documents on CRM ever created.
Exptact from Siebel Systems annual report.

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Siebel Annual Report

  1. 1. Siebelmeans Siebelmeans Siebelmeans Siebelmeans Siebelmeans Siebelmeans
  2. 2. ROI solutions service success continuity opportunity
  3. 3. 22 Siebel Systems, Inc. 2003 Annual Report Proven Products and Technology Leadership Siebel Systems provides business software The Siebel Application Suite consists of the solutions that empower organizations and the following complementary offerings: people in them to deliver superior customer 1. Siebel Industry Solutions experiences and proven business results. 2. Siebel CRM Siebel is a leading provider of customer 3. Siebel Incentive Compensation Management relationship management solutions and 4. Siebel Analytics solutions for business intelligence, integration, 5. Universal Application Network and and employee relationship management. Siebel Universal Customer Master 6. Siebel CRM OnDemand 1. Siebel Industry Solutions Public Sector Communications Finance Life Sciences High Technology Insurance and and Media Healthcare Siebel Public Sector Siebel Siebel Finance for Siebel Clinical Siebel High Tech Siebel Healthcare Communications for Institutional Finance Wireless Carriers Siebel Siebel Finance for Siebel Medical Siebel Insurance Communications for Retail Finance Wireline Carriers Siebel Media Siebel Pharma 2. Siebel CRM Call Center and Service Sales Customer Order Management Marketing 3. Siebel Incentive Compensation Management 4. Siebel Analytics 5. Universal Application Network and Siebel Universal Customer Master 6. Siebel CRM OnDemand
  4. 4. 23 Siebel Systems, Inc. 2003 Annual Report Proven Products and Technology Leadership Travel, Transportation, Consumer Goods Energy Complex Retail Automotive and Hospitality Manufacturing Siebel Hospitality Siebel Consumer Siebel Chemicals Siebel Aerospace Siebel Retail Siebel Automotive Goods and Defense Siebel Travel and Siebel Energy Siebel Industrial Transportation Manufacturing Siebel Oil and Gas Partner Relationship Management Field Service Employee Relationship Management CRM Professional Edition
  5. 5. 24 Siebel Systems, Inc. 2003 Annual Report What Is CRM? The Siebel CRM Solution CRM is an integrated approach to identifying, Siebel applications provide the most comprehensive multichannel acquiring, and retaining customers. solution that allows organizations to manage, synchronize, and coordinate customer interactions across all channels. By enabling organizations to manage and • Siebel Sales helps organizations grow revenues more quickly, predictably, coordinate customer interactions across and profitably by helping them focus on the right deals at the right time. multiple channels, departments, lines of • Siebel Customer Order Management supports complex pricing and business, and geographies, CRM helps product configuration, quote approval, availability checking, and credit and payment verification to ensure customer orders are complete, valid, organizations maximize the value of every and accurate. customer interaction and drive superior • Siebel Call Center and Service applications support end-to-end, closed- corporate performance. loop service and enable organizations to increase service profitability, reduce cost per contact, optimize resource management, and enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty. • Siebel Field Service enables organizations to profitably manage all Today’s organizations must manage customer interactions across multiple aspects of their service operations, from preventive maintenance to communications channels—including the Web, call centers, field sales, invoicing and advanced parts exchange. and dealer or partner networks. Many organizations also have multiple • Siebel Marketing applications provide a complete closed-loop solution lines of business with many overlapping customers. The challenge is that enables organizations to better understand their customers; execute to make it easy for customers to do business with the organization any personalized campaigns synchronized across all channels; and optimize way they want—at any time, through any channel, in any language or strategies through continuous testing, measurement, and feedback. currency—and to make customers feel that they are dealing with a single, unified organization that recognizes them at every touchpoint. • Siebel Partner Relationship Management automates and streamlines channel business processes, facilitates collaboration, supports real-time business-to-business integration with partners, and provides powerful insight into performance and effectiveness across the entire partner Multichannel CRM network. • Siebel Incentive Compensation enables organizations to manage and Web and Email Analytics modify their compensation plans so that employee and partner behaviors are aligned with corporate strategy. • Siebel CRM Professional Edition provides deep and focused CRM Customers Call Center functionality across sales, marketing, and customer service, packaged and priced to specifically meet the requirements of small and midsize Customer Back Office businesses. Field Information • Siebel CRM OnDemand provides a fast, easy, and affordable hosted CRM service that organizations of any size and in any industry can rapidly deploy to get immediate results, with no up-front investment. Partners Marketing CRM for Everyone Siebel Systems is committed to delivering “CRM for Everyone”—to any Why Is CRM Important to an Organization? type or size of organization, in any industry, with any type of user. The benefits of CRM are clear: By streamlining processes and providing We offer a broad range of CRM solutions and a highly flexible choice sales, marketing, and service personnel with better, more complete of deployment options—including hosted, on premise, or hybrid customer information, CRM enables organizations to establish more combinations of hosted and on premise. profitable customer relationships and decrease operating costs. • Sales organizations can shorten the sales cycle and increase key sales Enterprise Siebel CRM OnDemand Siebel CRM Enterprise performance metrics such as revenue per sales representative, average Applications Hybrid order size, and revenue per customer • Preintegrated with Siebel • Deep vertical capabilities CRM enterprise applications • Unparalleled customization • Marketing organizations can increase campaign response rates and • Rapid deployment for and scalability marketing-driven revenue while simultaneously decreasing lead single division • Powerful integration • Easy to use, immediate results capabilities via UAN generation and customer acquisition costs • Affordable per-user pricing • Customer service organizations can increase service agent productivity and customer retention while decreasing service costs, response times, and request resolution times Small and Siebel CRM OnDemand Siebel CRM Professional Midmarket Edition Hybrid Across every sector and industry, effective CRM is a strategic imperative • Easy to use • Deep functionality tailored for corporate growth and survival. Research has shown that companies • Fast results for small/medium-sized • Preintegrated with Siebel businesses that create satisfied, loyal customers have more repeat business, lower CRM Professional Edition • Flexibility of pricing customer acquisition costs, and stronger brand value—all of which translate • No up-front costs • Complete CRM solution into better financial performance. Hosted On Premise
