Salesforce CRM Winter 12 Release Review OCT 19 2011


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  • The Collaboration Cloud is built on the same system as the Sales and Service Clouds. It’s all one service, integrated together.
  • Notes/Limitations:An AE wants to view contacts social profiles, before reaching out them.. Instead of opening up a new tab and performing a search on LinkedIn*, Facebook, and Twitter, she simply clicks the social icons underneath the contact’s name.
  • The first time she does this, she is asked to sign in with her Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn* accounts, respectively. This is so she can see her own view of this contact on these networks—such as shared connections. If she is connected with the contact on these networks, she will be able to see more data inside Salesforce. Her information is not shared with any other Salesforce users—anyone else who wants to use the feature will need to sign in with their own social network accounts. She never needs to sign in again to these accounts—they are persisted forever in Salesforce (unless she manually revokes them).
  • Now, when she clicks the social icons for this contact, Salesforce performs a search for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn* users with the contact’s name. When she selects the correct user, the social profile is associated with the contact record for everyone in her org. When another Salesforce user in her org clicks the social icon for this contact, they will be taken directly to the social profile page (skipping the search step.
  • She can now see realtime information about this contact’s profile and activities on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn*. In the LinkedIn* tab, she can see the person’s past work experience, education, shared connections, and picture.
  • . She can see if the contact has said anything relevant to her company, see what they’re interested in, and know what they’re doing right now (e.g. attending a conference in San Francisco).
  • She can see the contact’s photo on Facebook, and see if they have any mutual friends. If you’re Facebook friends with this contact, you can see other info like their interests.
  • Notes/Limitations:Quotas - Customer would expect to compare their forecasted totals against their quota/goals for the period. This is the first item for the next release.Jump to Forecast - Customer will not be able to traverse the tree by typing in a specific user’s name. They will need to scroll through the hierarchy. This is scheduled for the next release.Opportunity Adjustments - Customers will not be able to perform opportunity level adjustmentsColumns on the Opportunity list section are limited to the standard configuration
  • Notes/Limitations:Quotas - Customer would expect to compare their forecasted totals against their quota/goals for the period. This is the first item for the next release.Jump to Forecast - Customer will not be able to traverse the tree by typing in a specific user’s name. They will need to scroll through the hierarchy. This is scheduled for the next release.Opportunity Adjustments - Customers will not be able to perform opportunity level adjustmentsColumns on the Opportunity list section are limited to the standard configuration
  • Customers will not be able to perform inline Opportunity edits from the Opportunity list
  • Notes/Limitations:You cannot select specific attachments to add – all or nothing (per preference)You can add up to 10 emails in one click. All items must be of type email (eg. no calendar invites)
  • Notes/Limitations:You must select a contact using the contact lookup page to get the recommenderThe recommender only pulls Account, Cases and Opportunities. If the user wants to select another type of record, they simply have to close the recommender. Therefore, for users that MOST OFTEN relate records to custom objects or standard objects that are NOT Account, Case or Opportunity they may want to turn off the recommender.To get recommended opportunities the recommender uses the Contact Role on the opportunity. So only opportunities with a Contact Role will show up in the recommender. So best practice for the recommender is to use the Contact Role with Opportunities.
  • Salesforce CRM Winter 12 Release Review OCT 19 2011

    1. 1. Winter 12 Release Review forDallas User Group Lisa Taylor Kieran Customers for Life ―CFL‖ Success Manager October 19, 2011
    2. 2. Safe Harbor Safe harbor statement under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995: This presentation may contain forward-looking statements that involve risks, uncertainties, and assumptions. If any such uncertainties materialize or if any of the assumptions proves incorrect, the results of, inc. could differ materially from the results expressed or implied by the forward-looking statements we make. All statements other than statements of historical fact could be deemed forward-looking, including any projections of subscriber growth, earnings, revenues, or other financial items and any statements regarding strategies or plans of management for future operations, statements of belief, any statements concerning new, planned, or upgraded services or technology developments and customer contracts or use of our services. The risks and uncertainties referred to above include – but are not limited to – risks associated with developing and delivering new functionality for our service, our new business model, our past operating losses, possible fluctuations in our operating results and rate of growth, interruptions or delays in our Web hosting, breach of our security measures, the immature market in which we operate, our relatively limited operating history, our ability to expand, retain, and motivate our employees and manage our growth, new releases of our service and successful customer deployment, our limited history reselling products, and utilization and selling to larger enterprise customers. Further information on potential factors that could affect the financial results of, inc. is included in our annual report on Form 10-K for the fiscal year ended January 31, 2009 and our other filings. These documents are available on the SEC Filings section of the Investor Information section of our Web site. Any unreleased services or features referenced in this or other press releases or public statements are not currently available and may not be delivered on time or at all. Customers who purchase our services should make the purchase decisions based upon features that are currently available., inc. assumes no obligation and does not intend to update these forward-looking statements.
