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Persona Selection                                                               CR James

Persona Selection                                                               CR James

If everyone did do this natural...
Persona Selection                                                              CR James

This sometimes gives the appeara...
Persona Selection                                                              CR James

And she wants to see him.

Persona Selection                                                                CR James

You’re thinking what happened ...
Persona Selection                                                              CR James

You have to write down at least ...
Persona Selection                                                              CR James

So keep all of this in mind, bec...
Persona Selection                                                                CR James

If you don’t take any action...
Persona Selection                                                          CR James

My question to you my friend is th...
Persona Selection                                                                    CR James

Let’s use the following as...
Persona Selection                                                                       CR James

So identifying the Pers...
Persona Selection                                                                      CR James

Now obviously there are ...
Persona Selection                                                            CR James

Because like or not, some of your ...
Persona Selection                                                   CR James

If you have any questions please let me kno...
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Super seductionpower pmethod


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Super seductionpower pmethod

  1. 1. Persona Selection CR James The P.I.M.P.S. Method Persona Identification and Magical Persona Selection By Instructor CR James Author of Super Seduction Power | Persona Identification and Magical Persona Selection is a two part process. The first part (Persona Identification) is where you identify all of your personas for the purpose of selecting the right “you” for the job. We’ll explain what this means in a second. Obviously women are more attracted to certain guys. Most guys are aware of this. But what often gets overlooked is the idea that your female partner (or the female you are dating is more attracted to certain versions of you) If your name is Robert, then there is… Happy-Robert Trying To Impress Her Robert Angry-Robert And so on… This should be obvious… What’s not so obvious, is realizing that it is your choice to select which “you” to use for different scenarios when dealing with women… Another dynamic is having the presence of mind to “study” which you, women respond to the best… This is something that we don’t do naturally. Copyright. All Rights Reserved. 1
  2. 2. Persona Selection CR James If everyone did do this naturally, then the concept of a competitive advantage wouldn’t exist. So this is important information. It’s important to know that there are probably anywhere between 4 – 40 different you’s that you current cycle through unconsciously – depending on the situation, environment and the particular person you are interacting with… How many YOU’s you have depends on your creativity and unconscious adaptability. The power of this dynamic is shockingly simple! And believe me - this is something that no one is talking about… The seductive applications are incredible – if you see what’s going on. The good news is it’s so easy to do, it almost seems unfair. Once you quickly gain the mastery about this cool process, you’ll be able to use it throughout the seduction process in a natural way… For example, not exposing her to one of your “personas” for a certain period of time actually creates tension in a way that she can’t acknowledge or express. Does this make sense? So if you displayed one of most sexiest personas (that she hasn’t seen in awhile) then she experiences the unexplainable feeling of being excited about being around you (even though she may not be able to explain why)… And of course, this is utilizing the psychological principle of scarcity along with other proven concepts. So it would make sense to have a strong foundation in seduction, right? So it’s important to realize that sometimes not allowing her to see a persona that she likes can work to make her crave sex with you (if you know what you’re doing)…. Does this seem far fetched or do you see the connection? Well it should be easy to see that this is no different (in terms of the emotional response that it creates) than the effects that a long distance relationship – where the couple ends up craving each other’s company after a long period of not seeing each other… Copyright. All Rights Reserved. 2