  6. 6. 29 Siebel Systems, Inc. 2003 Annual Report Public Sector Citizenship and South African Revenue Service Leeds City Council Improving Citizen Response Immigration Canada in New York City Citizenship and Immigration Canada With more than 9.5 million taxpayer Leeds City Council is the government In January 2002, Mayor Michael (CIC) manages the selection, records, numerous tax types, and leadership for the city of Leeds, the Bloomberg announced plans for the admission, and processing of all multiple systems of taxpayer financial capital of Northern England, creation of a 311 Citizen Response potential new citizens to Canada. records, South African Revenue with more than 750,000 citizens. Center to simplify government Established in 1994, CIC currently Service (SARS) faced the daunting Leeds City Council initially deployed interactions for the 8 million New aims to replace several of its current task of delivering high-quality Siebel Public Sector among 40 call York City residents who were then legacy systems with a new integrated customer service while collecting center agents and 100 One-Stop faced with more than 40 different solution. This set of applications revenues accurately and efficiently. Center customer service staff to call centers, 14 pages of phone and infrastructure components will Faced with numerous views of its track citizen service requests and numbers, and a host of help lines support all of CIC’s client case customers and extremely difficult provide resolutions quickly and in order to obtain service from management, operations, and and complex account management accurately—saving more than city agencies. As a result of the requirements and will replace processes, SARS used a time- $500,000 in annual customer confusion over where to find outdated, nonintegrated legacy consuming, manual process to service costs and deploying on information, citizen access to city systems. This project, the Global prevent issuing a refund related budget in five months’ time. services was inconsistent, and Case Management System (GCMS), to one tax type when a customer service delivery was inefficient. is an integral component of CIC’s might owe a larger balance for Recently, Leeds City Council vision for the future and includes a different tax type. Utilizing Siebel expanded its use of Siebel Public “It’s not just a citizen 2,500 seats of Case Management Public Sector applications, SARS Sector applications to 2,500 social Analytics in combination with quickly linked records from various service caseworkers in order to service hotline, it is 5,000 seats of Siebel Public Sector systems to produce one aggregated deliver consistent, rapid, and effective the most powerful Call Center. Siebel Public Sector account per taxable entity, giving case management. “If a child is will leverage the lessons learned tax administrators instant debt referred to Social Services, we can management tool from the CIC experience to bring equalization capabilities; SARS can use Siebel applications to quickly ever developed to market a complete Immigration also now update numerous systems compile a complete profile of the Services solution. As a charter of record through the single child and the circumstances,” for New York City client, CIC will also influence the interface. This initial deployment says Eileen Wainwright, Director government. I can’t future directions of the product has demonstrated that revenues for Strategy and Development. to ensure its requirements are will not only increase with a single “These details are instantly sent imagine running the continuously met. With recent view of the taxpayer, but that the to the relevant social worker for city without it.” changes announced last month, new complementary systems will follow-up. Workflow ensures that the newly formed Canada Border also create significant cost reduction the correct procedures occur quickly Michael Bloomberg, Services Agency (CBSA) will and better citizen service. and in the right order.” This helps Mayor of New York City also utilize the new system for Leeds to identify cases in hours as interdiction and enforcement opposed to days—without the need To address this issue, the new 311 functions previously performed for prolonged telephone calls and Citizen Response System provides by CIC. unnecessary paperwork. a single number for residents, businesses, and visitors to initiate all interactions with the city. All of the city’s police precincts are networked to the 311 system and calls, complaints, and service requests are routed to the appropriate police precinct, allowing police to decide on an effective response more quickly than before. NYC 311 handles more than 40,000 calls daily, making it U.S. Postal Service postal service’s sales organization at the U.S. Postal Service today the largest 311 system in the and information technology staff to more than 1,400. The postal United States. Ultimately, the 311 chose Siebel because of its ability service has nine areas of operation Citizen Response Center provides to align all marketing and sales in the U.S. and Caribbean and city officials with a holistic view of To support its ongoing efforts to systems into a unified, complete required a CRM solution that could citywide operations, empowering integrate its sales and service view of postal customers and for not only handle the current scope them to allocate resources more operations, the U.S. Postal Service its ease of integration with the of its operations and massive quickly and efficiently to address is standardizing on Siebel Public existing Siebel project for the customer base, but also one that citizen needs. Sector for its Sales Support Integrated Business Service had the capacity to expand to Solution (S3) project. With more Network. These two projects bring other service fronts in the future. (From NY Times article entitled “New Yorkers Love to Complain, and Hotline Is Making the than 900 users nationwide, the the total number of Siebel users Most of It,” December 1, 2003, by Winnie Hou.)
