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Digital Consumer, Lesson 1 of Bahcesehir University Digital Marketing Class


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Meaning of digital consumer; Paid, owned, and earned media; Digital Revolution; Changing Face of Marketing; 2016 Digital Trends to Watch

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Digital Consumer, Lesson 1 of Bahcesehir University Digital Marketing Class

  1. 1. Bahçeşehir University Graduate School of Social Sciences Fall Semester, 2016 Lecturer: M. Yalçın Parmaksız Digital Marketing Class
  2. 2. The Digital Consumer
  3. 3. The Digital Consumer
  4. 4. The Digital Consumer
  5. 5. The Digital Consumer In this module you will: ① Compare and contrast marketer control versus consumer control ② Examine consumer empowerment ③ Explore consumer participation and engagement
  6. 6. Paid, Owned, Earned Media
  7. 7. Paid, Owned, Earned Media This course is about engagement in the digital space. Creating engagement requires an understanding of paid, owned and earned media, and the inter-relationship between these elements. The complexities of paid media are not the focus of this course. Paid media refers to media property that is owned by a third-party.A brand pays for access to that media channel. Paid media channels in the digital space can include; paid search, mobile advertisements, and social media advertisements (for example on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter). That being said, we are introducing you to the paid, owned and earned media framework. The focus of our course is on owned and earned media, but it would be remiss to not explain the framework, and the inter-relationship of all elements.
  8. 8. Paid, Owned, Earned Media
  9. 9. Paid, Owned, Earned Media - Paid media tends to be the traditional media infantry that we would normally buy for a client. So this would include things television air time. So the spots within commercial breaks, outdoor sites, newspaper print advertising, things of that nature. - Owned media tends to be media access the client already has. So it could include things like their client website, their distribution chain, packaging, arrangements they make at retailers for shelf space, things of that nature. - And then earned media is media where the consumer has remarketed our ideas as part of the campaign. So it's usually social media. It's usually some form of interaction on a peer-to-peer basis that we try to harness and solicit throughout the campaign process.
  10. 10. Paid, Owned & Earned Campaigns Every successful campaign these days should include a paid, owned and earned element. It's probably the ratio between those different dynamics that changes from campaign to campaign. And there's lots of different parameters that will affect that ratio. A good example that I could think of from movie distributor.
  11. 11. Example-Paid Media > Film Distributor Let’s say that a movie company will release its expected blockbuster movie called “Super Digital Marketer 3” in Turkey.  As a paid media the company advertise on outdoors,TV, newspapers and of course on a movie site ( with different ad formats in order to reach general consumers.
  12. 12. Example-Owned Media > Film Distributor The same distributor can also reach to a targeted audience not general consumers by updating its web site, putting newest trailers and pictures of the movie to its’s web site and social channels, and send newsletters to cinemas and its’s database.
  13. 13. Example-Earned Media > Film Distributor Thanks to those efforts, "Super Digital Marketer 3” movie might get positive reviews from Facebook users, get retweets from twitter users, movie bloggers might reach at opinion leaders and inform their followers about that movie on their blogs. So you reach to a wide range of consumers/moviegoers thanks to earned media.
  14. 14. The Digital Revolution
  15. 15. Change?
  16. 16. Ten Ways New Media has Changed the Face of Marketing
  17. 17. 1) New Toolkit
  18. 18. 2) Power To People
  19. 19. 3) Interactivity
  20. 20. 4) More Competition
  21. 21. 5) Narrowing of Niches
  22. 22. 6) Marketing Freedom
  23. 23. 7) Time is Money is Effort
  24. 24. 8) Broken Sales Funnel
  25. 25. 9) Ideas to Experiences
  26. 26. 10) Business Wide Effort
  27. 27. 10 Hot Consumer Trends 2016
  28. 28. 2016 Trends to Watch
  29. 29. Gartner Top 10 Trends for 2016
  30. 30. Homework > In flight safety videos Which video do you think is the most effective? Give reasons for your choice?