  3. 3. Persona Selection CR James This sometimes gives the appearance of a strong connection or deep love. But when you subtract all of the “extra meaning” and “poetic verbiage” the people have adding to their ‘amazing long distance relationship’, the only thing left is basic psychological principles. Don’t tell them that by the way. If you’ve been in a LDR, then you know exactly what I mean. As far as unconscious persona craving (as a tension builder) you’ve probably been on both sides of the equations. So if your female partner hasn’t seen your funny and happy side (ie the Funny- And-Happy-YOU) in a while, she may unconsciously or consciously do things to try to see “him”… and in this process tension is created, provided that you don’t allow him to emerge… And the “release of tension” process takes place when you allow the “Funny And Happy YOU” come outside and play… Just like the “release of tension” that long distance couples experience when they finally reunite after a long separation. Whether you realize it or not, this has happened to you before. In fact you may have benefited from this ‘concept’ which I refer to as Persona Craving… I have never seen anyone (in any type of book) mention this dynamic – and certainly not on this level. Powerful stuff, by the way… And I say that to appeal to the Intellectual You. By the way, if this sounds weird or confusing it will become more clear as we look at it from an angle that’s really going to take this idea to a new level… Because if you use ‘this information’ for the purpose of creating desire in a woman , you will realize it’s a matter of denying her the ‘special guy’ – whether he is strategically created or identified -- as a mechanism of building sexual tension… (But don’t stop at that one application. LOL) Let’s talk about this… First of all, she likes him. Copyright. All Rights Reserved. 3
  4. 4. Persona Selection CR James And she wants to see him. And she wants to spend time with him. So…from there you can set the rules that determine what makes him come outside and play….and what she needs to do to see him…and what he is known for doing once he arrives… (if you really get this, you should be smiling. LOL) And at this point it’s important to examine your intentions, because compromising your character for selfish purposes isn’t going to yield long term results… So I trust that you won’t use it as a tool of “manipulation” (getting what you want, but not giving her what she wants)… Let’s move on… And in the future, don’t be shocked if she gets instantly turned on when you “activate” one of your personas. Yes. Instantly. No. It’s not magic. (Although it may appear that way.) Because the first implication is obvious…And it’s a fact: You have missed out on sexual opportunities because you had the wrong guy for the job. Period. I know I have. In fact, I had a female friend tell me about a guy she went out with. She said she was horny as hell and she couldn’t wait to have him “inside of her”… she said she didn’t tell him that – nor did she make her intentions obvious, but when it came down to actually trying to fishing rod this guy back into her bedroom, he started acting inappropriately silly – at the worse possible time. And it turned her off instantly! Could you imagine going out on a date with the sexiest woman your brain can visualize? Things are going great…you have everything in common with her… She invites inside her house…You talk a little….She invites you upstairs to her bedroom…She says get in the bed and undress and I’ll be in there in a few minutes… Then 5 minutes later she re- enters the bedroom as a 900lb woman wearing a pink thong (and yes you have to imagine this actually happening)… Copyright. All Rights Reserved. 4
  5. 5. Persona Selection CR James You’re thinking what happened to the sexy woman?! You’re like what happened to the other girl…and she says it’s me silly! Her: It’s still me… I had a magical fairy change me into a visually appealing woman for 6 hours… and now it has worn off… but you have nothing to fear, because I’m still the same person. And then she proves it to you by recalling ‘specific events’ about the date. Now, I don’t know how you would react… but I know most guys would not continue with the process… simply because at the last second she became completely undesirable!! In an instant! Do you see the connection? This is no different than the ‘real life’ example my female friend was telling me about when the guy that started acted weird and silly. In most cases, the guy will be smooth and charming on the date, then when it’s time to close the deal, he turns into the Overly-Excited-Cant-Believe-He-Is-About-To-Get-Sex HIM. And she is like: I don’t know what happened to the ‘other guy’ but this new guy is creeping me out. The truth is many guys have been in a situation where they were with a woman during the day and she thrown him Crystal Clear Signs that suggested that she wanted sex later on, but when the guy tried to cash in, she wasn’t interest at all! Has this ever happen to you? You end up thinking is this the same woman that was grabbing my balls 2 hours ago! You go to cash in, and she is acting like she is tired – as if she’s not in the mood. In other words, you walked in the room as the 900lb woman…(I don’t mean this literally.) If this makes sense to you, then I want you to please take the time to identifying all of your personas… You may only have 7 that you can think of right now… or you could have 77… but write them down now… Copyright. All Rights Reserved. 5
