Sec 1 geog unit 3 lesson 5


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Geography Sec 1 Deforestation

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  • Sec 1 geog unit 3 lesson 5

    1. 1. Chong Boon Secondary Sec 1 Geography Unit 3 Lesson 5 Impact of Deforestation
    2. 2. Objectives 1.What are the environmental impacts of deforestation? 2.What are the economic impacts of deforestation?
    3. 3. “The rainforests are the lungs of the earth” • What do you think the above means? • What will happen to you if you lose your lungs? • Is it wise to continue our current rate of deforestation? • Why do we still deforest?
    4. 4. Environmental Impacts 1. Loss of biodiversity 2. Loss of water catchment 3. Increased risk of flooding, soil erosion and sedimentation 4. Enhanced greenhouse effect
    5. 5. Loss of biodiversity •Destruction of habitats of (Flora) plants and (Fauna) animals. •Extinction of species •Loss of valuable resources •Food, medicine, timber wood
    6. 6. Loss of water catchment areas • Forests enable water to be collected and stored • Removal of rainforests reduce water catchment • Available sources of water are reduced • Reduction in transpiration also affects seasonal rains • Climate becomes drier with removal of trees that serve to reintroduce water into the atmosphere. • Water prices will rise as a result
    7. 7. Flooding •Removal of forests leads to more surface runoff •No vegetation to take up some of the rain. •No roots to loosen the ground leads to compacting of soil. • Infiltration is reduced.
    8. 8. Soil Erosion •Higher levels of surface runoff increases erosion of top soil. •Roots help to hold soil in place •Deforestation leads to soil erosion when there is rain. •Landslides cause large scale damage and destruction.
    9. 9. Enhanced Greenhouse Effect •Greenhouse effect keeps our planet warm. •Without greenhouse effect earth will die. •Enhanced greenhouse effect leads to rapid increase in temperature. •Without trees to recycle carbon dioxide, the rise will lead to enhanced green house effect.
    10. 10. Economic Impact
    11. 11. Depletion of natural resources •Tropical rainforest is an important natural resources. •It provides, resources for the people who lived in the rainforest. •Rapid deforestation leads to loss of the natural resource. •Timber extraction is the key reason for deforestation.
    12. 12. Social Impact
    13. 13. Effects on indigenous people •Indigenous tribes are displaced when the area is deforested. •Homes are lost and they are forced to learn a new lifestyle. •Traditional culture is also often lost.
    14. 14. Same issue different opinions •The four groups have different opinions about the same issue. •Let’s take a look. Pg 106
    15. 15. Let’s do a review exercise •Take a look at the exercise given.