06.case study 1 imc korea nam kee lee


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06.case study 1 imc korea nam kee lee

  1. 1. Case Study: Corporate Checkup ConsultationApril ‘13Korea Government Certified Consultant Association
  2. 2. •Managerial / Tech Expert•Tech / Industrial Analysis•Core Competency/ Managerial PerformanceAnalysis•Prescription•Core Solution/ Implementational Solution*Subsidiary / Training/Marketing support / R&D*Institutional SupportDiagnosisPrescription(Solution)Cure(PoliticalSupport)A series of procedure inclusive of expert analysis, drawingout latent and existing problems, prescribing a solutionand curing by way of Nat’l-level Small & MediumBusiness support and subsidiary.Definition: Corporate Checkup
  3. 3. Pre-diagnosisDocumentaryPurpose of AnalysisCorporate Checkup - Checklist (Track I)1. Application2. Financial Statements3. Business Plans4. Corporate Introduction5. State Certified / Patent Pending6. Organization Chart7. CEO Profile8. Process Map (Manufacture)1. AdministrativeImprovement2. Corporate Rehab3. Early Diagnosis4. High-risk AnalysisPost-diagnosisPresentationSuggestionConsultation1. Diagnosis Report2. Other PT Materialsdeemed relevant1. Prescription2. Political Support Plan1. To consult date of PT as agreedby Corporation / Institution /Diagnoser concerned
  4. 4. Checklist (Mandatory)1.Corporate2. Tech / Industrial3. Core Competency1 Outline / Corporate History /Organization2Cost Competency Analysis3Investment Efficiency Analysis4Business Position Analysis5Analytic Sum-up for Business Position1 Analytic Outline2 Supply Chain3 Market scope / Tech Trend4 Industrial Trend5 Analytic Sum-up1 Core Competency Outline2 Functional Analysis3 Competitiveness Analysis4Performance Analysis5Core Competency Sum-up4. Admin Performance1 Corporate Outline2 History / Organization3 Process / Facility5. Overall Sum-up1 Analytic Result2 S/W/O/T - S/RCorporate Checkup - Checklist (Track I)
  5. 5. Checklist (Optional)1. Financial2. Assumption3. EVA1 Marketing2 Administrative Management3 R&D4 Material Purchase, etc.1 Sales2 Cost of Sales3 Sales & Admin Costs4 Profit & Loss5. Value Chain Gap1 Stability2 Liquidity3 Profitability4 Growth Characteristic6. Manufacture Admin1 On-site Management2 Material Supply Management3 Facility Management4 Operational Management, etc.7. 4-STAGE4. Corporate Culture1 Sales / Marketing2 Material Purchase3 R&D4 Delivery Management(deadline), etc.Corporate Checkup - Checklist (Track I)
  6. 6. Checklist (Optional)8. Investment Feasibility9. Payback Analysis & Review1 Corporate State Review2 Business Detail Review10. Business Plan Review1 NPV Analysis2 Investment FeasibilityAnalysis*Must perform financialassumption first 11. Marketing Competency Review1 Export Competency2 Market Understanding /Strategic Feasibility3 Marketing StrategicFeasibility4 Expansion in Cliental /Geographic Scope5 Sustainable GrowthFundamentalCorporate Checkup - Checklist (Track I)
  7. 7. Corporate Check up Case StudyDiagnosedonApr 26 ‘11 ~ May 06 ‘11DiagnosedbyOOOCoordinatedby000※ Coordinator: Deployed by Small and Medium Business Corporation for in-depth analysis on, but not limited to suggestion of long-term / short-term solutions, political support and other means of competency, being a point of contact for the diagnosee company.Subject to Secrecy* Part of figures, etc. kept in blank for secrecy.- SK Group Affiliate -
  8. 8. TOC- 2/61 -2. Tech / Industrial Analyses3. Core Competency Analysis4. Managerial Performance Analysis5. Diagnostic Sum-up6. Suggestion (Strategy & Roadmap)7. Political Support8. Conclusion[심층분석] 4Stage 평가[심층분석] 4stage 분석[심층분석] 생산관리수준평가[심층분석] 미래재무 추정[기업특화]1. Corporate State