  6. 6. Persona Selection CR James You have to write down at least 7. Take as long as you need. Then keep the list in a safe place, because after a while your brain is going to provide you with ‘more’ as the days go on…just continue to add to the list… You personas (sub personalities) are uniquely different: They will have different voice tones They will have different energy levels They will have different things that are important to them They will come out based on who they are talking to They are literally like different people… And they have different roles. In fact you might have been with a girl who was very sweet in the beginning. But later on she turned out to be a total bitch… And it’s simple, her Nice Girl is what she puts on when she is trying to “catch” the guy, but once she has him, she switches to Bitch Girl…(and she probably switches to Her for some emotional reason that will never make sense to either one of us!) Which brings me to my next point, once you have identified all of your Sub Personalities (or at least some that have been active in recent months) you are going to want to start getting conscious control over when they emerge. This is what it’s all about. This is where the power is. In other words, right now they come out on auto pilot. And in many situations the wrong one emerges at the wrong time… And for some guys, they never have the right guy for the right job (never!) I’ve seen it with complete amazement. In fact, a common case of the ‘wrong guy for the job’ is when guys use their Overly Polite Guy when meeting women… or their Overly Polite Guy when initiating sex with their wife… Overly Polite Guy is not a bad guy nor is he completely useless, but in that situation he may not be effective and inspiring a sexual urge in her. In fact, he is actually great for making up with women or cleaning up the mistakes from Asshole Guy or Gets Pre-Occupied with His Own Interests And Forgets Her Birthday Guy… Copyright. All Rights Reserved. 6
  7. 7. Persona Selection CR James So keep all of this in mind, because after you have your List of Personas (whether it’s a file or written down on paper)(and I can’t stress the importance enough about actually creating it) you’ll want to write down the new roles for each guy. This easy and fun exercise will literally change your life. Because you now have a greater awareness of this and the process of gaining that awareness forces your brain to be re-shaped in a better way – which allows you to get better results… It’s important to know that sometimes you may need to be: Serious and Direct Guy Fun and Playful Guy Sarcastic Guy Know it All Guy Miserable Guy Flee From Danger Guy Stand Up and Fight Guy Feel free to give them names and make sure you define their roles. Let me tell you why that’s important. I knew a guy who was very charismatic, funny, entertaining and fun to be around… One day I asked him his secrets to getting women. I erroneously made the assumption that this guy was slick with women. Anyone would have made the same assumption. As he began to talk about his failures with women, he unknowingly revealed “his approach to meeting women” with me… and my jaw dropped because of the disastrous approach…. I’ll spare you the details. To make a long story short – his Afraid To Make A Mistake Guy was in the pilot seat whenever he initiated contact with a new woman… Instead of using his Afraid To Make A Mistake Guy for putting together high voltage electronic equipment, he was using him for trying to “catch women”. Bad move. Not smart. Here’s something to note, none of your Personas are negative or bad. So if one of your personas is an “over thinker” you just need to figure out when it would be best to use him… Copyright. All Rights Reserved. 7
  8. 8. Persona Selection CR James If you don’t take any action at all in certain situations, then decide when it would be best use that Guy… For example do you know how many convenient store cashiers who have been shot and murdered because they made an attempt to grab the loaded gun from the Robber (who was satisfied with just grabbing a handful of 20 dollar bills that didn’t belong to him). If you are currently reading this as Convincer-Guy, then take the moment to convince me that sometime in the future there will not be a guy who makes $7 an hour at a convenient store who will not make an attempt to grab the loaded gun from a guy who just wants a walk out the store with a few twenties in his pocket… You will not succeed at convincing me. In fact if I turned into Magic Guy (and I can do this by the way) I will allow you to press a secret button on the backs of many men so that you can view the print out and see their “current sub personality list” which has the assigned roles for each sub-personality… And these print outs will make you laugh your ass off! Especially when you look at the print outs of guys who are suppose to be intelligent. You will see guys using their Take A Chance Guy for trying to yank the loaded gun from a hand-shaking nervous ‘I don’t give a shit about anything’ robber…and then not using their Take