  7. 7. 30 Siebel Systems, Inc. 2003 Annual Report Communications and Media Maximizing Customer Loyalty and 9 of the top 10 Global Profitability in the Communications 500 telecommunications and Media Industries companies have selected Siebel CRM Designed specifically for service providers in the local, long distance, broadband, cable, satellite, wireless, Internet, and media content industries, Siebel Solution Sets for Communications and Media enable organizations to enhance customer service, streamline sales operations, improve collaboration across the demand chain, increase marketing effectiveness, and 90% improve the customer buying experience. Median ROI for Siebel Select Siebel Customers Communications and Media Customers Wireline Industry Imperatives BT NTT Communications Wireline • Defend the core Wireless • Improve customer Media • Reduce customer 8% Telecom Italia S.p.A. Telstra Corporation Limited business understanding churn Revenue Increase • Drive customer • Increase customer • Up-sell and cross-sell retention value • Widen the net into new Wireless • Reduce operating costs • Expand into new • Drive customer retention • Improve operational customer segments • Improve ad sales effectiveness 12% Sonofon A/S T-Mobile Telecom Italia Mobile S.p.A. markets efficiencies • Reduce operational Customer Retention • Offer new, value- • Improve partner costs Increase Virgin Mobile USA added services effectiveness • Improve visibility into Vodafone Telecel key performance Comunicacoes Pessoais, metrics 23% S.A. Siebel Solution Sets for Employee Media Communications and Media Productivity Gains Business Week DIRECTV Operations, Inc. Wireline Wireless Media Dun & Bradstreet Holdings • Intelligence-Driven Marketing: Enables • Intelligence-Driven Marketing: Improves • Subscriber Life Cycle Management: 23% LexisNexis Reuters Limited score-based segmentation and Leverages customer Customer segmentation of campaign targeting, management best Satisfaction Increase customers, proactive resulting in increased practice to improve the churn management, marketingeffectiveness customer experience and closed-loop campaign management • Deliver the Perfect Order: Streamlines quote-to-contract while decreasing service costs • Ad Sales Management: 13% • Partner Network process, reducing Provides complete Operating Costs Optimization: transaction costs view of the customer Decrease Supports collaborative and improving the and streamlines sales sales, service, and customer buying processes, leading to marketing programs experience improved ad sales Return on Siebel with partners and • One-and-Done Service: effectiveness Investment: resellers Provides a 360-degree • Deliver the Perfect • One-and-Done view of the customer, Order: Automates the 18 Months Service: Provides resulting in shorter customer order comprehensive view of resolution times and process, reducing Source: Satmetrix Systems surveys, 2003. Figures are median values based on all customer information, increased customer transaction costs and quantitative responses provided on all 2003 resulting in shorter satisfaction improving the quarterly customer surveys. resolution times • Optimize Partner customer buying • Deliver the Perfect Networks: Improves experience Order: Streamlines the collaboration across • Optimized Field customer order the demand chain, Service: Streamlines process by providing leading to improved work processes for intelligent partner-delivered delivering service in the recommendations service and higher field, resulting in cost and simplifying partner-driven savings and improved service negotiation revenues customer service levels
  8. 8. 31 Siebel Systems, Inc. 2003 Annual Report Virgin Mobile USA Achieves “Now” Customer Service Communications and Media A joint venture between Virgin Using Siebel Workflow to Deliver Group and Sprint, Virgin Mobile “Now” Service is the first mobile virtual network Since Virgin Mobile offers Pay operator (MVNO) in the United As You Go service, it’s critical that States—and the nation’s first customers can quickly and easily wireless service to solely target “Top-Up” their accounts. When the youth market. Instead of an automatic top-up trigger undertaking the expense of is activated—for example, when building its own cellular network a low balance threshold is infrastructure, Virgin Mobile reached—Siebel Workflow sends utilizes Sprint’s wireless network the transaction out through BEA, to deliver service to its customers, charges the customer’s credit card, while retaining all responsibility updates the balance information, for all aspects of the customer and sends a text message experiences, including customer confirming top-up to the customer’s service, billing, development of the cell phone. “All four core systems handset user interface, design and can execute a customer’s request maintenance of the Web site, and in seconds,” says Parks, “so there the selection of handsets. is virtually no latency between request and execution.” The Customer Service Imperative Virgin Mobile USA realized early on that providing the best Empowering the Call Center Siebel Communications has also “Siebel offers the greatest customer service in the industry would be vital to its success. improved productivity in Virgin Mobile’s “At Your Service” call value at the lowest risk. “We are fundamentally different center. “In focus groups with both from any other operator in North America,” says Mike Parks, CIO, novice and expert customer service representatives, the feedback has I don’t know why anyone Virgin Mobile USA. “Although we are running on top of the Sprint been very positive,” says Parks. “A number of these agents have would choose anything else.” network, our customers have been in environments where they Mike Parks, CIO, Virgin Mobile USA a uniquely Virgin Mobile experience. have to page through multiple Everything that happens—in terms screens to get what they need to of customers’ interactions with serve a customer. With Siebel, our user interface, Web site, and all of the functionality is available customer care environment—is to them on the screen, and supported by systems that Virgin handling specific customer Mobile integrated, built, or situations is managed through customized. Another differentiator screen pops. As a result, we can is that, because we are Pay As You handle the vast majority of Go, we need to be very real time. inquiries with no transfers.” If a customer’s balance goes to zero, they want to put additional Customer Service Levels money into their account and make above Industry Average another call instantaneously—they The customer service focus at don’t want to wait 24 hours. It’s Virgin Mobile has resulted in real, critical that we are able to deliver measurable results. “From the a ‘now’ offering.” onset, we contracted a third party to provide customer service Needed: Real-Time Offerings monitoring. We’ve experienced very for Outstanding Service high service levels, scoring higher Virgin Mobile’s vision required than industry averages by 10 to 15 applications that could support points,” says Parks. “In fact, we’re the delivery of a real-time already approaching world-class experience at any time of day, service levels. From day one, across multiple channels. To help we’ve had a real focus on providing meet that challenge, Virgin Mobile a very positive experience to our turned to Siebel Communications. customers, whether they’re dealing “Siebel Communications was the with automated voice response or most comprehensive and reliable a live agent.” solution that we evaluated,” says Parks. “I had experience with Siebel Looking forward, Virgin Mobile is applications in a prior company, considering Siebel Communications and we were very comfortable for customer life cycle management. with the quality of Siebel Systems’ “We’re looking at ways to use Siebel support infrastructure, as well to help us better understand as with the responsiveness of the our customers’ behaviors and local account team and the Siebel preferences, and to start crafting Communications product team.” offers that could expand their relationship with Virgin Mobile,” says Parks. “That’s the next level of sophistication.”