    3. 3. Resources! All Release Resources Links on our Community Website: New Facebook Release Page: Winter ‘12 Detailed Release Notes: Developer Webinar held on 9/28: 000000s11l Free Online Training: From Help & Training>Take Training> Look for Winter 12! Highlight Video Demos of Winter ‗12 Enhancements Winter ‘12 New Features Overview Video: Winter ‘12 Chatter/Social Enterprise Enhancements Video: Winter ‘12 Sales Cloud Enhancements Video: dw_g&feature=related Winter ‘12 Service Cloud Enhancements Video: Winter ‘12 (also known as Jigsaw) Video: Winter ‘12 Platform Video: DwI&feature=relmfu Winter ‘12 Video:
    4. 4. Don’t Forget – Your IDEAS Count!
    5. 5. Salesforce Editions – Don’t Forget Resources
    6. 6.  Chatter PlatformChatter API
    7. 7.  Social Contacts Collaborative Forecasts (newly provisioned instances only) Salesforce Analytics Enhancements  Reports & Dashboards Quick Find  Report Type Quick Find  User Based Reports  Dynamic Dashboard Filters Salesforce for Outlook Enhancements  Support for Outlook 2010 64-bit  Salesforce for Outlook Accelerators
    8. 8.  Service Contact Center Enhancements  Pinned Lists Salesforce Knowledge Enhancements  Import Articles and Translations  Rich Text Editor  Channel Display in Toolbar
    9. 9.  Language Settings Search Enhancements Setup Enhancements Administration Enhancements  Permission Sets Sharing Enhancements Visual Workflow (BETA) Schema Builder (BETA) APEX Enhancements Packaging Enhancements
    10. 10. Chatter Platform center/details/release-training-winter12.jsp k=app_266384500049648
    11. 11. Chatter Platform (All Editions) OVERVIEW You used to click to separate pages to get to People, Groups and Files. Now in Winter ‘12 with Chatter Navigation Shortcuts, these pages can be accessed directly from within the left-hand navigation of the Chatter tab. In addition, breadcrumb navigation has been added on profile, group and file detail pages to provide easy navigation back to Chatter, People, Groups or Files. Additionally use the drop-down menu on the All Chatter feed to filter to only the updates that you care about. Finding people and information in Chatter has never been easier. Also new in Winter ‗12, get visibility into the activity around your organization with All Company Feed. This is a public feed that displays Chatter updates from within your entire company. Additionally, you can find these exciting features in the Winter ‗12 release. Let the Chatter Tab notify you when you have new Chatter updates available with Live Feed. Now you can not only like posts, but also like comments by clicking ―Like‖ on a comment in a feed. If you click ―Like‖ on a comment, only the user who posted the comment receives an email notification. You can now post a Youtube video link and the feed will automatically render the thumbnail for that player and allow you to play the video right from within the feed.
    12. 12. Chatter PlatformNavigation Shortcuts People / Groups / Files + Record feed filters are now found in this drop-down menu People/Groups/Files list view pages can now be accessed directly from the Chatter tab left-hand navigation
    13. 13. Chatter PlatformNavigation Shortcuts People/Groups/Fi les pages load directly in the Chatter Tab‘s middle pane
    14. 14. Chatter PlatformNavigation Shortcuts Hierarchical navigation is on Profile, Group and Files detail pages.
    15. 15. Chatter PlatformNavigation Shortcuts A non-dismissible message will show at the top of Groups and People tabs for CRM users.
    16. 16. Chatter PlatformNavigation Shortcuts users will navigate to all pages from within the left-hand navigation only.