  9. 9. Corporate State□ OutlineName 00000Represented by000Location Gyeonggi, KoreaContact 031) 000-0000 FAX 031) 000-0000Web E-mail# ofEmployees32Date ofEstablishmentNov, ‘05Field ofBusiness(CODE)Aluminum Casting(24321_09)SortationManufacturer(GeneralManufacturer)- 4/61 -1. 11. Corporate State□ Financial StatementsItem Year 2008 2009 2010Sales 36,630 56,309 82,716OperatingIncome398 1,043 2,908Net Income 365 889 2,545Assets Total 3,033 7,753 14,772Equity Total 1,075 2,665 5,508Liabilities total 1,957 5,088 9,264(Unit: Millionwon)알루미늄 비렛트(알루미늄압출재료)Aluminum Billet(Casting Material)□ Subject / Purpose of Manufacture□ S&M Business Corp LoansYear BusinessAmountloanedBalance2011 Overall Analysis(Unit: KRW1,000)Identify and collectcorporate / product datafor diagnosis(representative, etc.)
  10. 10. Corporate History / Organization Chart- 5/61 -1. 22005. 11 ■ Established (Represented by: )2009. 03 ■ Patent Registered (Reg. No.0892176)06 ■ Purchased Factory in Chungcheonnam-do06 ■ Venture Company Certified12 ■ Purchased Factory in Gyeonggi-do□ Corporate History1. Corporate StatePresidentD ofManagement(4)D of Sales(2)D ofManufacturer(25)□ Organization Chart□ Shares HeldShareholderAmount Share Relation000 000 34 % President000 000 33 % Acquaintance000 000 33 % AcquaintanceCollect organization chart,recognize the point-of-contact(identify name, if feasible)and arrange yourconsultation (time andlocation).
  11. 11. 1. IncomingScrap / Ingot2. LiquefactionLiquefaction of material3. CastingUses ‘Casting Mold’4. Thermal TreatmentThermal Treatment5. CutCut in size6. Final Inspection 7. Delivery□ 현장사진□ Notable Processes / Facilities★ Core Process● Agitator, Reflector★ Core Process ★ Core Process● Balancer Reactor/Cooler Reactor● Cutting Apparatus ● Casting Machine- 6/61 -Process / Facility1. 31. Corporate StateMust recognize coreprocesses for on-siteinspection, etc.(Check-Musts)1.Shoot the scene offacility operating. Checkfor the proper state offacilities operating2. Identify core processes/ processes outsourced
  12. 12. 2. Tech / IndustrialAnalyses- 7/61 -2. 1 Outline2. 2 Supply Chain2. 3 Market Scope / Tech Trend2. 4 Industrial Trend2. 5 Summary
  13. 13. Outline- 8/61 -2. 12. Tech / IndustrialAnalysesTech / Industrial Analyses are for scope of market, tech trend and industrial trend to better understand theconcerned industry and identify opportunities and threats.For scope of marketand market shares ofcompetitors forproducts manufacturedFor better understanding on the‘industrial lifecycle’ to forecastgrowth characteristics and scopeof industry, as well as analyzingopportunities and threatsFor understanding theentangled structure of industrialcompetition to analyzeprofitability and ‘seductiveness’of the concerned industryFor better understanding ontech trend for the concernedproduct and concurrence ofthe developmental plan theretoTo understand industrial environmentincurred out of the external factors toanalyze opportunities and threats
  14. 14. Supply Chain- 9/61 -□ Supply Chain (Inter-sector Relation)2. 22. Tech / IndustrialAnalyses□ Corporate CompetitivenessFundamental Industry Manufacture Industry Advanced IndustryScrap SteelAluminum IngotSortShare insales(%)Aluminum Billet 95.00Construction MaterialsCompanyShare insales(%)00 Metal 25.0000 Metal 15.0000 Industrial, etc. 60.00■ ■■Deemed offering competitive price, by the optimal alloy ratio with useof 00 Technology.Recognize and identify the diagnosee company data for salescomposition and bargaining power.