  9. 9. 32 Siebel Systems, Inc. 2003 Annual Report Finance Deepening Customer Relationships in 22 of the top 25 Global 500 Institutional Finance and Retail Banking banks are Siebel customers 37 of the top 50 Global 500 Siebel Solution Sets for Finance enable banks are Siebel customers organizations in the institutional finance and retail banking industries to maximize Siebel has 130,000 users customer profitability, improve customer in production in the world’s satisfaction and retention, and streamline top 10 banks alone the account and credit origination processes to lower operating costs. Industry Imperatives Institutional Finance Retail Banking 88% Median ROI for Siebel Financial Select Siebel Customers • Maximize customer profitability • Transform the branch experience Services Customers • Deliver differentiated service • Maximize customer profitability Abbey • Regain investor trust • Increase customer retention Allfirst Bank Siebel Solution Sets for Finance 8% Australian Finance Group Ltd. Banco de Galicia y Revenue Increase Buenos Aires, S.A. Institutional Finance Retail Banking Bank of America Corporation • Profitable Cross-Selling: Improves • Branch Transformation: Equips commercial bankers’ ability to cross-sell noninterest, higher- branch personnel with fully integrated sales, service, analytics, 13% Bank of Montreal Barclays Bank Plc Countrywide Home margin products such as cash and robust financial transaction Customer Retention management and treasury processing capabilities, enabling Increase Loans, Inc. services to their existing customer them to deliver an outstanding Deutsche Bank AG base, leading to greater profitability customer experience. Automates • Customer-First Service: Enables the offer management and referral Dresdner Bank AG commercial banks to retain their most valuable customers by capture process for tellers, platform officers, and managers, leading to 18% First National Bank of Omaha Fleet National Bank improving overall customer increased sales per employee in Employee HSBC Investment Bank Plc knowledge and by supporting the branch channel. proactive, personalized service • Service to Sales: Ensures that all Productivity Gains RBC Financial Group • Trusted Advisor: Provides customer inquiries are addressed Scudder Financials investment management efficiently with minimal errors Société Générale professionals with tools that enable them to more effectively target across all channels, leading to higher customer satisfaction 18% Standard Chartered Bank The Bank of New York their customers with tailored and retention. Customer cross-sell and up-sell offers, • Relationship-Powered Lending: UBS AG leading to greater customer Equips lending officers with Satisfaction Increase profitability and loyalty detailed customer intelligence and supports an end-to-end sales and credit origination process, leading to increased revenue 8% and reduced processing times. Operating Costs Decrease Return on Siebel Investment: 12 Months Source: Satmetrix Systems surveys, 2003. Figures are median values based on all quantitative responses provided on all 2003 quarterly customer surveys.
