Trends in Biological Research


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Dr.S.R.Prabagaran at ASC, Bharathiar University

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Trends in Biological Research

  1. 1. Dr.S.R.PRABAGARAN Lecturer, Department of BiotechnologySchool of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering, BHARATHIAR UNIVERSITY Coimbatore – 641046. Acadmic Staff College Bharathiar University October 2012
  2. 2. Overview• Recent trends• Funding opportunities• Higher Education• Scholarships• Science and Society• Was…• Is…• Would be…
  3. 3. Recent trends• Plants Science• Animal Science• Microbiology• Applied Sciences• Physical Sciences
  4. 4. GM FOODS : Is it… 1 2 ? orWhat’s scarier is not knowing the facts!
  5. 5. What are genetically modified foods?• Also called genetically modified organisms (GMO).• Involves the insertion of DNA from one organism into another OR modification of an organism’s DNA in order to achieve a desired trait. 4 5 A strawberry + = resistant to frostArctic fish DNA strawberry
  6. 6. Examples of GMO’s• Golden rice – rice that contains beta- carotene (Vitamin A), which is not found in regular rice.• Bt corn – corn that contains a chemical normally found in a bacterium (Bacillus thuringiensis) that is toxic to insects but not to humans.• Herbicide resistant plants.
  7. 7. Some potential place where microbes are in action
  8. 8. The Orathupalayam dam Impact of such discharge where 50 tonnes of fish dies for every discharge among the forecasted 500 tonnes.A view of Orathupalayam dam which was closed for the past 5 years to avoid dischargeof untreated effluent. This too is discharged now in a phased manner as perthe directions of the High Court of Chennai
  9. 9. Applied Sciences• Agriculture – Food for future• Medicine & Health – Challenging issues • Environment – Threat to flora and fauna • Marine – The un explored
  10. 10. Physical Sciences• Physics – Astrophysics – Nutrino Laboratory• Chemistry – Structural Biology – Nobel 2012
  11. 11. Overview• Recent trends• Funding opportunities• Higher Education• Scholarships• Science and Society
  12. 12. Funding Opportunities• Satisfactory• R&D Institutions of India – ICAR – CSIR – DRDO – AICTE – ISRO – ICMR
  13. 13. Funding agencies in India for HEAll India Council for Technical Education (AICTE),Distance Education Council (DEC)Indian Council for Agriculture Research (ICAR),Bar Council of India (BCI),National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE)Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI)Medical Council of India (MCI),Pharmacy Council of India (PCI)Indian Nursing Council (INC)Dentist Council of India (DCI)Central Council of Homeopathy (CCH)Central Council of Indian Medicine (CCIM)
  14. 14. Overview• Funding opportunities• Higher Education• Scholarships• Science and Society
  15. 15. Higher Education• Multidisciplinary – Needed• Trends changing…• School level awareness essential• German: Diploma to Bachelor• Age 15-18 yrs – Higher studies – Job training – Rare to settle after 40 yrs.
  16. 16. Higher Education is a must ! College Education Parents job Business RacialTraining Centre SkillsComputer ArtsTailor Social Service ActorPottery Family MusicMassion Single ArtistDriverTourist Guide 10th or +2 Diploma / ITI Professional / Classical
  17. 17. What you want to become?•Medical practitioner•Engineer •Driver•Agriculturist •Artist•Lawyer •Musician•Teacher •Director•Professor •Massion•Collector •Scavenger•Politician •Sportsmen•Businessmen •Security•Pilot •Cobbler•CA •Milkman
  18. 18. Choose a line FacilityMoney Scope for JobFamily situation 2060 Income 2020Locality 1980 1940Transport 18 1900
  19. 19. Professional and Other courses• Costly • Cheaper• Practical more • Theory oriented• Tour • General• Tuned for single job • Need additional skill• Entrepreneur • Can be tuned for any• More scope job
  20. 20. Overview• Higher Education• Scholarships• Science and Society
  21. 21. Scholarship• Scholarship is an incentive as well as encouragement to meritorious students.
  22. 22. Higher Education System In India • 348 universities, 17625 colleges; • >5,00,000 teachers; 10.5 million students; • Third largest after US & China. Growing rapidly; • Covers all major disciplines; • Professional education in English medium ; • Attracts highly selected students, IITs – 1 of 200 applicants gets admitted
  23. 23. National Mantra... MantraCSIR-UGC JRF• M.Sc• 28 Years(1) Chemical Sciences(2) Earth, Atmosphere, Ocean and Planetary Sciences(3) Life Sciences,(4) Mathematical Sciences and(5) Physical Sciences . …Age Relaxations …Coaching …Ultimate solution
  24. 24. If delayed... delayedCSIR - SRF• M.Sc, M.Tech with 2 year experience• MBBS, B.Pharm, BDS, B.Sc (Ag.,), B.V.Sc with 3 year experience• 32 Years• Only $ and nothing else !(1) Age relaxations(2) Publications Normally invited every year on all India basis through press advertisement.
  25. 25. UGC - JRFUGC - JRF M.Sc of Selected disciplines…• Humanities (including languages), Social• Sciences, Forensic Science, Environmental Sciences, Computer Science and Applications and Electronic Science. Since 1984•(1) NET – vantage(2) No Age limits for both UGC/CSIR JRF …Twice a year
  26. 26. The UGC FellowshipsNEW DELHI : The University Grants Commission (UGC) has introduced a fellowship scheme for M.Phil/Ph.D scholars in Centraluniversities.In a communication addressed to the vice-chancellors of all the Central universities, the Secretary, UGC has conveyed the decision of theCommission to award a fellowship of Rs.3,000 and Rs.5,000 each to M.Phil and Ph.D students respectively with a contingency grant of Rs10,000 per annum for the scholars doing research in Science subjects and Rs.8,000 per annum for the students doing research inHumanities and Social Sciences.The Central universities have been advised to go for full coverage of the Scheme and to decide the actual number of fellowships and date ofimplementation of the scheme.
  27. 27. Single Girl Child Fellowships• UGC initiative• Promote higher education for girl• Family• Non-Professional• ATM card• Fee waiver• Credit to individual and institution
  28. 28. … by the DST• Entry at any level - +2, College, Univ • Selection through several level • Organizer’s capacity • Higher education cess • Fate of HE in state institutions – Conversion to Central universities – R&D organizations – Academies ?
  29. 29. Overview• Scholarships• Science and Society
  30. 30. Science and Soceity• Need based research• Ethics• Basic Science – Back bone• Fact finding• Statistics
  31. 31. Your feed back…• Thank you…