  15. 15. Market Scope / Tech Trend- 10/61 -2. 32. Tech / IndustrialAnalyses■ Market Scope7,000억 10,000억(Unit: KRW100 mil)-Features higher pressure power(20~30%), for given levelof hardness-Patent pending for Alloy 6063 (Ratio of Alloy Metal)■ Tech Development Trend70-series (for Aircraft use, etc.) High-strength Metal■ Product Developmental PlanProject 1.7075 —Dec. 2012■ Tech AvailableRefer to SERI / Internet /Competent Authority of theconcerned industry
  16. 16. Industrial Trend- 11/61 -2. 42. Tech / IndustrialAnalyses■ Industrial AttractivenessIndustrialCycle산업경쟁강도도입기 성장기 성숙기 쇠퇴기IndustrialTrendIndustrial CycleMaturingPeriod4.5Competitive IntensityIndustrialEnvironmentIntermediate2.9Intermediate3.0Sort Suggestion■ Industrial Cycle- Growth Rate- Operating ProfitRate, avg.- Supply Trend-Aluminum Alloy industry of Korea is, asillustrated, in the middle of MaturingPeriod, eyeing decline in the near futurewith rises of competitor countries anddevelopment of substitutes.■ CompetitiveIntensity- Competitor- BargainingPower againstclient- BargainingPower againstsupplier-Development ofsubstitutes-Market forayer-Company is deemed offering, despiteincreasing level of competition cydevelopment of complex materials, a fairlycompetitive price and faring in theintermediate level of competition withprice-competitive alloy metal technology,etc.■ IndustrialEnvironment- Economic Trend- Political Trend- Eco-friendliness-Aluminum Alloy, though eying the decliningcycle, is in high demand from construction,aircraft, vehicle manufacture and thusdeemed highly price-competitive againstsubstitutes (complex material) forintermediate level of competition.May or may not be adjusted by theobjective diagnoser.
  17. 17. Tech / Industrial Analyses Summary- 12/61 -2. 52. Tech / IndustrialAnalysesStructural Feature of Industry■ Summary on Market / Tech / Industrial Variation-Aluminum Alloy is in high and increasing demand, with necessityof thermal treatment technology.Growth Characteristic andMarket ProjectionIndustrial Trend and PriceVariationVariability in CompetitionLegal / Political Regulationand TrendTech Development Trend-Likely sanguine due to high and increasing demand.-In need of price / tech competitiveness for scrap steel supplyand aluminum alloy technology due to expensive raw materials.-In need of development of account by way of tech development andprice competitiveness.--7000-series Market is in drastic expansion (aircraft, semi-conductor, etc.) by way of development in aluminum alloytechnology■ Opportunities■ Threats-Demand from construction, vehicle manufacture, etc.trending increasing.-Aluminum scrap becoming price-competitiveness dueto expensive raw materials.***Set forth internal factors***-Expensive and scarce scrap metal.-Rise of substitutes (Engineering Plastic, etc.)-High-tech necessary for alloy process.Source :www.cretop.comwww.seri.orgwww.kipris.or.kr(patent). Refer toBOK Corporate AdministrativeAnalysis and other on-line sources ofdata for competitor analysis andclient consultation for opportunitiesand threats.Be sure to set forth‘internal factors’ only.