  10. 10. 33 Siebel Systems, Inc. 2003 Annual Report Helping Clients Succeed in Today’s Rapidly Evolving Markets Finance The Bank of New York, founded The Company began the by Alexander Hamilton in 1784, implementation of its SFA system is the United States’ oldest bank in July 2002, testing pilot programs and the principal subsidiary of in its U.S. and European offices. The Bank of New York Company, Successful pilots led to strategic Inc., a financial holding company. deployment in remaining locations With total assets of $92 billion, including Asia, the Middle East, total assets under custody of South Africa, and Latin America. $8.3 trillion, and operations in “We implemented our SFA system 33 countries, it’s also a global across all institutional product areas leader in securities servicing for of the Bank, in over 30 countries, issuers, investors, and financial which few if any other financial intermediaries. The Company has institutions have been able to a distinguished history of serving successfully manage,” says Miller. global corporations, financial institutions, asset managers, Significant Business Benefits governments, nonprofit With the Siebel Finance solution organizations, and individuals fully deployed, the Bank has around the world through its five realized a host of benefits: primary businesses: Securities Increased Cross-Selling—Sales Servicing and Global Payment Services, Private Client Services and Asset Management, Corporate personnel are more quickly informed of new business opportunities “The technology foundation around the world on a daily basis Banking, Global Market Services, and Retail Banking. and are better able to coordinate the sale of additional products into provided by Siebel Finance A Legacy of Acquisitions Over the last decade, The Bank existing and new relationships Increased Employee Productivity plays an important role in of New York has made over 80 acquisitions worldwide, resulting and Efficiency—Sales personnel have a shared system for managing helping us achieve our goals.” in the broadest array of products contacts and activities, which Bruce Miller, Senior Vice President, Institutional Cross Selling and services offered in the industry leads to improved coordination of and Strategic Sales, The Bank of New York and the addition of thousands of individual and group sales activities new customer relationships and Better Planning of Sales Efforts— contacts. Faced with increasingly Management has deeper insight into complex, cross-border customer the sales pipeline, allowing them relationships and multiple customer to better predict sales performance database and tracking systems, and monitor clients at risk the Bank sought a technology solution that would unify its Increased Customer Satisfaction— sales force and complement By improving the Bank’s ability its corporate vision—helping to develop value-added solutions its clients identify opportunities, and coordinate customer outreach, address challenges, and navigate Siebel Finance has helped the a constantly changing marketplace. organization improve customer satisfaction Establishing a 360-Degree Reduced IT Maintenance Costs— View of the Customer Now relying on a single technology To address these issues, The Bank solution, the Bank has sunset of New York rolled out its custom several legacy systems, reducing Siebel Finance application, named its total cost of ownership Global Sales Force Automation (SFA), to client-facing professionals “We strive to be the acknowledged based in various parts of the globe. global leader and preferred partner The application is used by client in helping our clients succeed executives, country managers, sales in the world’s rapidly evolving officers, and product relationship financial markets,” says Miller. managers to manage and track “The technology foundation all customer contact and sales provided by Siebel Finance plays activities. “We wanted a customized an important role in helping us solution that would provide us achieve our goals.” with a 360-degree view of all our institutional customers, accessible anytime and anywhere in the world,” explains Bruce Miller, Senior Vice President, Institutional Cross Selling and Strategic Sales at The Bank of New York.
  11. 11. 34 Siebel Systems, Inc. 2003 Annual Report Life Sciences Driving Efficiencies, Effectiveness, 25 of the top 25 and Growth in Life Sciences pharmaceutical companies have chosen Siebel applications Siebel Solution Sets for Life Sciences enable organizations in the pharmaceutical, 8 of the top 10 medical biotechnology, clinical research, and medical products companies have products industries to deploy customer-centric chosen Siebel applications strategies that will allow them to accelerate time to market, improve sales and marketing effectiveness, ensure regulatory compliance, and deliver world-class service across all channels. 100% Industry Imperatives Median ROI for Siebel Life Select Siebel Customers Sciences Customers Pharmaceuticals Medical Pharmaceuticals • Accelerate time to market • Deliver world-class service Amgen • Improve sales effectiveness • Achieve marketing excellence • Improve sales effectiveness • Realize contract revenue 8% Aventis Pharma Bayer AG • Improve medical communications • Achieve regulatory compliance Revenue Increase Biogen Inc. and service • Increase marketing value • Maximize human capital Boehringer Ingelheim Siebel Solution Sets for Life Sciences 8% International GmbH Novartis Novo Nordisk Customer Retention Pharmaceuticals Medical Increase Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Organon NV • Clinical Trial Management: • Intelligent Customer Service: Accelerates time to market Enables world-class service by Pfizer BV by streamlining clinical trial processes, enhancing CRA providing customer-facing employees with a 360-degree view 18% Roche Laboratories, Inc. Shionogi & Co., Ltd. productivity, strengthening of the customer and an embedded Employee Takeda Pharmaceuticals investigator relationships, solutions knowledge base and providing real-time clinical • Relationship-Driven Selling: Productivity Gains America, Inc. trial status Increases close rates and reduces Wyeth • Intelligence-Driven Sales Planning sales cycles through quote-to-order and Execution: Integrates customer and market intelligence automation, real-time customer intelligence, and best-practice 13% Clinical Duke Clinical from multiple sources, enabling sales methodologies Customer sales professionals to plan more • Contract Life Cycle Management: Research Institute effective sales strategies and Enables companies to execute Satisfaction Increase Inveresk Clinical deliver personalized