    17. 17. Chatter PlatformAll Company Feed Feedloads in middle pane of Chatter Tab with updates from people, groups and record changes that have received likes or comments All chatter feed is located under My Chatter in the left- hand navigation
    18. 18. Chatter PlatformLive Feeds New updates Notification No auto refresh to ensure what the user is currently working on isn‘t lost
    19. 19. Chatter PlatformLikes on Comments Number of people that have liked the comment are shown. Click on the link to see all the likers.
    20. 20. Chatter PlatformIn-feed Youtube Player Thumbnail video player will display in the feed. Upon clicking on ―play icon‖ video will expand in the feed for playing
    21. 21. Chatter PlatformPrivate Customer/Partner Collaboration At New Group Creation – Option to Collaborate Privately with External Users System Validation ―Sure you want to do this?‖ Select ―Allow Customers‖ for Private Collaboration with Customers or Partners
    22. 22. Chatter PlatformPrivate Customer/Partner Collaboration (coming just after Winter ‘12) 1. Customer/Partner Invitation to Chatter 2. Accepts Invitation See Help & Training: About Chatter Customers in Private Groups 4. Welcome Video 3. Creates User Record
    23. 23. Chatter Platform See Help & Training: Approvals In Chatter About Approvals in Chatter1. Create Approval Process2. Enable Object Level Feed Tracking Results: Post Template allows 3. Create an Approval Post Template 4. Enable Approvals under Chatter Settings
    24. 24. Chatter REST API (All Editions) OVERVIEW Introducing Chatter REST API in the Winter ‗12 release! Chatter API is a REST API into Chatter feeds and social data such as feeds, users, groups and followers. It includes private messaging, photo upload/download, recommendations and trending topics. Chatter REST API is designed to make reproducing and updating the Chatter UI easy and it does not require learning SOQL or the data model! Learn more at SAMPLE USE CASE A developer wants to display a group feed on an intranet site. The developer would use the Chatter REST API to pull all the needed feed components in one request and display to users.
    25. 25. Social Contacts (All Editions) OVERVIEW Traditional CRM only shows contacts‘ information and activities from within your own companies. However, these contacts already exist and live on the web—through their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn presences. Savvy salespeople are already using these social tools to understand more about who their customers are and what they care about. Social contacts brings this experience prominently and directly into Salesforce in Winter ‗12. Contact pages now have pictures of the contact, and you can associate a contact‘s Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn profile directly to the page. You can then view their real-time social profile and feeds directly on the contact page. SAMPLE USE CASE A Sales rep wants to view contacts social profiles, before reaching out them. Instead of opening up a new tab and performing a search on LinkedIn*, Facebook, and Twitter, she simply clicks the social icons underneath the contact‘s name.Note: Social Contacts will be available shortly after Winter ‗12 ReleaseAlso available as of 8/30/11 a LinkedIn Appexchange App @ $30/user/year a Demo:
    26. 26. Social Contacts – See Your Contacts Social Network Social iconsNotes:See Social Contacts Overview in Help and TrainingUnder Setup: Org Wide Settings for each Social Media and Personal Settings
    27. 27. Social Contacts Click here to sign in
    28. 28. Social Contacts Salesforce performs a search for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn users with the contact‘s name
    29. 29. Social Contacts Select the correct user, and the social profile is attached to the Contact record in Salesforce. Now you can see realtime information about this person on their social networks
    30. 30. Social Contacts In the Twitter tab, you can see the user‘s bio, picture, and latest tweets
    31. 31. Social Contacts View your contact‘s photo on Facebook, and see if you have mutual friends.
    32. 32. Social ContactsGet contact‘s picture and See this social profile person‘s links directly profilein the contact page See their most recent status updates (in realtime).
    33. 33. Collaborative Forecasts (PE, EE, UE, DE) OVERVIEW Available for brand new Customer applications/instances Many of our customers use our SFA application for basic contact and opportunity management. But how else can you leverage Salesforce to help you predict the road ahead With Winter ‘12 you will now have the ability to easily rollup revenue forecasts and provide additional levels of judgment into the pipeline with Collaborative Forecasts. SAMPLE USE CASE The Vice President of Sales wants to be able to easily pull up an accurate and current management rollup of the forecast at any point in time so that she can quickly step in to strategize and help close key deals that need her immediate attention. Note: Existing customers can be nominated for the Forecast Pilot.