  18. 18. 3. CoreCompetencyAnalysis- 13/61 -3. 1 Outline3. 2 Functional CompetencyAnalysis3. 3 Corporate CompetitivenessAnalysis3. 4 Business PerformanceAnalysis3. 5 Summary
  19. 19. Outline- 14/61 -3. 13. CoreCompetencyAnalysisCore Competency Analysis is for business performance, corporate-level competitiveness and functionalcompetencies to better understand and draw out strengths and weaknesses of the subject company.Pyramid structure of Analysis ImplicationsㆍImplies financial performance and market position of thesubject companyㆍSubordinate analytic subjects: Corporate efficiency / Clientsatisfaction / Market satisfactionㆍImplies the degree of corporate competitiveness generallyperceived in the concerned marketㆍSubordinate analytic subjects: Product quality, cost ofmanufacture, delivery deadline, tech innovationㆍImplies functional competencies and degree of efficiency forthe subject companyㆍSubordinate analytic subjects: Manager, Personnel /Accounting, R&D, Purchase / Material, Distribution / Productcirculation, Sales / Marketing
  20. 20. Functional Competency Analyses- 15/61 -3. 23. CoreCompetencyAnalysisFine(Mark: 3.5)Functionalcompetencies anddegree of efficiency forthe subject companyFunctionalCompetenciesIssues■ Company in serious deficiencies in R&D, productdevelopment, product improvement, etc.■ Such R&D deficiencies, human and physical, blocksdevelopment of new products and services.- In need of R&D investment by way of, but not limitedto, relevant organization and human resourcesprocurement.-In need of R&D expenses for value added productdevelopment and higher profitability and sales.-In need of improvement in operational efficiency formanufacture facilities.PeCpeveCrR&de**etc
  21. 21. Corporate Competitiveness Analysis- 16/61 -3. 33. CoreCompetencyAnalysisFine(Mark: 3.7)The degree ofcorporatecompetitivenessgenerally perceived inCorporateCompetitivenessIssues■ Less profitable due to higher cost of sales.-In need of overall review on material purchase andmanagement in an effort to cut raw materialexpenses.-In need of ‘methodical’ improvement in productquality.Set forth any issues marked lowerthan ‘3’, as deemed so by diagnoser.**Any other issues can be set forthby the subjective diagnoser.
  22. 22. Corporate Performance Analysis- 17/61 -3. 43. CoreCompetencyAnalysisDecent(Mark: 3)Functionalcompetencies anddegree of efficiency forthe subject companyCorporatePerformanceIssues■ Less values added when compared to sales-Struggling with the non-profitable ordinary incomedue to extra-high leasing expenses (real estate /equipment), devoid of human resources investment.-In need of improvement in profitability.Set forth each and every detail
  23. 23. - 18/61 -3. 5 Summary3. CoreCompetencyAnalysisCore CompetencyMarksIssues1. Less values added when compared tosales2. In serious deficiencies in R&D, productdevelopment, product improvement, etc.3. Less profitable due to higher cost ofsales.4. R&D deficiencies, human and physical,blocks development of new products andservices.■Strengths ■Weaknesses1. Decency in aluminum alloy tech.2. Fine Inventory turnover rate andreceivables turnover.3. Fine level of investment on humanresources.4. Good Presidential understanding on techissues.1. Less values added when compared to sales.2. Deficient R&D effort and human andphysical resources thereto.3. Higher cost of sales.4. Non-methodical quality management.
  24. 24. Managerial Performance Analysis- 20/61 -4. 14. ManagerialPerformanceAnalysisManagerial Performance Analysis is for cost competitiveness, investment efficiency and business positioning todraw out risks and ‘soundnesses’.For corporatemanufacture capacity /managerial capacity /business capacity byway of cost compositionanalysisFor managerial stateand businesspositioning by way ofBEP analysis and costcomposition analysis(fixed cost, variablecost)For investmentefficiency by way ofturnover analyses forfixed asset, tradereceivable, inventoryasset, etc.