A Chance Guy 15 minutes ago when a sexy girl came in the store to buy a Slurpee while wearing a button that reads: “This ain’t the only thing I like to slurp” and another button that reads: “I’m single” – and a T-Shirt that reads “please ask me for my number Robert!” And instead of using his Take a Chance Guy with her, he’ll use his I’ll Be Very Nice To Her And Hope Like Hell She Telepathically Extracts My Phone Number From My Brain And Then Calls Me Tonight While I’m Watching Porn On My Computer To Tell Me That She Is On Her Way Over To Make Passionate Love To Me Guy to interact with the attractive female customer… There’s 2 reasons why he won’t get anywhere with her... (can you guess?) Reason #1 – 15 minutes later the robber comes in and he activates his Take A Chance Guy to try to grab the gun - and he is murdered on the spot. And that’s how he is remembered. Reason #2 - He created a persona (sub-personality) that has unrealistic expectations – or an assigned role that can not be perform in the real world. In other words, the role (i.e. waiting for information to be telepathically extracted from his brain) is not in alignment with how things work realistically in the world. Copyright. All Rights Reserved. 8
  9. 9. Persona Selection CR James My question to you my friend is this: Do you honestly have any personas that have expect unrealistic outcomes? (that question is directed to your Time To Be Honest Guy and your Let’s Be Real Guy) And I promise that this won’t be case where Keeping It Real goes bad. Any way, let’s move on to the next phase… You’re going to discover something very beneficial. And that is sometimes you may have initiated sex with a Certain Persona who is destined to get rejected 100% of the time… Think about that for a second… Let’s dig deeper… Copyright. All Rights Reserved. 9
  10. 10. Persona Selection CR James Let’s use the following as an example: Serious and Direct Guy Fun and Playful Guy Sarcastic Guy Know it All Guy Miserable Guy Let’s say these are your 5 main Personas… And 20% of time, you initiate sex using Serious Guy…with a success percentage of 20% And 20% of time, you initiate sex using Fun and Playful Guy…with a success percentage of 80% And 20% of time, you initiate sex using Sarcastic Guy…with a success percentage of 10% And 20% of time, you initiate sex using Know it All Guy…with a success percentage of 0% And 20% of time, you initiate sex using Miserable Guy…with a success percentage of 0% So if we did the math… (using 20 times per guy) Serious Guy (initiated 20 times, got sex 4 times) Fun and Playful Guy (initiated 20 times, got it 16 times) Sarcastic Guy (initiated 20 times, got it 2 times) Know it All Guy (initiated 20 times, got it 0 times) Miserable Guy (initiated 20 times, got it 0 times) Total [The Complete You] (initiated 100 times, got it 22 times) Overall Percentage = 22% Does the math make sense so far? Let’s now run a scenario where you -- for some crazy reason -- decide to only initiate sex using Fun and Playful Guy. And using the calculated percentages, you discover that out of 100 times, you would have had sex 80 times – instead of only 22! That’s close to a 400% increase in the amount of sex you are now getting… This is the best way to describe it because everything makes sense. And it allows you to arrive at numbers that can be calculated. In other words, it’s not hard to see how a certain Persona will have a dramatic success rate. In fact, let’s assume that you lived with a woman that would accept sex anytime you wanted. All you had to do is say let’s have sex because she was always in the mood. Well wouldn’t it be fair to assume that if she was The Sexiest Woman on Earth you would end up having sex with her more times than if she was A 900lb. Woman. In fact, the increase would probably be much greater than 400%! And it’s not difficult to realize that we are sometimes using the wrong Persona at the wrong time. (i.e in bravery situations where your life is on the line – BUT strangely refusing to take social risks. And having the potential to be very funny and likeable BUT not being that way when meeting a new woman) Copyright. All Rights Reserved. 10
  11. 11. Persona Selection CR James So identifying the Personas and restructuring new roles will not only increase your sex success rate up to 400% (and possibly more), but it helps in other areas as well. Think about it. In about 2 seconds you can decide to do what most guys will never think to do – and that’s restructuring the roles of each of your personalities for the purpose of training you to be more effective in various situations in life – and no one can do this for you but You. (i.e. the Sensible YOU) And to really put it in perspective: There are guys who get sex 27 times per year. And this 2 second change (using the example)(and using proper Persona Selection) would have allowed them to get sex 108 times per year (the 400% increase)(or if you really want to be specific the increase in the example was actually 363.36% - so that allows him to have sex with her 98 times.) In fact, using the wrong Persona is the exact reason why a guy could literally get rejected for sex every single time! And you have