sales contracts as negotiated, including Research, Ltd. messages to physicians compliance to terms and • Closed-Loop Marketing: Enables one-to-one marketing by conditions, resulting in higher revenue, reduced administration, 8% Novartis Pfizer BV providing an integrated system and increased renewals and profits Operating Costs Pharmaceutical Product for designing and executing • Closed-Loop Complaints Development, Inc. campaigns across multiple Management: Enables seamless Decrease channels, including field sales, capture and tracking of product PRA International, Inc. the Web, and the call center complaints and adverse events, Source: Satmetrix Systems surveys, 2003. TAP Pharmaceutical Figures are median values based on all • Integrated Medical leading to improved reporting, quantitative responses provided on all 2003 Products, Inc. Communications, Drug Safety, faster resolution, and improved quarterly customer surveys. and Product Complaints: compliance Provides one view of medical • Integrated Marketing: Automates Medical information requests and case the design, approval, and Alcon S.A. management activities across execution of product marketing Aspect Medical Systems multiple departments and campaigns to increase market Baxter International Inc. geographies to ensure regulatory share, accelerate new product compliance and high levels of introductions, and increase sales Dade Behring Inc. customer satisfaction to the installed customer base GE Healthcare • KPI-Driven Performance Gen-Probe, Inc. Management: Aligns employees’ Guidant Corporation individual objectives with key performance indicators (KPIs) Philips Medical Systems of each functional department, PSS World Medical, Inc. leading to enhanced business STERIS Corporation performance
  12. 12. 35 Siebel Systems, Inc. 2003 Annual Report A Prescription for Closer Customer Relationships at Wyeth Life Sciences The pharmaceutical industry Quick Return on Investment has long been challenged by Wyeth’s decision made it the first the risk and complexity of drug top-tier pharmaceutical company development. Lately, a new to deploy a major CRM solution. challenge has emerged—just This investment has quickly paid getting in to see the busy off for the company in measurable physician “customer.” Wyeth ways. The following benefits were responded by implementing achieved as a result of deploying Siebel CRM solutions to improve the Siebel CRM solution: customer relationships and sales Operational Spend—Reduced 20% execution, while reducing costs. in the first year With annual revenues of $15.8 billion, Average Call Answer Time— Wyeth is one of the largest Now 37 seconds, down 40% research-driven pharmaceutical First-Call Resolution—Has increased and healthcare products companies from 39% to a remarkable 93% in the world. In the high-risk business of manufacturing and Escalation Resolution Time— marketing prescription and over- An astounding 1,500% reduction, the-counter medicines, Wyeth decreasing the time to resolve has a remarkable track record— problems requiring escalation producing a long list of category winners, including Advil, Alavert by 36 hours Wyeth looked to Siebel for a allergy medicine, Centrum vitamins, Effexor antidepressants, Other Key Benefits With the Siebel CRM solution, competitive edge—to help its Prevnar pneumococcal vaccine Wyeth is also enjoying benefits for infants, and Robitussin cough and cold medicine. in other key areas. Among them are providing its field and call field reps gain better access But even with Wyeth’s consistent center sales reps with timely and integrated sales data, reducing to physicians and, once in success in the laboratory, growing the number of email and voice demands on physicians’ time— compounded by a significant messages reps handle, offering superior analytical capabilities the door, get its medicines increase in the number of pharmaceutical field sales for evaluating target effectiveness, facilitating integrated precall and other products representatives—has made it planning at the point of need, increasingly difficult to get in the door. and supplying a complete view of promotional activity around prescribed more often. each physician customer. Obstacles to Successful Sales and Service Further, despite additional contact In addition to more field salespeople information and activities that need competing for less time, several to be tracked and logged today, other factors have worked against Siebel CRM is delivering integrated the effectiveness and efficiency of sales data from Wyeth’s custom the pharmaceutical sales process. data warehouse as fast as or faster than previous “point” systems. • Many companies, Wyeth included, have been unable to avoid the Developing new medicines will confusion created by multiple always require intelligent salespeople from one firm investment and a willingness to selling different products to take calculated risks. With Siebel the same physicians CRM applications, Wyeth now has • Field salespeople and call center the powerful solution it needs to representatives do not have enhance the ROI of its sales and the latest technology tools such marketing activities and build on as a fully integrated repository of its tradition of market leadership. customer data; handheld devices for real-time field access; and sophisticated management, analysis, and reporting capabilities • Entrenched legacy systems have made it more challenging to implement the needed next- generation solutions In 2002, Wyeth selected Siebel CRM solutions to bring it closer to physicians and reduce spending on sales, service, and support.
  13. 13. 36 Siebel Systems, Inc. 2003 Annual Report High Technology Creating the Customer-Driven 19 of the top 20 Global 500 High Technology Company high technology companies have chosen Siebel applications Designed specifically for companies in the hardware, software, semiconductor, 9 of the top 10 Fortune 500 and communications equipment industries, high technology companies Siebel Solution Sets for High Tech enable have chosen Siebel organizations to drive superior sales applications performance, streamline sales operations, increase marketing effectiveness and accountability, improve collaboration across the demand chain, enhance the customer buying experience, and maximize after-market 95% parts and service revenue. Median ROI for Siebel Complex Select Siebel Customers Manufacturing and High Tech Customers Actel Corporation Industry Imperatives Altera Corporation • Understand customers: Need to gain a deeper understanding American Power of customer needs and increase customer lifetime value • Grow high-margin businesses: Must expand into profitable