    34. 34. Collaborative Forecasts
    35. 35. Salesforce Analytics (See Feature Detail for Availability) OVERVIEW In Winter ‗12, we‘ve made improvements to the report tab. With Reports & Dashboards Quick Find, we are introducing folder tree and quick search to make it easier to navigate and find folders. In addition, when creating a new report, finding the report type you want to use is much easier with Report Type Quick Find. Also new is User Based Reports, which allow you to create Custom Report Types with Users (object) as the primary object. New in Winter ‗12, Dynamic Dashboard Filters allow viewers the ability to choose which data to display on a dashboard using a filter on the dashboard. Users no longer need to clone the dashboard and all the underlying filtered reports for each subset of data; instead, they can use a single dashboard with one set of source reports to serve a wide audience. (This feature is targeted for release just after Winter ‘12 ~ Mid November) SAMPLE USE CASE A Sales VP has several regions he is responsible for and constantly needs to monitor the overall performance, as well as performance of each of the regions. Ideally, he would prefer to analyze this on a single dashboard interactively without switching dashboards.
    36. 36. Salesforce AnalyticsReports & Dashboards Quick Find Guided tour New reports link and new dashboards Filters to limit buttons your search Quick search for listview List of reports and dashboards combined New folder tree with quick search
    37. 37. Salesforce AnalyticsReport Type Quick Find New report type folder treeQuicksearch
    38. 38. Salesforce Analytics User-Based Reports In Custom Report Types Quick search to find lookupAbility to start objectsCRTs with User object List of objects and User lookup fields
    39. 39. Salesforce AnalyticsDynamic Dashboard Filters Click on Add Filter to create a dashboard filter
    40. 40. Salesforce Analytics Dynamic Dashboard FiltersCreate filter on the overlay Picklist, lookup and text fields supportedOnly one operator - Equals Add up to 10 filter Value picker for options on the picklist fields filter
    41. 41. Salesforce AnalyticsDynamic Dashboard Filters Edit or remove filters
    42. 42. Salesforce AnalyticsDynamic Dashboard Filters Change filter field at the component level
    43. 43. Salesforce AnalyticsDynamic Dashboard Filters As an end user, simply select and apply filters on the dashboard
    44. 44. Salesforce for Outlook (PE, EE, UE, DE) OVERVIEW Salesforce for Outlook is our next generation Outlook integration. It‘s easy to configure and simple to use. With Salesforce for Outlook in Winter 12, we are now supporting Outlook 2010 64-bit. In addition, work faster and smarter with new tools. With Salesforce for Outlook Accelerators, you now have the ability to assign multiple items at one time, and get auto-recommended records for a selected contact. In addition, add multiple emails in one click in Outlook! SAMPLE USE CASE A user needs to be able to add multiple emails that they‘ve already sent or received, as quickly as possible. The new ‗Add Emails‘ button will allow users to select up to 10 emails and add them in one click.
    45. 45. Salesforce for Outlook Add Multiple Emails Clicking the ‗AddEmails‘ button adds all emails currently selected User may select up to 10 emails to add in one batch
    46. 46. Salesforce for OutlookSalesforce for Outlook Accelerators Turn Off Recommendations User selects a contact using the Lookup A recommender dialog will show up with the Account and recent open cases and opportunities
    47. 47. Salesforce for OutlookMass Actions User can turn on Batch Edit mode and assign all checked records at one time.
    48. 48. Contact Center (Service Cloud Console) (EE, UE, DE) OVERVIEW The Contact Center (aka Service Cloud Console) is a highly interactive modern web app for Contact Center Agents to conduct all customer interactions. The console is designed to provide agents with the right context at the right time, keeping critical information front and center for each interaction. Users can manage each interaction in its own workspace without losing data or context. Admins can provide agents with unique contextual data and layouts for each business process or object. Agents can capture notes for each interaction and save in context. With Winter ‘12, you now have the ability to view lists while working on detail records with Pinned Lists. You can now pin the navigation tab to the left sidebar or to the header. This allows you to see a partial view of lists at the same time you manage customer interactions in the workspace area. Also in Winter ‗12, we introduce dynamic, auto refresh properties to lists to push notifications to console users. Users no longer have to hit refresh to see that another user has taken ownership of a Lead. Or for support agents, they no longer have to refresh their list view to see that a Case has been escalated by a customer or via workflow.