  25. 25. Cost Competitiveness Analysis- 21/61 -4. 24. ManagerialPerformanceAnalysisSort Year 2008 2009 2010IndustrialAVGSales (Unit: KRW 1,000) 36,630,531 56,309,874 82,716,543 4,372,413Cost of Sales ratio(%) 97.81 97.15 95.72 86.80Cost of raw material(%) 90.11 71.35 84.45 49.32Cost of labor(%) 1.24 1.00 0.78 7.95Misc cost(%) 6.55 5.14 3.97 23.46Welfare(%) 0.24 0.16 0.10 1.23Utilities(%) 0.59 0.25 0.21 4.60Depreciation(%) 0.08 0.26 0.21 2.44Manufactureoutsource(%)0.34 0.03 0.14 7.78Transport/Unload/Pack(%) 0.58 0.56 0.46 0.60Leasehold(%) 1.37 0.75 0.62 0.36OrdinaryDevelopment(%)0.00 0.00 0.00 0.23Return on Sales(%) 2.19 2.85 4.28 13.20Sales&Admin Cost ratio(%) 1.10 1.00 0.77 7.06Salary/Severance(%) 0.30 0.43 0.29 3.06Welfare(%) 0.05 0.05 0.05 0.33Depreciation(%) 0.04 0.02 0.01 0.21Entertainment(%) 0.05 0.07 0.03 0.28Advertisement(%) 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.03Ordinary Development(%) 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.18Leasehold(%) 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.07Bad Debt Allowance(%) 0.06 0.07 0.05 0.15Operating Sales ratio(%) 1.09 1.85 3.52 6.14Non-operating expenses(%) 0.09 0.29 0.40 5.41Interest expenses(%) 0.06 0.24 0.33 2.21Loss on currencyexchange(%)0.00 0.00 0.00 0.51Before-tax Profit(%) 1.00 1.66 3.29 3.36사업력영업력/관리력상품력/제조력* Source : Income Statement / Manufacture Cost BreakdownSubjectCompanyIndustrialAVGCost Composition on SalesSortDifferentialR.Material 35.13Labor -7.17Miscs -19.49Sales&Admin-6.29Non-operating-5.01■Conclusion-Sales is trending increasing, withroom to enhance profitability bycutting cost of sales.-Features above-average cost ofmaterial. In need of cost-cut.-In need of review in R&D scheme andinvestment thereto.
  26. 26. Investment Efficiency Analysis- 22/61 -4. 34. ManagerialPerformanceAnalysis* Sources : Financial Statements, Income Statements, Manufacture CostBreakdown (’08 ~ ’10)회전일수■Conclusion-Features decent, above-averageinvestment efficiency.-This is due mostly to excellentreceivables turnover and inventoryturnover as manufacturing on-demand.Concerned Industry: Metal Casting (CODE: C243)■May vary by the placement ororder and operability of factories.
  27. 27. Business Positioning- 23/61 -4. 44. ManagerialPerformanceAnalysisSort Year 2008 2009 2010IndustrialAVGSales (Unit: KRW 1,000) 36,630,531 56,309,874 82,716,543 4,372,413Expenses Total (Unit: KRW1,000)36,265,869 55,429,726 80,136,519 4,340,223※ Total costs= Cost of sales + Sales&Admin + Non-operating cost※ fixed cost = Sales&Admin + Non-operating cost (A half of labor cost +Miscs – Amount outsourced + Fixed inventory adjustment cost)※ Fixed inventory adjustment cost = (Cost of sales-Net manufacture expenses)* (A half of labor cost + Miscs – Amount outsourced) / Net manufactureexpenses※ Variable cost = Total costs – Fixed cost※ BEP Ratio = (BEP/Sales)*100※ BEP = (Fixed cost – Non-operating income)/(1 – Variable cost/Sales)* Sources : ’08 ~ ’10년 대차대조표,손익계산서,제조원가명세서Fixed cost (Unit: KRW1,000)2,936,178 4,683,802 4,708,698 1,468,911Fixed-to-sales ratio(%) 8.02 8.32 5.69 33.59Sales&Admin Cost(%) 1.10 1.00 0.77 7.06Non-operating(%) 0.09 0.29 0.40 5.41A half of labor cost(%) 1.24 1.00 0.78 7.95Miscs (%) 6.55 5.14 3.97 23.46Amount outsourced (%) 0.34 0.03 0.14 7.78Fixed inventoryadjustment cost(%)-0.01 1.42 0.31 1.48Variable cost (Unit: KRW1,000)33,329,690 50,745,924 75,427,821 2,871,311Variable-to-sales ratio(%) 90.99 90.12 91.19 65.67Non-operating income(Unit: KRW 1,000)949 52,610 138,998 114,706BEP (Unit: KRW 1,000) 32,577,457 46,874,417 51,869,472 3,944,533BEP Ratio (%) 88.94 83.24 62.71 90.21Amount exceeding BEP (Unit:KRW 1,000)4,053,073 9,435,457 30,847,071 427,87950%100%10%60% 90% 150%0BEP ratioFixed-to-salesratioExpandableProfitableLosableBankruptableBusiness PositioningYear 2008 2009 2010 IndustrialAVG■Conclusion-Company is on the move from‘Losable’ category to ‘Profitable’category by improving fixed cost withBEP down from ‘08.-BEP Ratio is positively on the moveby improved sales and labor cost.