segments 8% Conversion Corp. Autodesk, Inc. without substantially increasing operating expenses Revenue Increase Avaya • Streamline the buying experience: With greater product commoditization, high technology firms must deliver a superior buying experience to Best Software SB, Inc. attract and retain customers • Deliver world-class service and support: High technology customers evaluate vendors—and base future buying decisions—on the quality 13% BMC Software, Inc. Brooks Automation of service delivered across the entire product usage life cycle Customer Retention Cadence Design • Optimize partner channels: High technology companies must ensure Increase Systems, Inc. a seamless customer experience across their partner ecosystem and Candle Corporation maximize channel sales and profitability Cerner Corporation Siebel Solution Sets for High Tech 23% Cisco Systems, Inc. CNT Employee Fujitsu Siemens • Intelligence-Driven Marketing: Improves customer segmentation, targeting, and campaign tracking, resulting in increased marketing Productivity Gains Computers GmbH effectiveness and accountability Gateway, Inc. • Performance-Driven Sales: Streamlines sales planning, operations, and execution, resulting in optimal territory coverage, lower operating costs, shorter sales cycles, and increased sales close rates 18% HP IBM Corporation Intergraph Corporation • Deliver the Perfect Order: Streamlines the quote-to-contract process, Customer reducing transaction costs and significantly increasing order accuracy Satisfaction Increase Intuit, Inc. • Service Life Cycle Management: Helps organizations cost-effectively Lexmark International, Inc. deliver world-class service throughout the service life cycle—from identifying and closing service requests and assessing entitlements LSI Logic Corporation to dispatching field technicians and managing product defects— resulting in increased customer satisfaction and higher after-market 8% Mentor Graphics Corporation Mercury Interactive parts and service revenue Operating Costs Microsoft Corporation • Partner Network Optimization: Improves collaboration across the demand chain, resulting in greater brand consistency, more productive Decrease Misys Healthcare Systems partner relationships, higher indirect revenue and margins, enhanced Motorola, Inc. partner-delivered sales and service, and greater partner satisfaction Return on Siebel Network Associates, Inc. Investment: Novell, Inc. 12 Months Omnicell, Inc. Pitney Bowes Inc. Source: Satmetrix Systems surveys, 2003. Qualcomm, Inc. Figures are median values based on all quantitative responses provided on all 2003 Ricoh Corporation quarterly customer surveys. Sandisk Corporation Sun Microsystems, Inc. Symantec Corporation Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Ltd. Xerox Corporation
  14. 14. 37 Siebel Systems, Inc. 2003 Annual Report Enhancing Service Quality at Pitney Bowes High Technology “Pitney Bowes is focused on Bringing It All Together managing inbound and outbound To address these issues, Pitney communications more holistically Bowes is deploying Siebel CRM across the enterprise so we applications, integrating them can provide our customers with with the company’s own document a more integrated experience.” management technology to create what it calls the Pitney Bowes Bill Geronimo, Director of CRM Customer Communication Application Development, Management (CCM) solution. Pitney Bowes By consolidating and streamlining all inbound and outbound customer A leading provider of integrated communications, including mail mail, messaging, and document correspondence, the integrated management solutions, Pitney solution enables Pitney Bowes’ Bowes is committed to engineering call center agents to respond to the flow of communication for its customer requests or inquiries customers. Founded in 1920, with more efficiently and effectively. annual revenues of $4.6 billion, In fact, the solution has worked the company has developed a wide so well in-house that Pitney Bowes range of innovative technologies and Siebel Systems are now that are at the heart of its systems co-marketing the joint offering and software offerings. With the help of 33,000 employees in 24 to other Siebel customers. “Service is critical to our countries, Pitney Bowes serves more than 2 million customers. “Agents can access customer history and other data in core success, and this system mailing, leasing, or postage-by- Committed to delivering a superior customer experience, Pitney Bowes phone systems because everything is tied together,” Nichols says. allows us to get it right for is always looking for ways to improve communication across “This enables us to handle more customer questions without customers the first time.” the different business units and transferring a call—and resolve Bill Geronimo, Director of CRM Application Development, functional organizations it uses issues the first time. If someone Pitney Bowes to serve customers and generate claims that a payment has been revenue. “Some time ago, we mailed back, the agent can now developed a vision of finding access mail stream data while the a more effective way to share customer is on the phone.” information across the organization,” says Bill Geronimo, Director of Siebel applications also provide CRM Application Development, Pitney Bowes’ field service Pitney Bowes. “With the industry engineers with a comprehensive, moving toward a solution selling closed-loop solution for managing model, we knew that if we were break/fix and other service events going to keep pace, we needed in the field. Siebel Field Service has to be more efficient in the way enabled Pitney Bowes to improve we share information among our first-time fix rates by 10% and various business units.” reduce emergency and rush orders by 90%. In addition, stock levels Twenty Systems for Sales have been lowered by at least 15% and Service due to better inventory management. Pitney Bowes has relied on as many as 20 different mainframe “Having service labor as well applications to support sales and as parts inventory viewable in customer service functions across one system has been a big different business areas in the breakthrough,” Geronimo company. Not only were these comments. “Service is critical systems disconnected, but some to our success, and this system were real-time and some were allows us to get it right for batch applications, often running customers the first time.” on different hardware platforms. “If you’re trying to respond to a customer’s needs quickly and effectively,” explains Ralph Nichols, Service Program Manager, Pitney Bowes, “it’s difficult to do, when systems and data are rarely in synch.”