    49. 49. Contact CenterPinned Lists Setup  Create  Apps Define for Left or Top regions
    50. 50. Contact CenterPinned Lists Left Sidebar
    51. 51. Contact CenterPinned Lists Header
    52. 52. Salesforce Knowledge (EE, UE, DE) OVERVIEW With Winter ‗12, Salesforce Knowledge supports more platform features and sees its reporting capabilities enhanced in order to ease deployments. Customers, prospects or visitors will be able to browse & search for knowledge from the public knowledge base. More personalized information can be available for logged customers in Customer Portal or partners in Partner Portal. Agents can search for articles from cases and attach articles to cases. SAMPLE USE CASE A knowledge manager is migrating from a legacy multi-lingual KB to Salesforce Knowledge. With article and translation import, the manger can easily migrate to Salesforce Knowledge.
    53. 53. Salesforce KnowledgeImport Bundles of Articles and Translations
    54. 54. Salesforce KnowledgeRich Text Editor New Rich Text Editor
    55. 55. Salesforce KnowledgeChannel display in article toolbar Article channels
    56. 56.
    57. 57. Language Settings (GE, PE, EE, UE, DE) OVERVIEW In Winter ‗12 Language Settings give administrators more control over the languages in use in their orgs. Administrators can ―turn on‖ our two additional levels of language support and have provided tools to manage the list of languages available to users – instead of having to get Salesforce Support involved. SAMPLE USE CASES An administrator wants to support the users in her organization in their language. She goes to languages settings and sees that Polish is included in End User languages so she turns it on. By using the filtering mechanism, the other 20 languages are excluded from the language drop down on user profiles.
    58. 58. Language Settings Turn on languages without the need to call support Filter the languages available to your end users.
    59. 59. Search Enhancements (GE, PE, EE, UE, DE) OVERVIEW In Winter ‗12 the presentation and tools for interacting with search results for Global Search that were available in pilot for customers in Summer ‗11 will be made generally available, including New Chatter Search. The enhancements are designed to improve the ease of understanding which objects they are searching by default, give users a way to do one-off searches of objects that aren‘t searched by default, and have better summary and drill- down views of search results. Feedback from customers participating in the pilot was incorporated into the feature set. SAMPLE USE CASES A sales rep is looking for information related to recent business with Acme Industries. He searches only accounts, contacts, leads and opportunities on a regular basis, so he has those set as his selected objects for Global Search. When he does a search of “Acme”, he can drill into some of the custom objects his org uses by clicking on those objects under “Search More Objects” in the new search results page, doing a one-off search to find additional info.
    60. 60. Search Enhancements Refine your search with the new search box in the search results page. Switch between Feed search results and Records View and edit your saved search options
    61. 61. Search Enhancements Simplified summary view shows up to 5 results per object
    62. 62. Search Enhancements Use filters, sorting, paging, and customized columns to further refine results Drill down on a single object to view more records
    63. 63. Search Enhancements Click objects that are not searched by default to do a one-time search of that object
    64. 64. Setup Enhancements (GE, PE, EE, UE, DE) OVERVIEW Do you spend most of your time resetting passwords, creating custom objects, managing profiles, or referencing code samples on Do you want to know what‘s new on but lost track of the Release Notes? With Winter ‗12, users with the Customize Application permission now see the Home page when they navigate to Setup, and have these and other common administration tasks and developer resources at their fingertips with New Setup Experience. SAMPLE USE CASES An IT Architect signs up for a trial. They want to build a sample app, so they use the Add App button in the Getting Started section on the Home page. This launches the Quick Start, they generate an app, and get a guided tour. They understand the power of the platform and decide to invest the time to learn more about our security model, analytics, social products, and programmatic tools.
    65. 65. Setup EnhancementsNew Setup Experience Developer resources one click away Build your first app with one click! Most common setup tasks are one click away Release highlightsright here in AppExchange Setup Suggestions come to you
    66. 66. Setup EnhancementsDirect Login to Setup Screen shot of user detail page Users control their experience by turning this preference on or off Look, this is new, too!
