Hands on with the Samsung MV800 Camera (CHIPChick)


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Design, function, and innovation best describes Samsung’s latest ultra compact point and shoot camera, the Samsung MV800.

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Hands on with the Samsung MV800 Camera (CHIPChick)

  1. 1. URL: http://www.chipchick.com/2011/09/samsung-mv800.htmlHands on with the Samsung MV800 Camera –Flip-Out 3.0″ Screen and Smart AppsPosted by Ali Heriyanto in News on September 1, 2011 at 5:07amDesign, function, and innovation best describes Samsung’s latest ultra compact point and shootcamera, the Samsung MV800. This black beauty has just debuted at IFA 2011 and what makestheSamsung MV800 stand out from the pack, is that it isn’t just your average point and shoot camera.It features a 3.0” wide flip-out capacitive touchscreen display, that is ideal for taking pictures when youfind yourself in precarious situations and unable to take that great shot. The flip-out screen allows youto get a whole new visual perspective, which is especially great at concerts or other types of events,that sometimes leaving you shooting your camera aimlessly just hoping to get a good pic.Tilt the flip-out screen and get the money shoot you wouldn’t have usually gotten with a traditionaldigital point and shoot camera. Samsung’s DualView technology is also included in the MV800 fortaking pictures of yourself or friends without having to ask strangers in the street to take pictures ofyou. Now you can be in the front and the back of the lens and see everything on the 3.0″ screen.
  2. 2. But besides for its cool design aesthetic, the Samsung MV800 camera features 16.1 megapixels , a5x optical zoom and a 26mm wide-angle lens. The icing on the cake is the Smart Touch 3.0 userinterface. That’s right, the same great user interface you love on your Samsung Smart TV is nowbeing presented here on the MV800. Drag and scroll through menu options to launch features withonly the touch of your finger. It doesn’t look exactly like the Samsung Smart TV interface, but its easeof use and approachability is very similar.We spent some time with the MV800 and one thing is for sure, Samsung might have struck gold withthis camera. Its petite size and excellent picture quality along with ease of use should make it awinner among many consumers. It’s pretty light in the palm of your hand and the brushed steel blackbody makes it the perfect compliment for a night out on the town. The addition of the smart apps justadds the perfect touch to an all around compact, yet powerful camera.Pricing and availability is TBD.