  28. 28. Managerial Performance Analysis Summary- 24/61 -4. 54. ManagerialPerformanceAnalysisSort Year 2008 2009 2010IndustrialAVGSales 36,630,531 56,309,874 82,716,543 4,372,413Cost of Sales ratio 97.81% 97.15% 95.72% 86.80%Return on Sales 2.19% 2.85% 4.28% 13.20%Sales&Admin expenses 1.10% 1.00% 0.77% 7.06%Operating Profit ratio 1.09% 1.85% 3.52% 6.14%(Unit: KRW 1,000)EBIT-to-sales ratio 1.05% 1.90% 3.62% 5.57%EBITDA-to-sales ratio 1.17% 2.17% 3.83% 8.30%Cost of manufacture 35,862,604 43,630,100 73,789,956 3,539,467Raw material-to-sales 90.11% 71.35% 84.45% 49.32%Labor-to-sales) 1.24% 1.00% 0.78% 7.95%Miscs-to-sales 6.55% 5.14% 3.97% 23.46%Cost of sales 35,830,125 54,703,244 79,173,456 3,795,309Cost of manufacture / Costof sales100.09% 79.76% 93.20%BEP ratio 88.94% 83.24% 62.71% 90.21%BEP 32,577,457 46,874,417 51,869,472 3,944,533Variable-to-sales 90.99% 90.12% 91.19% 65.67%Fixed-to-sales 8.02% 8.32% 5.69% 33.59%Contribution margin 9.01% 9.88% 8.81%Receivables turnover 12일 20일 17일 67일Payables turnover 7일 9일 7일 32일Inventory asset turnover 2일 2일 2일 29일Total assets turnover 18일 35일 50일 315일Illiquid assets turnover 2일 4일 11일 174일Liability expenses 182.03% 190.89% 168.20% 156.38%Interest expenses 1,929.72% 768.31% 1,064.82% 277.96%Added value ratio 3.20% 4.83% 5.43% 25.41%Product Development ratio 0.00% 0.00% 0.00% 0.43%■ Soundness■ Risk-Sales is trending increasing, projecting such trendto fare with tech development.-Features lower BEP than industrial AVG.-Features sound turnover properties such asinventory asset turnover and receivables turnover.-In need of cost-cut for above-average raw materialexpenses.-Effort to cut liabilities came up short in ’09,needing further financial soundness.