    67. 67. Setup Quick Start 3 easy questions…we do the rest! Go to your app for a 2 guided tour 1 Guided tour introduces our app UI to new app builders 3
    68. 68. Setup Enhancements Quick Access MenuAvailable forstandard and Building with custom clicks is fewer objects clicks away Links change based on the tab/object you are viewing
    69. 69. Administration Enhancements (PE*, EE, UE, DE) OVERVIEW Enable Administrators to manage Profile requests more efficiently without creating one-off Profiles or affecting all users tied to the same Profile In addition to going GA, Winter ‗12 added support for packaging, support for change sets, support for metadata API, and enhanced List Views for Permission Sets. SAMPLE USE CASES An Admin wants to reduce creating one-off profiles. To grant ―Transfer Leads‖ to a user, instead of modifying an existing profile or creating a one- off profile, create a permission set with ―Transfer Leads‖ and assign it to the user
    70. 70. Administration EnhancementsPermission SetsA collection ofsettings andpermissions thatgive users accessto various tools andfunctions. Thesettings andpermissions inpermission sets arealso found inprofiles, butpermission setsextend usersfunctional accesswithout changingtheir profiles.
    71. 71. Administration EnhancementsPermission Sets
    72. 72. Administration EnhancementsPermission SetsTraining Link: Users still have a profile… … But they now can have 1 or more permission sets Assignment is easy Track when the permission set was assigned
    73. 73. Administration EnhancementsPermission Sets (API) Assign Permission Sets to Users through the Manage User API Permissions through the API
    74. 74. Administration EnhancementsPermission Sets Full support for custom and standard permissions in New MdAPIComponent:Permission Sets
    75. 75. Administration EnhancementsPermission Sets Track permission setassignments Track changes to a permission set
    76. 76. Sharing Enhancements (EE, UE, DE) OVERVIEW By default, three roles are created to support data sharing for each Account enabled in our Customer Portal and Partner Relationship Management Portal. Many customers do not need all of these roles on each account, and the maintenance of these roles can be an unnecessary burden on administrators. For very large portal implementations, having too many roles can also impact performance. With this feature we give customers control over how many roles (1-3) will be created by default for an account, and full API support to delete and create roles to meet the needs of their customers and business partners. If a customer is experiencing performance issues related to portals, they can use the APIs to identify and remove empty roles to make their portal sharing more efficient. SAMPLE USE CASE An Admin is concerned about system performance and the number of roles she needs to maintain. After confirming that they only need one role for each customer account to manage their service operations, she changes the default so that all new accounts will only use one role.
    77. 77. Sharing EnhancementsPortal Role API Support Control number of roles created per account from Customer and Partner Portal Settings pages Call APIs from code or Dataloader to delete unused roles from Portal Accounts
    78. 78. Visual Workflow ( BETA - EE, UE, DE) OVERVIEW With Winter ‘12, Visual Workflow gives you the ability to create an application easily where users can navigate through a series of screens, create branching logic, embed business rules, query and update data and even call out to external web services, without writing any code. With Winter ‗12 release, you can now build flows in the Cloud using the new cloud-based Flow designer. The cloud-based Flow designer is Beta for the Winter ‗12 release. SAMPLE USE CASE A non-technical administrator wants to automate an insurance quote process. With Visual Workflow, he can build and run a process which takes input from the user such as age, sex, health condition and uses logic to determine a quote
    79. 79. Visual Workflow (BETA) Training & Demo! Provide your feedback Canvas to create your flowPalette of elements whichyou can drag and drop on to the canvas
    80. 80. Visual Workflow ( BETA - EE, UE, DE)
    81. 81. Apex Enhancements (EE, UE, DE) OVERVIEW In the past, integrating with services that used JSON to pass information was difficult. The development community asked for a better solution to writing your own JSON parsers and we are excited to announce that JSON now has native support in Apex Code. With a simple call of a method, you can turn objects into JSON strings, and turn JSON strings back into objects. In the coming release, package developers will have the control over what tests are run in the subscribers organization on install. Previously, running tests took up over 70% of the time it took to install a package. Now, the only tests ran on install are the ones marked with a specific annotation. The new Read Only context in Apex Code allows you the power to have vastly increased governor limits for queries and heap size as long as you do not do any DML options in a request. Combine this with the new charting components exposed in Visualforce and you now can create your own analytics and charting features.Developer Evangelist Dave Carroll covers this well in the recorded Winter 12 Webinar held on 9/28:
    82. 82. Schema Builder (BETA - EE, UE, DE) OVERVIEW Give Administrators and Developers a visualization of objects and their relationships in a drag-and-drop Entity Relationship Diagram ‗ERD‘ with Schema Builder (Beta). SAMPLE USE CASE An administrator wants to see all of the objects (standard and custom) reference, or are referenced by, the Account object.