  15. 15. 38 Siebel Systems, Inc. 2003 Annual Report Enhancing the Customer Experience and Reducing Costs at HP “To deliver a consistent, industry- Providing Power Tools to the HP’s CRM Framework and Key Programs leading customer experience, Sales Force we need to integrate our front HP’s first step was to replace CRM Framework Key Programs office and link all of the ways that or consolidate nearly 50 legacy Marketing Infrastructure Marketing Resource Management we touch the customer. Siebel applications used by its sales • Campaign Planning, Management, has become the primary enabling force with a single, powerful, and Reporting Installed-Base Marketing technology for customer contact fully integrated CRM platform at HP.” from Siebel. By reducing the Lead Management Closed-Loop Lead Management number of stand-alone CRM • Lead Qualification Mike Overly, systems by 70%, HP saved an • Lead Allocation and Tracking • Lead Rating and Routing Vice President–Marketing, HP estimated $30 million. Further, the company expects to trim Sales Force Tools Global Opportunity and HP believes that delivering a customer operations costs by Account Management globally consistent, high-quality $15 million annually, thanks to Global Funnel and Forecast Management Workflow Automation customer experience is critical streamlined development and to its success. With more than reduced staff needs. Contact Center Tools Integrated Customer Information 140,000 employees doing business Cross-Sell/Up-Sell in 170 countries worldwide, But operational savings are just the CHI Integration maintaining its high standards beginning. HP expects Siebel CRM Customer Knowledge Management Base Customer Information for responsiveness and customer applications to make their biggest Transactional Data (360-Degree View) touch is a challenge—one that contributions in lead management. Integrated Analytics HP is tackling by standardizing In the past, leads generated from on Siebel worldwide. a wide range of sources—from Web events to referrals—were qualified A key objective is to ensure that and tracked manually. wherever or however customers CRM/PRM Alignment: Vision and User Needs interact with HP, they always feel “We’ll be automating the entire like they are working with one lead and opportunity process company. “Customers want us using Siebel’s closed-loop lead to know them, and by ‘us,’ they management capabilities,” remarks mean the global HP organization,” Overly. “This will let us rate, Vision says Mike Overly, HP Vice route, and allocate leads far more Lead industry by integrating the best of direct and indirect go-to-market business models, enabling President–Marketing. “Whether efficiently and effectively than seamless, simple, low-cost customer and partner transactions customers choose to work with before. HP averages thousands of that optimize Total Customer Experience (TCE) and profitable growth us by phone, over the Web, or in leads every day, so the potential person, our goal is to make the for increased sales is enormous.” Customers Partners Expect end-to-end solutions from HP • Expect ease of doing profitable business process easy—to provide them and HP partners at the right price, with HP to sell products and services a seamless transition from one Improving Collaboration with right place, and right time for home, to customers touchpoint to another, leverage Business Partners office, or enterprise • Expect to collaborate with HP to leverage demand and provide end-to-end solutions information to know and anticipate In addition, HP is implementing their needs, and ensure their Siebel Partner Relationship experience is consistently of the Management (PRM) to support • Joint Mkt Customer Product Quote Order • Fulfillment Plan/ Contact Services and and • Post-Sales highest quality.” and maximize the contributions Execution and Lead/ and Configuration Deliver Support of a broad spectrum of external • Campaign Opportunity Solution salespeople. This is important Mgmt Mgmt because nearly 60% of HP’s business revenue comes through partners. The automated solution will also enable HP to save millions of dollars currently paid to vendors to qualify and track leads. Current Strategic Initiatives across HP Are Critically Dependent upon Capabilities Enabled by a Global CRM Implementation TC er e( m Improve Customer Experience Increased Sales/Growth E) nc sto • Make it easier for the customer • Enable Direct Sales to be competitive Hi rie Cu to work with HP • Personalized content and marketing gh CRM pe al • Anticipate customer needs campaigns for new and installed Ex t Tot Te • Seamless integration across touchpoints GLOBAL base customers c h • Consistent interactions/experiences STRATEGY • Global customer and market information s Be • Lead management auto-routing rule ensures leads are distributed properly and tracked Low Cost • Showcase for Adaptive Enterprise Simplify, Streamline, and Leverage • Radically simplify and streamline systems and processes • Leverage processes and assets wherever possible • Simple enables more
  16. 16. 39 Siebel Systems, Inc. 2003 Annual Report High Technology continued “Siebel gives us tools to determine Delivering Out-of-the-Box Benefits which partners have the best It was critical to HP that whatever closure rates for different types CRM solution the company selected of business,” Overly adds. “So, not require expensive customization. we can route leads not only by Siebel provided the exceptionally geography, but also by the partner’s robust, out-of-the-box benefits track record in accepting and across functional areas that HP closing opportunities. This has a was looking for. direct impact on revenue growth.” “Choosing a solution that would Finally, HP is deploying Siebel need a lot of customization Marketing Resource Management was simply not an acceptable (MRM) to improve campaign alternative,” Overly comments. planning, management, and tracking, “Our focus was to be able to as well as Siebel Analytics to gain achieve globally consistent greater insight into the effectiveness business processes and reporting of its marketing programs. to produce better team synergy and enhance execution. All of this Improving Contact with Customers leads to our ultimate objective Like a lot of large enterprises of providing the best possible with multinational customers, Total Customer Experience.” the quality of customer information is a constant concern for HP. “Siebel helps HP provide “Approximately 80% of our basic contact information—names, customers with a seamless addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses—changes every two years,” says Overly. “It’s not experience from one enough to get good customer data; we have to keep it that way.” touchpoint to another.” Mike Overly, Vice President–Marketing, HP Siebel’s support of wireless handheld devices enables HP sales representatives to capture changes in customer contact information in real time wherever they are, using Siebel applications running on HP iPAQ Pocket PCs. These changes are immediately reflected as part of organizational knowledge, so that any HP person can leverage the data. CRM and Partner Integration Vision, Approach, and Scope CRM Vision Provide business customers an industry-leading experience CRM Global Capability Framework Marketing Customer Knowledge Partner Integration Lead Management Management Contact Centers Approach Outside Sales Build a cohesive, integrated ✓ All Geographies CRM ecosystem to turn basic ✓ All Business Units data into rich customer insight ✓ Business Market Segments (Corporate Enterprise (see, know, anticipate) and Small Medium Business)