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Bahcesehir University, Digital Marketing Class, Syllabus & Grading Policy & Midterm Template


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Bahcesehir University, Graduate School of Sciences, Fall Semester, 2016, Digital Marketing Class, Syllabus & Grading Policy & Midterm Template. By Lecturer Mehmet Yalcin Parmaksiz

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Bahcesehir University, Digital Marketing Class, Syllabus & Grading Policy & Midterm Template

  1. 1. ! Digital Marketing Class Bahçeşehir University Graduate School of Social Sciences Fall Semester, 2016 Lecturer: M. Yalçın Parmaksız Syllabus & Grading Policy
  2. 2. Who is Yalcin Parmaksiz ? Sakarya University, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, 2001 İstanbul Technical University, MBA, 2005
  3. 3. Sales & Marketing Engineer Sales Executive CRM & Marketing Research Manager Country Manager,Turkey E-Marketing Coordinator Professional Experience Country Manager,Turkey Co Founder Business Development Manager
  4. 4. Lecturer on Strategic Marketing, Digital Marketing, E- Commerce Author, Google Analytics Book Academic Studies
  5. 5. Certificates Certified Marketing Partner Certified Professional Ad Exchange Seller Fundamentals Expert Creator Academy Bootcamp Certified Entrepreneurship 101 Social Media Marketing, Maximizing Capacity, Finance Certified
  6. 6. Digital Marketing Class þ Bahçeşehir University, Graduate School of Social Sciences þ Digital Marketing Class þ Program Code: BUSE5075 þ Lecturer: M.Yalçın Parmaksız þ Duration: 14 Weeks + Finals þ Every Thursday between 7 pm and 9 pm þ First Lesson: February 18, 2016 þ Last lesson: May 26, 2016 þ Midterm Deadline:April 28, 2016, Until 7 pm
  7. 7. Syllabus 1)  The Digital Consumer (February 18) 2)  Content Marketing 3)  Analytics: Fundamentals of Web Analytics 4)  Analytics:Web & Mobile Analytics Management 5)  SEO-1: Introduction to Search Engine Optimisation 6)  SEO-2: Basics of Search Engine Friendly Design & Development 7)  SEO-3: Measuring and Tracking Success of SEO operations 8)  PPC-1: Introduction to Search Engine Advertising 9)  PPC-2: Setting up a PPC Campaign 10) PPC-3: Measuring & Optimizing Performance of PPC Campaigns 11) Social Media-1:Introduction to Social Media Marketing 12) Social Media-2:Social Media Metrics and ROI 13) Blogging 14) Youtube Marketing (May 29) * This syllabus is subject to change
  8. 8. Additional Subjects: 1) Digital Media Planning 2) E-mail Marketing 3) Introduction to App Marketing 4) Programmatic Buying
  9. 9. Grading Policy Final (60%) Midterm Project (30%) Homework (10%) Any student taking Digital Marketing Course are subject to the following grading policy.
  10. 10. Midterm Project Template Deadline: April 28, 2016, Until 7 pm Warning: Projects sent after deadline will be graded as 0 (zero) Midterm (Project): 30% 1) Revenue model of the site/brand 2) Traffic analysis and competition 3) SEO 4) Social Media Channels 5) Usability (Optional)
  11. 11. 1) Revenue Model of The Site/Brand Select one of the following business models below for your brand/site, and define your how well does your brand fit in this revenue model? q Revenue from subscription to content q Revenue from CPM, CPC, CPA display advertising on site: q Revenue from Sales from the products or services on site:
  12. 12. 1-b) Site List SALES Dx.Com SUBSCRIPTION ADVERTISING Students must select one the sites/companies above
  13. 13. 2) Traffic Analysis & Competition Compare your site/app’s traffic with 3 major competitors via / / IAB reports / Comscore ①  Visits ②  Unique visitors ③  Page views ④  Bounce rate ⑤  Organic search traffic ⑥  Direct traffic ⑦  Social traffic ⑧  Bounce rate Reference:
  14. 14. 3) SEO Analyse your site’s HP SEO success by one the following tools. ① ② ③ ④
  15. 15. 4) Social Media Channels Compare your brand/site’s social media channels with at least 3 competitors. Social media sites to be compared ①  Facebook ②  Twitter ③  Instagram
  16. 16. 5) Usability Assess your site/app’s usability according to the following items 1)  Home page 2)  Task orientation 3)  Navigation 4)  Forms & Data Entry 5)  Trust & Credibility 6)  Writing & Content Quality 7)  Page layout & visual design 8)  Search 9)  Help, feedback and error tolerance Reference:
  17. 17. Contact me ① ② ③ ④