    83. 83. Schema Builder (BETA) (currently View Only) Get the ―big picture‖ view of objects, fields and relationships in the ―Canvas‖ Collapsible sidebar Standard and custom objects are shown together in one place Pan and zoom the canvas to Differentiate see items not in between lookup view and master-detail relationships at a glance View fields, data types, and requiredness The overview shows what you‘re looking Purple Lines = Master Detail at in the larger context Blue Lines = Lookup Relationship
    84. 84. Schema Builder (BETA) Choose which objects are displayed from the collapsible sidebar Filters allow you to quickly narrow Quickly hide or down the object show all the listed list objects
    85. 85. Schema Builder (BETA) Open the object in a new window to edit it or add new Click on a field fields to view/edit its properties in a new window Let the system determine how to position objects based on their relationships Display labels or API names, depending on how you like to work Drag the viewport window to quickly move around the canvas—or click anywhere to move the viewport right to that location Permission Needed = Customize Application
    86. 86. Packaging Enhancements (All Editions) OVERVIEW Now with Trial Branding (BETA), Partners or Appexchange Package Developers can create a branded login site and system emails to fully immerse their customers (you) in their brand from sign-up to first login. Improve trial conversion rates immediately. Using the new Trial Branding Management Console (BETA), you can track all your Master Organizations, create new masters with a single click, and brand them all from a single place. Gain deep insight into each of your subscribers with access to detailed customer information and usage of key limits. Login in as (Grant Login Access) a subscriber to troubleshoot issues including debugging of Apex in place. View and update hidden custom settings data in a subscriber‘s org.
    87. 87. Packaging EnhancementsTrial Branding (BETA) Enable a Developer Edition as your Trialforce Management org to manage master orgs and branding.
    88. 88. Packaging EnhancementsTrial Branding (BETA) Completely style the desktop login page and mobile login page.
    89. 89. Packaging EnhancementsTrial Branding (BETA) Select a domain for your branded login site. Must be [yourbrand] Preview the unpublished version of your site.
    90. 90. Packaging Enhancements Brand the system emails sent toTrial Branding (BETA) your trial users using an Email Set. Multiple trials can use different emails.
    91. 91. Packaging EnhancementsTrial Branding (BETA) Create, manage, and brand your master organizations used with Trialforce all from one place. Create new masterorganizations from theTrialforce Management Select branding to be applied org. to the master org and thus new trials based on it.
    92. 92. Packaging EnhancementsSubscriber Support Console New way to grant login access for support purposes. Licensed users can grant Grant access to your admin and access to third party app SFDC up to 1 year. Grant to developers (Cloud Co). third parties for up to 1 month.
    93. 93. Packaging EnhancementsSubscriber Support Console Allows administrators to control the companies users can grant login access to Includes publishers of installed packages. Only administrators can grant access to packages Administrators are users with using unlimited license. ―Manage Users‖ on their profile.
    94. 94. Packaging EnhancementsSubscriber Support Console Log into LMA… Find a specific sub org with your Aloha enabled managed package installed…
    95. 95. Packaging EnhancementsSubscriber Support Console … and view the details of the subscriber. View limit usage… Login as a subscriber user who granted access
    96. 96. Winter 12Appendix
    97. 97. Additional Winter 12 Feature EnhancementsProduct Update Description Who Does this Impact? Action to Take Increase in the number of subscriptions. LargeSalesforce Chatter Subscriptions has a limit of Chatter Users 2500 total subscribes Dashboards are now certifiedSalesforce Analytics on IE9 and FF5 browser Analytics users versions. You can now search and find dashboards if you enabledSalesforce Analytics dashboards on the home page Analytics users and clicked on Customize Page link to change the default dashboard on the home page.