  29. 29. 5. Diagnostic Sum-up- 25/61 -To sum up external environment,core competency and managerialperformance and draw out corporatecompetitiveness and developmentalsuggestions.5. 1 Conclusion5. 2 S/W/O/T - S/R
  30. 30. Conclusion- 26/61 -5. 15. DiagnosticSum-upIndustrialAnalysisIndustrialStateCycleEnvironmentCompetitiveIntensityCompetitorB.power(supplier)B.Power9client)SubtitutabilityForayerCoreCompetencies AnalysisCorporatePerformanceCorporateEfficiencyClientsatisfactionMarketS’factionCorporateCompetitivenessQualityCostDeliveryaccuracyTechinnovationFunctionalCompetenciesR&DPurchase/materialManufactureSales/distributionPersonnel/accountingManagerialcapabilityManagerialPerformanceAnalysisFinancialAnalysisStabilityProfitabilityGrowthc’sticPerformability
  31. 31. S/W/O/T - S/R- 27/61 -5. 25. DiagnosticSum-up-Demand from construction,vehicle manufacture, etc.trending increasing.-Aluminum scrap becoming price-competitiveness due to expensiveraw materials.Opportunity-Sales is trending increasing,projecting such trend to farewith tech development.-Features lower BEP thanindustrial AVG.-Features sound turnoverproperties such as inventoryasset turnover and receivablesturnover.Soundness1. Decency in aluminum alloytech.2. Fine Inventory turnover rateand receivables turnover.3. Fine level of investment onhuman resources.4. Good Presidentialunderstanding on tech issues.Strength-Expensive and scarce scrapmetal.-Rise of substitutes(Engineering Plastic, etc.)-High-tech necessary for alloyprocess.Threat-In need of cost-cut for above-average raw material expenses.-Effort to cut liabilities cameup short in ’09, needingfurther financial soundness.Risk1. Less values added whencompared to sales.2. Deficient R&D effort andhuman and physical resourcesthereto.3. Higher cost of sales.4. Non-methodical qualitymanagement.weaknessSuggestion-In need of cost-cut for raw materials and any other means to further cut cost of sales.-In need of organizational preparation for R&D and consistent investment thereto.-In need of methodical management and consistent quality improvement.-In need of detailed review on liability and improvement thereto.
  32. 32. 6. Suggestion (Strategy & Roadmap)- 28/61 -To suggest strategic direction,objective and long-term / short-termroadmaps based upon corporateanalysis.
  33. 33. - 31/61 -Implementation and Details6. 36. Suggestion(Strategy &Roadmap)StrategicDirectionImplementation Task DetailsSales &MarketingForaying into new market (export)To capitalized on the sales knowhow (purchase, order placement,linkage, support, service, etc.)To analyze cliental needs for quality / price differentiation.R&DInfrastructureR&D Improvement Enhancement To build up R&D Dept. and Corporate Lab.To factor in productivity and overall workability in product design.To take part in State-run R&D projects.BusinessPerformanceManagementSecure Management of Core PerformanceIndexTo set forth Core Performance Index and overall capability for goalestablishment.Must set forth checkpoints deemednotable (factor in properties of thesubject company)
  34. 34. Long- / Short-term Roadmaps- 32/61 -6. 46. Suggestion(Strategy &Roadmap)·Sales & Marketing·R&D Infrastructure·Business PerformanceManagementThe subject company, as analyzed and suggested, shallbe subject to follow the our roadmap established asfollows:Foraying into new market (export)-To capitalized on the sales knowhow(purchase, order placement, linkage,support, service, etc.)R&D Improvement Enhancement-To build up R&D Dept. and CorporateLab.Secure Management of CorePerformance Index-To set forth Core Performance Indexand overall capability for goalestablishment.Foraying into new market (export)-To analyze cliental needs forquality / price differentiation.R&D Improvement Enhancement-To factor in productivity andoverall workability in productdesign.-To take part in State-run R&Dprojects.
  35. 35. 7. Political Support- 33/61 -To set up political support plan forthe subject company, in an effort tocause its strategic goal andobjectives coming true.7. 1 Political Support
  36. 36. Political Support- 34/61 -7. 17. PoliticalSupportField ofSupportProject Supportive Means Period Supported byConsultationSmall & MediumBusinessConsultation○ Managerial consultation for Financial / ManufacturestrugglesJuly ‘11Small & MediumBusiness AdminConsultationOn-siteImprovement ofManufactureEfficiency(Quick Service)○ Short-term consultation for on-site manufacture /raw material managementJune‘11Small & MediumBusinessCorporationOthersR&D Dept.EstablishmentEstablishment and Utilization of R&D Dept. ‘11KoreaIndustrialTechnologyAssociationConfirm, in detail, the concerned gov’tal support and fine-tunebusiness-level supportive measures if necessary.