now learned this simple secret strategy (which can not be found anywhere else on the planet) in less than 15 minutes of reading. Do the math. And I’ve always had a sexual lust for math because the numbers never lie. But I don’t want you to get caught up with the details – focus completely on the reality of the increase. And I always enjoy conversations with people who want to argue with the numbers because they get a “feeling” inside them that makes it hard to understand…and as a result they put their “feelings” on a higher order than the “mathematic reality”. It’s not an effective way to go through life. These are the same guys that refuse to accept the fact that some women are having sex 3 times a day with their husbands. In other words, calculating the average using (math and division) the daily sex average returns a value of 3. And the reality is you can pretend that you are a 36 foot giant. And you can pretend to gently remove the roof of the house that has the 3 times per day woman in it. You can gently and safely pick her up and put her in another house that has a Different Guy (so that this new guy is now her husband)… and that mathematically calculated value could decrease to 3 times per week. And depending on the new guy, it could even be 3 times per month! The reality is the number would change. And some guys (not you of course) will somehow ignore realities like this as if they don’t exist. It’s the “Ostridge Method of Dealing With Women”… where these guys will metaphorically place their heads in the ground and pretend that realities don’t exist – even though they do! Let’s now go to the next phase… Copyright. All Rights Reserved. 11
  12. 12. Persona Selection CR James Now obviously there are other factors that may not make the increase as close as it’s mathematical representation, but what I want you to focus on is the ‘concept’ and the huge potential of increase… Now let’s take it to the next level… What if after practicing and getting comfortable with selecting the ‘right’ persona you observe that she also has different personas… So the question is: Do you think persona match-making would make things even more powerful? Let’s break it down some more - because what if Fun and Playful Guy actually initiated sex with only 2 of her Personas… Fun and Sexy Her Serious Her (He ignored Bitchy Her and a few others…) And what if out of the 20 times (remember the earlier example on page 9 => (Fun and Playful Guy (initiated 20 times, got it 16 times)) 16 initiations was with Fun and Playful Her (with 16 “successes”) 4 initiations was with Serious Her (with “0 successes”) Total Initiations = 20 (with a total of 16 successes which equals 80%) But… As we examine it some more, we see that… …with Fun and Playful Her, the success rate was 16 out of 16 (100%) …and with Serious Her, the success rate was 0 out of 4 (0%) Do you see where I am going with this? Because the persona match-making increases your success even more! Some guys are naturals at “Persona Match-Making” and do it instinctively - BUT they are horrible at “executing the Perception-Driven Techniques”…. Some guys are horrible at “Persona Match-Making” and don’t do it instinctively - BUT they are naturals at “executing Perception-Driven Techniques”…. Some guys are horrible at both. Some guys are naturals at both. It doesn’t matter. If you are not great at both (or at least improving) you are robbing yourself of future sexual sessions… Copyright. All Rights Reserved. 12
  13. 13. Persona Selection CR James Because like or not, some of your Personas may not be great for building sexual value and wouldn’t matter what technique HE used… Let’s keep another thing in mind, but before we get to it, let’s review… Remember the CR James Basic Seduction Formula 1. Step 1- Get her in the right mood (i.e. happy mood) – as you can see, persona selection and persona matching takes this step to a new level 2. Step 2 – Increase Your Sexual Value – as you know, a sales person uses words that float out of his mouth to increase the value of what he is selling… the value of what he is selling keeps going up and up and until the potential customer pulls out his wallet and buys with excitement. You should be able to see how having the Right Guy for the job helps you rapidly increase your sexual value to the point where she experiences the change in your value. 3. Step 3 – Increase the Sexual Tension. It’s easy to see how the right persona can get her in the mood a lot quicker… So here is the bonus tip: One Persona may be great for Getting her in happy mood, but not great at Building the Sexual Value. An example would be a woman who gets in a happy and energetic mood a lot easily when she is in the presence of someone using their Happy and Silly Guy, BUT she is sexually turned on much easier by totally different Persona. In other words, he has to strategically know when to switch. I hope this makes sense. I’m going to wrap it up for now… Copyright. All Rights Reserved. 13
  14. 14. Persona Selection CR James If you have any questions please let me know… If you need any assistance let me know… Take Care Warmly CR James Author of Super Seduction Power | Copyright. All Rights Reserved. 14